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Laethys and Conquest changes (Hotfix #15)

Hotfix #15 is bringing some major changes to Conquest and to Laethys encounter in Infernal Dawn. Let’s take a look at the Conquest changes first.

Conquest Changes

1. A number of Conquest locations have been moved or removed in Conquest: Stillmoor.

Trion is once again attempting to make Conquest more PvP oriented but also keep the PvE element in it as well and they want to make the games last longer.

Apparently one of the solutions they found was to reduce the number of Extractors from 36 to only 29 and relocate the Briarcliff Woods and Burlingham teleporters.

I must say that the Conquest map looks so bare now. It seems like they removed half of the Extractors not only a few.

Conquest Map

2. You now gain slightly more Conquest Power per tick for controlling locations. 

I can’t give you an accurate amount for this change. I never quite knew the exact amount of Conquest Power you get for controlling Extractors. I guess it’s more then it used to be.

3. Players once again receive Conquest Power for kills.

It’s time to rally for the Nightfall zerg again. For killing a player you now receive 1 Conquest Power… and most important… 10 Unseen / Order of the Eye reputation ! I’m not sure if you can grind the repution all the way up to glorified, but I was playing on my Rogue today and I noticed I was getting Unseen reputation for some of the kills.

Laethys Changes

As raiders all over Telara got better and better at dodging the arm on Laethys, it seems that Laethys got worse and worse at dodging the  nerf hammer. She finally got hit by it.

laethys nerfs

1. Greed Elementals’ health decreased and they no longer cast Gilded Shockwave.

I don’t know how health they have now, but it should be irrelevant anyway. If they die they die, if not, you can always transition with 2 Greed Elementals being alive. The important change is that they no longer cast Gilded Shockwave.

This means you can’t really wipe in phase 1 anymore unless you really do something really wrong with the Orbs and the Molten Gold. The add tank no longer has to worry about positioning the adds properly under Laethys when they get AoEd and you can take multiple ticks of Treasure Storm and not risk deaths.

2. Wizened Stoneseers deal less damage.

The Wizened Stoneseers used to be a pain. Combined with the Golden Breath they could cause the main tank to die. They used to hit for around 9k, now they only hit for around 6k. And the breath is also nerfed, so there shouldn’t be anymore tank deaths.

3. Golden Breath damage reduced.

The Golden Breath used to be the number one cause of death for tanks in Phase 1. To be 100% safe you had to use a cooldown for each breath. It used to hit for aroud 8.000/tick. Now it only hits for around 5.500/tick. This should be a lot more manageable. If you were using a purifier before, you can probably drop it now, it shouldn’t be necessary anymore.

4. Metallic Orb(s) damage reduced in both phases of the encounter.

This means you can stack both orbs in melee in Phase 2 without a problem and you shouldn’t risk deaths in Phase 1, even if the warriors are caught in the wrong place when the Orb comes.

5. Tail Lance will provide an additional one second of warning before blasting you in the face.

I think the Tail Lance is more blasting us in the ass and not in the face, but I can’t argue with Trion. We now get 1 extra second to move out from the blue bubble. This is a good change for casters, but I don’t know how long it will take the melee to get used to it.

Because the bubbles will be up longer, the melee will have to adapt to it. It might get a little bit crowded in melee then it used to be.

6. Reduced Laethys’ passive energy regeneration during the second phase of the encounter.

Laethys will regain less energy in Phase 2. I don’t know if people used to have problems with draining in Phase 2, but it seemed quite easy to me. Anyway, now it should be even easier.

All in all, now it’s the time to go get her. The yellow dragon is now weak ! Go take revenge on her for all the wipes she caused you can enjoy the Dragon Eggs and Maelforge.

Primeval Feast Fixes

I think we all expected 5 minutes extra on the Rapid Assault achievement, but instead we got an artifact set.

1. Bosses in Primeval Feast now have a higher chance to drop Primeval Feast artifacts.

Holly Relics from Primeval Feast

The artifact set is called Holy Relics from Primeval Feast and it’s made out of 3 artifacts.

Primeval Feast Artifacts

There is no special reward for completing this set, it’s just there to have something to spend out platinum on. Also it looks like the drop rate of these artifacts is not that low. We got 2 artifacts in 1 Primeval Feast run.

I do like the names of these artifacts and their descriptions :) . Pages from the World of Greenscale with the “I’m so hungry!” description, S.H.O.E “A shoe.” and A.M.O.P “A mop”. Very creative.

2. Fixed the Day Man and Night Man Achievements.

Now we can complete the Day Man achievement without having to petition a GM. Yay !

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  1. Calmethar

    Conquest used to be 250 points per neutral extractor, 100 per extractors otherwise and 10* your percentage every ten minutes I believe. Haven’t played it since patch, so not sure what it got changed to.

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