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Ituziel Tactics

Ituziel is a lava demon and it looks amazing. I believe he is the first boss belonging to the Fire Wing of Infernal Dawn.

Update 1: Ituziel is the first boss in the Fire Wing of Infernal Dawn. He is purely a DPS check and a healing check. The encounter is pretty much a tank and spank fight, which only some fire waves to dodge every 30 seconds and a tank swap mechanic.

The enrage timer is quite tight so you can’t have people playing non competitive speccs if you want to kill this boss.

Update 2: the enrage timer has been extended by 30 seconds, but it’s still not a fight in which half the raid can die and you can still kill the boss.

Ituziel Tactics Infernal Dawn

He doesn’t appear to be very friendly and I believe he spent an awful long amount of time with Akylios before he got to Infernal Dawn because he seemed to have borrowed the waves idea for Akylios.

Ituziel Tactics

Compared to the first boss, Warboss Drak, Ituziel is quite a step up. He has 13.5 million HP and an enrage timer of 5 minutes and 30 seconds so you need around 40k raid dps to beat that enrage time. But if you look to the raid setup part you will also notice that you need quite a few healers so no slaking on the dps part in this fight. This fight requires Fire Resistance (as much as possible for the entire raid except the tanks).

When you enter his room you will notice that there are 8 round holes filled with magma, one in each corner and another 4 between the ones in the corners, on the side of the room. 15 seconds after you engage Ituziel big magma pools will spawn out of those holes plus another magma pool in the middle. The middle magma pool is there to prevent the raid from using the middle of the room. The other pool that spawns will also spawn 5 fire waves. These fire waves come in a predictable pattern, you can learn it very quick after a few tries , and they can’t come in the same location twice. Let’s say if a wave passes behind you and you step back a bit then you’re done avoiding them since the remaining waves are not going to pass through there anymore. If you get hit by the wave you get a debuff that decreases your fire resistance by 200 and deals fire damage to you (around 2k/tick). Lasts 10 seconds. If you get by 2 waves because you were running circles like a monkey then the debuff will stack. If the occasional player gets hit you can heal it, if half of the raid gets hit then it’s pretty much game over. If you get hit by the waves after 30% then you are dead. After the waves are done coming out, both magma pools despawn. After 15-20 seconds another set of magma pools will spawn. This will repeat until the boss dies. The tank tanking the boss also needs to avoid the waves.

Ituziel himself has two phases. The first phase begins at 100% and ends at 30%. During this time his main ability is World of Incineration. This is a tank swap mechanic and it has a 3 seconds cast time (can’t be interrupted, can’t be negated with rogue immunity). At the beginning of the cast, the tank tanking the boss will receive a cleave attack, a 10 meter knockback, a 5 seconds stun and a debuff that reduces his toughness to 0 for 25 seconds. Now the poor tank is so beaten up that if he gets hit by anything he is going to be on the floor. In order to save him the second tank need to run in front of the boss, between the boss and where the other tank got knocked back and take the World of Incineration (it will only hit the closest target in front of the boss). DO NOT taunt the boss until after his cast is over. He is immune to taunt during the cast. Don’t panic is the boss runs a few steps to the 1st tank, he will not reach him if the 2nd tank taunts fast enough. He will cast World of Incineration every 25 seconds until the end of the fight.

He also autoswings hard on the tanks. You need to heal them like you mean it or they are going to drop dead. Also don’t forget to heal the tank with the debuff, he will take damage until his dots fall off. Don’t ignore him. Also the tank jumping in front of the boss is going to get hit by World of Incineration and an autoattack in a very shot time span so they need to use cooldowns/have cooldowns used on them to survive. If a tank dies due to boss related abilities a portal will appear that will spawn demons. You can’t close the portal and the demons will keep spawning until the end of the fight.

His second ability is called Rain of Fire. He will shoot fire bolts at random people in the raid dealing fire damage. It hits for around 2.7k without any fire resistance and for around 2k/tick with full fire resistance on. Rain of Fire will hit more and more people as the boss goes lower in health. This ability on it’s own is not very dangerous, but combined with his 3rd ability, Brimestone, it can easily turn into a wipe. Brimestone is a 2 seconds buff that he gains. If it’s not instantly purged, the next rain of fire will also stun people. You don’t want this to happen ! The buff must be purged instantly. There is no other stun in this encounter except Brimestone so if you get stunned and your purger says he purged you have to spank him.

His 4th and last ability is an aoe he drops on the tank. If the melee and the tank are to close to each other they will die, so melee needs to keep at max range and always reposition correctly after each tank swap.

Phase 2 starts at 30% and lasts until 0%. The only difference between Phase 1 and Phase 2 is that in Phase 2 Rain of Fire will start hitting everyone in the raid, continually. This is where the healing check begins. For the last 30% of the boss’s HP your healers will have to keep the entire raid up not only the tanks. If anyone gets hit by the waves during this you can be sure he is dead.

I am sure that most guilds will think that kitting the boss around the room is the way to do it. But given that you need quite a few healers and that the DPS is going to be tight for most guilds, the best way to do it is to keep the raid in one place. Go to the top right corner of the room (to his left, next to him) and place the raid there. The tanks will tank him close to the middle (not in the lava pool). When a tank gets kicked the other tank taunts the boss and positions him back to his spot. During this time the raid stands halfway between the corner of the room and the boss.

When the tank gets kicked he can’t land in a lava pool, so when there is a lava pool spawning behind the tank he need to angle the boss a little bit so he doesn’t get knock in the pool of lava.

Ituziel Tactics

The star is the raid and the circle is the boss. Please don’t make fun of my pain skills. If the magma pool spawns behind the raid make sure you are fast to avoid it. Any other spawn places give you enough time to see where you need to move.

This is Ituziel. I hope you have fun. Good luck to all.

Ituziel Raid Setup

2 tanks: warrior and cleric

6 healers: 1 bard, 1 purifier, 2 senticars, 1 sent/warden, 1 chloromancer

12 dps: not a melee friendly fight, so not to melee heavy

Ituziel Achievements

Let’s start with the basic achievement, defeat Ituziel. The achievement name is Grab the Demon by the Horns and it awards 10 points.

Grab the Demon by the Horns - infernal dawn

The second achievement brings back a lot of memories. Lets me give you a hint, it involves waves ! Yes, waves, but this time we are talking about fire waves. The achievement is called Backdraft Dodger and… you guessed, you have to Defeat Ituziel after successfully avoiding all Flame Waves ! I told you this boss was the childhood friend of Akylios.

Backdraft Dodger - Infernal Dawn

The last achievement for this encounter is called Fire and Brimstone and in order to get it you have to Defeat Ituziel after not allowing anyone to be affected by Brimstone’s stun effect. This means your rogues need to be on their toes when purging.

Fire and Brimstone - infernal dawn

I think this encounter is going to be funny, we all love the waves don’t we.

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  1. Beanster

    The spell is Word of not World of

  2. Merherrr

    What’s different between this and the wall parking strat?

  3. admin

    It just depends which way you learned it. Both this strategy and the wall parking one works just fine.

  4. ima

    When you say 2K with full fire resist, how much fire resisted should be?

  5. admin

    Around 150. 100 from core plus the resist runes on both chest and shoulders.

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