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Infernal Dawn, 53 days of fun

The gates of Infernal Dawn were open on the 19th of April 2012. Since then we’ve been fighting our way to Maelforge. It took us 53 days until we finally defeated him and claimed his heart ! It’s been a bumpy ride, didn’t really work out as planned but we emerged victorious from yet another 20 man raid, the last one before the expansion: Storm Legion.

Compared to Hammerknell, Infernal Dawn was more accessible, the first 5 bosses are tuned so that almost all guilds can kill them which I think made Infernal Dawn more pleasant then Hammerknell. I must say I miss the evenings were we would go to a boss knowing that we couldn’t kill him but we had to practice the mechanics anyway, still Infernal Dawn managed to keep us away from Maelforge for 53 days (more gates ! more gates ! k, stop gates !).

I want this post to be a summary of all the bosses in Infernal Dawn, but instead if listing them in the release order I’m going to make it more interesting and list them in a sort of Top 8 best Infernal Dawn encounters by Whitelady.

8. Warboss Drak

At the bottom of the chart sits mister Warboss Dark. I know he is supposed to be the entry boss and he shouldn’t be to hard to kill, but most of it’s mechanics can be bypassed with combat resses and rogue abilities and those abilities never got fixed. If it would had worked as intended it could had been a decent fight, but like this it’s just free loot and an opportunity to make the rogues purge against their will. For more details regarding this encounter take a look at the links below.

Warboss Dark kill video

Warboss Drak strategy guide

Warboss Drak loot table

7. Ituziel

Ituziel is another boss that didn’t manage to impress me to much. It is a DPS check and you have to dodge some waves, but as a range dps or a healer it’s hard to find this boss interesting. I am standing in a safe position most of the time and there no mechanic I need to worry about except for 1 wave. Can’t be that hard to handle after dodging waves on Akylios for over 2 months during Hammerknell progress raids. I can see this fight being more interesting for a tank or a melee player.

Ituziel kill video

Ituziel strategy guide

Ituziel loot table

6. Maklamos the Scryer

Yet another fight that had potential but didn’t turn out as intended. The beams would had made this fight interesting, but they didn’t work and when they did we just bypassed the mechanic by combat ressing 15 people. I wish they will fix the mechanic so at least once we can do the fight as it was intended. Laser beams are always welcomed. Also when it comes to loot this boss insists on dropping the Archon totem over and over. We got more totems then mages at the moment.

Maklamos the Scryer kill video

Maklamos the Scryer strategy guide

Maklamos the Scryer loot table

5. Maelforge

Moving up to position number 5 is the end boss of Infernal Dawn, none other then Maelforge. After seeing Akylios on Hammerknell I would expected Maelforge to be a lot harder, but I guess he didn’t turn out as intended either. I can’t believe that they wanted us to kill him in the way we did but they didn’t foresee the strategy we used. It still needs a lot of hotfixes until it will be somewhat fixed. I wouldn’t surprise me if Trion will try to fix him and then just revert it back to how it was. If you wish to take a peak at how Maelforge looks check the links below.

Maelforge kill video (Maelforge 1.0)

Maelforge strategy guide (Maelforge 1.0, updating it for 2.0 when we get another strategy working)

Maelforge loot table

4. Dragon Eggs

This encounter is not hard but it’s fun ! I love it and I loved the way we killed the eggs for the first time. Nothing better then having 20 people bouncing around platforms in a huge pool of lava. This encounter is just there to relax you and make you have fun. The super jump mechanic is awesome and I’m sure Trion is going to use it a lot from now on. What more can I say about this fight except that I love it !

Dragon Eggs kill video

Dragon Eggs strategy guide

Dragon Eggs loot table

3. Rusila Dreadblade

The first boss to make it to the podium is Rusila Dreadblade, the captain of the Lava Ship from Infernal Dawn. Although I envisioned this fight to last longer and be a little bit more complicated in Phase 2, it’s still a great boss fight. The mini event that leads up to the ship is funny and it’s a great opportunity to place bets on who is going to get cleaved or killed by the snipers on the way up. It has loads of achievements and it rewards the amazing pirate hat.

Rusila Dreadblade kill video

Rusila Dreadblade strategy guide

Rusila Dreadblade loot table

2. Ember Conclave

Position number two is taken by the Ember Conclave, the last boss fight in the Fire Wing of Infernal Dawn. I love council type encounters and the Ember Conclave loves up to it’s expectations. Although it got a little bit overtuned in some places and undertuned in other places, overall the fight is great. I love the fact that you can kill them in whichever order suits your guild better. It makes it easier for guilds to progress on this boss. I am addicted to mechanics so the more the better and which other fight can have more mechanics then a council fight. Only thing that I really disliked about this fight is that Trion spent all their art budget on making big dragons and Ember Conclave ended up looking like some second hand mobs from Lantern Hook.

Ember Conclave kill video

Ember Conclave strategy guide

Ember Conclave loot table

1. Laethys

The first spot belongs to none other then Laethys. Laethys is by far the best tuned, best looking, best whatever you can think of encounter in Infernal Dawn. It gave me a headache and I loved it. After all the gating and the easy bosses, Laethys just brought back the word hard into raiding. I am sure that most guilds will have issues with her, but your efforts will be rewarded. The feeling you get when you kill a boss you’ve been wiping on for 2 weeks is just amazing. It’s a kill that actually means something more then the 3 items that drop at the end.

Laethys kill video

Laethys strategy guide

Laethys loot table

In the past year Trion gave us the opportunity to adventure into 4 different 20 man raids and each came with it’s unique set of challenges. I still remember leveling to 50 then counting how many other of my guild members were close to getting max level. I was so eager to get into Greenscale’s Blight. Greenscale’s Blight was all about which guild could get 20 level 50 characters together and craft enough hit runes and hit gear to get to 220 and be able to DPS Johlen’s bomb in time. The River of Souls came along and it was the race against the lag, whoever could get inside and not lag.

After that Trion learn it’s lessons and did a lot better in Hammerknell. Hammerknell was the best raid Trion made so far and also it got released at a point in time where most of Rift’s population was still not in a stable guild. HK was all about who could put together a raid of 20 decent people that would not burn out through the progress and last until the end. Infernal Dawn was fun, but not as fun as Hammerknell, the gear difference was so small that I didn’t feel challenged. It felt like I had best in slot gear already.

I can now say: Content cleared, bring on the Storm Legion !

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