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Kolmsasveli and Toinenveli Kill Video

Kolmsasveli and Toinenveli are the 3rd boss in Frozen Tempest. Since no one will ever remember their names they are more generally known as The Twins.

Kolmsasveli and Toinenveli Raid Setup

This fight is really awkward. First of all it requires 4 tanks. It’s the only encounter in this tier of raiding (so far) that requires more then 2 tanks. This makes no sense to me.

As I was saying, to tank this fight you need 4 tanks, so open the can-o-tanks can be ready. I guess any class will do. Can’t be picky when you need 4 !

The healing setup is just as weird. We used 8 healers and 2 support in this fight.

Fortunately there is enough time to DPS them down with only 6 DPSers. Ranged or melee doesn’t matter.

Kolmsasveli and Toinenveli Kill Video

Not the most exciting video ever, but it’s from our first kill ever. Tanks don’t do a lot in this fight, it’s the tank slack encounter :)

Cleric tank point of view.

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