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Infernal Dawn Tactics

Everyone is getting more and more excited as the release date of Infernal Dawn is getting closer and closer. Trion is also teasing us by releasing those amazing trailers of some of the Infernal Dawn encounters. The achievements for Infernal Dawn are in place on PTS already so we can take a sneak peak at what it is to come.

Infernal Dawn Bosses

Based on the achievements that have been added on PTS we can conclude that Infernal Dawn will be home to 7 bosses and 8 boss encounters, with the last boss Maelforge consisting of those separate encounters.

Infernal Dawn Bosses

Here they are, the superstars of Infernal Dawn, the bosses that stand between us and those amazing looking new relics:

As you can see we got a new type of encounter, Dragon Eggs, which I can’t wait to see ! Trion always said that they don’t want encounters to last to long, not as long as Akylios took anyway. Even their in-game recording tool is only meant for 10 minutes of recording, so I would assume that 10 minutes is the ideal time for an encounter. I believe that the Dragon Eggs encounter is there to split the Maelforge encounter into two more manageable encounters.

If we take Akylios for example it would be like phase 1 and phase 2 made into a separate encounter, followed by phase 3 and phase 4 as another encounter. That would had saved a lot of time and avoided so much frustration and could had made Akylios less of a “blocking” encounter.

Infernal Dawn Release Date

Since Trion posted the 1 year anniversary video we concluded that the Infernal Dawn release date might be on 11th April. At that time, 11th of April would had coincided with the end of Phase 6 of the Carnival of the Ascended World Event and also with the launch of patch 1.8. Since then some things happen that lead people to believe that Infernal Dawn might come at a later date, that date being the 19th  of April.

What happened was that the world event got pushed back by 1 day and then by another week because of some complications that arise during Phase 5 of the event.

Infernal Dawn Release Date

Now the Carnival of the Ascended is due to end on 19th April and this lead people to think that Infernal Dawn and patch 1.8 are going to be delayed because of this. I strongly doubt it. Why ? First of all because Carnival of the Ascended is not like the Waves of Madness event that opened Hammerknell. This event is completely unrelated to Infernal Dawn and it shouldn’t affect it’s opening date by any means. Second, when Trion released that one year anniversary video that showed the date of the 1.8 patch it looked to me that the deadline was there for some time and again I strongly doubt it that the push back of the Carnival is going to affect the release of patch 1.8 in any way.

In my opinion the only thing that this delay can influence is the upcoming 1.8 World Event, but seeing that that event was not scheduled to begin at the start of 1.8 I don’t think the Carnival delay is going to influence anything. I guess only time can tell who was right and who was wrong predicting the release date, I stick to my own version: 11th April !

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