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Jultharin Strategy

Jultharin is the third boss in the 10 man raid Triumph of the Dragon Queen.

Health: 14.400.000

Enrage timer: 5 minutes 30 seconds

Difficulty: medium (with blue gear)

Must have ability: interrupt

Raid Setup

1 tank: any class can do this.

2 healers: aoe healers are needed for this fight. A Warden and a Chloro can handle it without issues.

1 support: Bard or a Tactician/Bard hybrid can work as well.

6 DPS: ranged DPS is needed for this fight. You can probably carry 1 melee DPS max.

Jultharin Tactics

Position the boss in the middle of the room. Also make a rule on how to break the wisp barriers. There will be wisps coming from left/right or/and top/bottom of the room (see below). Our rule is that we always break the bottom, then the top, then the left, then the right wisp barrier, depending on which spawns. This makes people less confuse.


  • Shocking Blast: 1 second cast, hits the tank for about 11.000 damage.
  • Deranging Tempest: 2 seconds cast, AOE fear. Must be interrupted.
  • Jultharin’s Spark: every 30 seconds he will summon a wisp barrier that can spawn from one of the sides of the room (left, right, top, bottom). You have 20 seconds to kill a wisp (274.000 HP) and make a hole in the barrier to safely get across or your entire raid will die. When the boss gets under 50% health he will summon 2 barriers at the same time. This is the point where the kill rule comes handy. Knowing what to hit first make a huge difference.
  • AOE damage: every 15 seconds he gains a 3 seconds buff which deals 2.500 damage a second. Outheal it.

As you can see the boss doesn’t have a lot of abilities. A little bit of aoe damage and a bit of tank damage. The main issue in this fight is breaking the wisp barriers. Make sure everyone knows the kill order and that you have someone in charge of marking which wisp to kill.

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5 Responses

  1. Etsu

    How are you getting his AoE damage to tick for only 2,500 per second? Are you stacking Air resist with an Air resist sigil, Air resist pot and Air resist runes?

    We’re getting 4k-4.5k per tick.

  2. admin

    Might be because I checked the values on the tank. I’ll have a look at the numbers again today.

  3. Digital

    what raid dps are you pulling on this? yesterday we pulled 56k but i don’t know if this is good/expected or low

  4. Tarien

    Using an Archon’s Point to Point 61pt ability you should be able to skip every other line of wisps. If you position the two Points correctly, you can teleport twice (which is what the ability allows for) to skip both the wisp lines on a double wave, but you will only be able to do this once a minute.

    Doing it this way you’ll need 50k raid DPS to down this boss before he enrages.

  5. Monkeysayn

    whenever i have fought jultharin he always spawned with 15.1 million HP but when i went to check the patch notes there is nor mention of an increase to his health, also the double waves never spawn at 50% of his health, rather they are quite random and sometimes come at 30% 60% 70% etc etc also he enraged about 10-15 seconds before he is exposed to, also can you please update your guides more often they get out of date very very quickly

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