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Infernal Dawn Loot Table

Infernal Dawn is the new 20 man raid being added to Rift. It is located in the soul of Mount Carcera in Ember Isle and as you might have guessed already, it is home to the Golden Maw and the Wanton. Laethys and Maelforge been plotting to turn all the oceans of Telara into lava and then sail them using the amazing Lava Boat that is being built inside the mountain. But enough about the Lore, let’s get down to business.

Infernal Dawn Drops

Compared to how Hammerknell was designed, we should expect to see less cleric drops in Infernal Dawn. This time there will only be one cleric set for tanking and one cleric set for DPS, the DPS set also being used for healing. So an entire set of cleric drops has been removed. Now we are on the same level as Warriors and Rogues.

 The new element added to the Rogue drops is that the tanking gear is going to have Deflect on it, which is going to work pretty much like block works for Warriors and Clerics. The crit has been also adjusted so that the rogues won’t go over the crit cap with the new gear being released. There will be two sets of gear dropping for rogues, one for DPS and one for tanking.

For the Warrior class, the drops will be the same as they were in Hammerknell. One set of gear for DPS, one set of gear for tanking. The drop rate on shields is probably going to be as bad as it was in Hammerknell, unless there are as many shields in Infernal Dawn as there were cleric one handed weapons in Hammerknell.

When it comes to Mages loot, Infernal Dawn will probably be as unforgiving and mean as Hammerknell was. Mages only have one set of gear and the drop rate is low because of that.

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