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How to “cheese” Maklamos the Scryer

A lot of people have been asking about the easy way of killing Maklamos the Scryer. I’m going to tell you how to do it, but you have to be quick on it since it might get fixed tonight. I just want as many people to kill him so they get to hang around at the Lava Boat. It’s such an amazing place and a great encounter.

There are two mechanics that aren’t working as intended in that fight. One of them is the Crystalline Desolation. This ability prefers ranged targets over melee and as I understood the mechanics behind this ability it should work like Murdantix’s Demonic Dud, target the melee if there aren’t enough people standing at range. Now apparently that isn’t the case, so even if you have only 1 person sitting at range it will go for that person. In this way you can control who gets the Crystalline Desolation. So what you can do is have a rogue tank stand out and when he gets targeted he uses one of his cooldowns to soak the damage.

By doing this you can now position the rest of the raid in melee and they will never have to move. This will up your dps by a lot and also make it easier to heal. The second ability that isn’t working quite right are the Lazer Beams. What would theoretically suppose to happen with them is, if they don’t get solved by the end of the 30 seconds the 3 people that were linked by them will instantly die. Obviously this is not really working as intended either. When the debuff reaches 0 nothing happens, the beams just go away. This means you don’t have to bother with them, all you have to do is heal through.

All that you have left to do now is to tank swap properly and keep the adds interrupted. If you have issues with the adds you can check this out: Maklamos: how to handle the adds correctly. Also you will have to split the raid in small camps, one camp in front of the boss on top of the tank (he doesn’t cleave), one behind the boss and one to his side (not on the same side where the Desolation tank is standing). By doing this when the beams come you don’t take massive damage and you avoid hitting the entire raid with the beams. Depending on how many healers you want to have you can tell the people with the beam to move back a few steps so they don’t hit the raid. Also when Crystalline Desolation is casting make sure no one is to close to the boss or in the patch of the Desolation so they don’t get stacks of the aoe debuff.

Good luck !

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