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Kolmsasveli and Toinenveli Strategy

Kolmsasveli and Toinenveli are the third boss encounter in Frozen Tempest.

Health: 35.600.000

Enrage timer: 7 minutes

Difficulty: easy

Must have ability: none

Raid Setup

4 tanks: any class will do as long as you can find 4 of them.

6 healers: 2 Purifiers, 2 Sentinels, 2 Chloros. One of each for both sides.

4 support: Archon + Bard and 2 Chloro/Harbinger.

6 DPS: this is a job for Warriors and Rogues since the rest of the classes will be healing.

Kolmsasveli and Toinenveli Tactics

The best way to handle this fight is to split the raid in two. You must keep the twins apart or they will heal each other and at the same time you want to keep the middle of the room clear to prevent red AOE spawning on top of the people handling the orb.

Send 2 tanks 3 healers and 3 dps on each side of the room. Have the Bard and the Archon stand in the middle so they provide both sides with buffs.

Tank the bosses on the outer edges of the pillars. The rest of the raid needs to position away from the middle of the room and not between the 2 pillars. If you decide to stand close to the walls be careful, there are holes in the floor and you might end up under the instance.

When you start the fight you will notice blue and yellow zones around the 4 pillars. Both giants will gain stacking yellow and blue buffs. The yellow buff increases his outgoing damage. The blue buff increases the damage they take.

For the entire duration of the fight the tanks will have to drag the giants from 1 pillar to another to remove their stacks.

The fight doesn’t have a lot of mechanics.


  • Devastating Shock: 1.5 seconds cast, hits 10 people, deals 6.000 initial damage followed by 4.000 ticks for 6 seconds. Can be dispelled, but you need to pay attention when it’s landing because the dot is invisible at the moment. Both giants cast this ability at random times.
  • Red patches on the ground: you have 3 seconds to move out of them before they start dealing damage. They tick for 12.000 damage per second so you have to move asap.
  • Kolmsasveli’s Ire: casted by the giant with the same name. This is the tank swap mechanic.
  • Toinenveli’s Ire: casted by the giant with the same name, requires a tank swap.
  • Gut Rip: 10 seconds debuff on the tank, ticks for 6.000 damage a second.
  • Glimpse of Infinity: 7 seconds channel, everyone must line of sight the giant casting it by hiding behind the pillars. This ability is first casted by Toinenveli after he gets pushed under 50%. After 1 minute Kolmsasveli will cast it. This repeats until 10%.
  • Red areas in the room: parts of the floor will glow blue then red. They deal around 4.000 damage. Not worth moving out of them so ignore this mechanic.
  • Energy Vortex: after 30% a wisp surrounded by an yellow glowing circle will spawn in the middle of the room. It will start a 10 seconds cast. If the cast reaches the end the raid will wipe. To stop the cast 2 people will have to walk into the glowing circle and use the reactive ability they gain on the wisp. You need 3 pairs of 2 people to handle the wisp (after you use the reactive you gain a 1 minute debuff that prevents you from using it again).

Pull and separate the giants. Move them from 1 pillar to the other to keep their stacks low. Tanks swap when the Ire is being casted. The rest of the raid needs to keep clear of the red circles on the ground. That is the only things that can cause casualties at the start.


When the giants get to 50% you need to keep an eye out for the LOS ability. They will emote “[Giant Name] will disintegrate all he beholds!” Toinenveli is going to cast it first.

At 30% the Energy Vortex will start spawning. The 2 men pairs will have to stop it from exploding. Make sure they know their turns and what they are supposed to do. You can also have a backup team in case someone assigned to the vortex dies.

The last thing you need to pay attention to is keeping the twins within 5% HP of each other. If you did Runeking Molinar you know the drill. Make sure the DPS is equally split.

As you can see there isn’t much going on. As long as you can dodge the red circles on the ground no one should die. Good luck !

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12 Responses

  1. Trickle

    Whats with all the healers? if you dont stand in red areas and dodge aoe and cleanse then there isnt much healing at all. Why chloro/harbs?

    We’re consistently getting to wisp phase and not noticed any reason to have chloroharbs :p

  2. admin

    You can use way less healers now to be honest. There is no reason to have 2 tank healers anymore and the aoe healing is low now that people actually have gear.

    Although having 100 combat resses is never a bad idea. You can make the enrage timer with only 6 dps in blue gear ^^ and you can salvage the fight even if people start dying (see the warriors for example hihihi).

  3. Trickle

    Yer rezs are good i suppose, always one or two who fail the los lol! Enjoyable fight this one :)

  4. FairOneForYOu

    I have seen some things come up while in this fight … Sparkling Eruption that caused alot of damage and Lightning Rage .. What are those and how can we avoid them? Thank you for any answers you can provide

  5. admin

    Sparkling Eruption is a debuff he places on a player when they get to 15% or so. That guy needs to LOS the raid.
    Lightning Rage don’t know. There is something called Lightning Surge that he smashed the tank, that’s nothing you can do about.

  6. bitnine

    Lightning Rage is a buff that increases damage done by 30% or so and lasts for 15 seconds. At 1:30 into the fight Toinenveli gains it, then at 2:30 Kolmasveli gains it, and they alternate every minute like that. It looked like it increased all their outgoing damage including the DoT (normal attacks went from around 18k to 25k).

    If you want to play it safe for your tanks, you can anticipate and make sure to have them on the yellow when they gain the buff, or maybe even use a cooldown. I honestly don’t think it’s all /too/ dangerous unless it happens to coincide with yellow stacks.

  7. dave

    heres my question it says “The blue buff increases the damage they take.” why wouldnt you just leave that buff on them? i assume there is a reason to take it off, just wondering what that is.

  8. supersecret

    About the Lightning Rage buff, it is completely random which boss gets it. You should save a cooldown for it, healers covenant is optimal. If you don’t need a cooldown for that you are overhealing the fight, since that’s the part where the tanks take massive damage. This probably doesn’t apply to rogue tanks as they have a lot of cooldowns handy.

    The Line of sight ability is casted at set times: 2:50(blue), 3:50(red) and 6:00(blue) and is not %-based. Tanks can make it easy for the raid to lose by having the boss close to a pillar when he’s about to cast it.

    The emoted player at sub 15% is causing an explotion around him/her, so that player will only have to make sure noone is close to him. Not out of line of sight.

    There is never ever a reason to use more than 1 Purifier on a fight, that is the definition of a wasted slot.

  9. Mike

    Anyone know what Grounding Pillar’s Pulse Stream is caused from? In log I’ve seen it kill people with 6-7 tics over 2 seconds.

  10. IcyShield

    Question for you guys,

    my guild has been wiping for 4 weeks on the Twins now.
    I have a feeling it might be heal related.

    Here is our guilds setup.
    Side 1
    1 Chloro Tank heals
    2 Warden Raid heal
    3 Puri / Warden build (http://rift.magelo.com/en/soultree#qgBgB88/m9rai2ABay/p8o)

    Side 2
    1 Sentinel Tank / Raid heal
    2 Warden Raid heal
    3 Puri / Warden build (http://rift.magelo.com/en/soultree#qgBgB88/m9rai2ABay/p8o)

    The guide they use for Puri Sent has this as the explanation:
    - Role:
    The primary function of this role is shielding. For the most part, you will be spamming your Symbol of the Sun macro (listed below) constantly throughout all encounters

    They do not use Ward of fire

    We only have 2 mages, so 1 is Archon, 1 is tank healer

    My guess is lack of tank heals right?
    Here is the incoming heals over 4 min attempt on Rogue tank

  11. IcyShield

    sorry I mean the Puri Warden build, thats what they do, not Puri Sent.

    They do not use Ward of Fire, and just spam shields on the Raid.
    Which is not necessary right? Because there is hardly AoE damage, other than moving out of bubbles and the AoE cleanse.

  12. IcyShield

    Yellow Increases their damage
    Blue decreases the damage they take

    you guys have a typo, neither of those increase the damage they take

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