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Laethys Tactics

To quote from the Rift Lore: “Reduced to molten gold by her vanquishers, Laethys has reformed at last, her new body a breathtaking sculpture of that which she loves most — glittering wealth. But her form is still unstable, and if you strike quickly, you could break her down into golden slag.”

This encounter is quite difficult. Make sure the entire raid has painkillers ready. It will cause a headache.

Especially the mage that will be in charge of reflecting. I can remember quite a few incidents where mages just admitted being bad and quit the raid during this fight. Make sure you take those painkillers.

Update: please take a look at the recent Laethys changes.

Update 2: also consider the recent nerfs to this encoutner Laethys nerfs.

Laethys - infernal dawn

Laethys Tactics

So far this looks like a very interesting encounter. For once, this boss will test each individual in the raid, carrying is quite hard so be ready to slap your members. She has 15.5 milion HP, but she heals to full once you get her to 50% so the entire boss health over all the 3 phases is around 23 milion.

Phase 1

Once you clear the trash and get to her room you can spot her sleeping on the top right corner above the gate. Her tail is dangling down. When you run in the room she will jump down, role play for 10 seconds and then she can be engaged. Have the raid to stand in the middle right of the room until the tank picks her up and then they can move in and start doing their job. The tank should stand at her feet and be ready to taunt her.

In this phase she has 5 abilities:

  • Golden Cleave – hits around 19k and you should be avoiding it or it’s really impossible to keep the tank up. The way to avoid it is to stand as close to her hit box as possible without making her turn around. Occasionally she will decide to cleave for 24k and oneshot the tank, don’t flame the poor tank to much, just get himt o find the sweet spot to stand in to avoid the cleave.
  • Annihilating Flare – she will emote: “Laethys launches a molten flare at <target>” then she will do a 2 seconds cast (can’t be interrupted). At the end of the cast she will launch a flare at the person she picked and hit him for 18k damage. You need to reflect that person in order for him to survive. This should be the Archon’s job. No matter who you pick for this job let him sort the raid himself in a way in which he can remember people’s positions so he can reflect them in time. Color coding the raid might help.
  • Glowing Orb – every 30 seconds she will emote: “Leathys conjures a glowing orb”. This is a stacking meteor mechanic. She will place a yellow bubble around a random person (except her tank) and shoot a meteor at that person. It hits for around 40k damage and if you want to live you need to share the damage so stack up for it.
  • Molten Gold – expanding red aoe on the floor. Every now and then she will place a red bubble on the floor that will expand twice. It hits for 4k/tick so just move away from it.
  • Golden Breath – cone breath, 3 seconds cast, ticks for about 11k earth damage if no blocks.
  • Treasure Storm – every 1 minute she will channel Treasure Storm. Every tick costs her 10 Energy (see bellow) and she will channel until her Energy reaches 0. The first tick hits for around 4k and also places a 8 seconds debuff on the entire raid increasing the damage taken from Laethys’s abilities. The next tick will hit for 5k, the 3rd tick for 6k and so on. You can take 2 ticks if you spam heal but if she get’s 3 ticks off you will have some casualties.

Besides these abilities you will also have to deal with a bunch of adds. The 1st wave of adds are going to spawn 30 seconds after you engage the boss (don’t count the role play). The wave is made out of 3 type of adds:

  • 5 small adds: Silver Slagwalker. They spawn on the bottom right side of the room, they have 212k hp each and they are protected by Golden Horde shield. If you hit them while the shield is up it will reflect around 6k damage for each hit. Bad idea to hit them so just have a cleric tank to aggro with DoL and tank them away from the raid.
  • 1 big and mean add: Greed Elementalist. It has 585k HP and it’s also protected by Golden Horde. He also has a2 abilities:
    • Shock Wave which is a 360 degrees AoE. Hits for 4k and also gives a slow debuff. This ability is casted every 15 seconds.
    • Gift of Power will shoot an orb at Laethys “feeding” her 30 Energy. This add should also be the job of the cleric tank. It spawn on the top left side of the room.
  • 1 caster add: Wizened Stoneseer. It has 479k health and it’s the only add you can dps without killing yourself. He also has it’s own ability called Wizened Restoration which he casts every 10 seconds. It’s a heal so you want to interrupt it. When this add dies, everyone that is stood within 15 yards of him gets a debuff that lasts 20 seconds. While under the effect of this debuff you become immune to Golden Horde.

The 2nd set of adds will spawn after 1 minute and 20 seconds after the 1st set of adds spawned. You have until 3 minutes and 10 seconds into the fight to get her to 51%. At 3:10 the 3rd wave of adds will spawn. If you can’t execute Phase 1 in 2 sets of adds then you will not meet the enrage timer.

And if this is not enough, in Phase 1 you will also have to worry about her Energy. She has an Energy bar just like a rogue does. It can gain energy from:

  • Passive: 10 energy every 10 seconds;
  • Golden Breath: for each tick of breath she will gain 11 energy. A total of 33 Energy for each breath.
  • Gift of Power: casted by the big add every 40 seconds.

Every 1 minute she will cast Treasure Storm, as I said above taking to many ticks of that will wipe your raid. You need to drain her Energy in order to prevent the raid wipe. Mages can use Mana Wrench and rogues can use Debilitating Poison. Transference also works but only in Phase 1 so gimping dps to get it it’s not worth it. The higher her energy she more damage she deals with her abilities.

Time to get to the actual fight. Pull the boss and don’t go mental on DPS. Let the tank get her before you start nuking. Position the entire raid on the back right foot at max melee range. Stay stacked until the red bubble is casted. If it lands on the group, move to the left foot, max melee range. Keep doing that until you hit Phase 2.

You should leave the mages in charge with draining her to stand out so they don’t have to move and interrupt their channeling. The purifier can also stand out. If they get targeted by the Glowing Orb they will have to run on top of the main group to soak the orb.

The cleric tank has to time his DoLs and pick up the adds. He should be positioned to the left hand side of the boss. If he does it correctly all the adds will run to him. If you use this positioning the Wizened Stoneseer will run through the boss on it’s way to the cleric tank. The tank in charge of Laethys need to pick him up and tank him; also he will be in charge of interrupting the Wizened Restoration. Have the clerics to focus him down and whoever can cleave should also hit it. You can’t have him heal and you can’t take to long to kill him either. Once it’s dead the cleric tank drags the rest of the adds under the boss and everyone AoEs the small adds down (except the dps mages). Once the small adds are dead he can drag the Greed Elemental back out and get ready to pick up the second set of adds.

Do this once more and then you should have Laethys at 51% and emoting her way to Plase 2 and 2 big adds left alive. While she emotes and transitions to the next phase the leftover elementals will explode, each dealing 2900 damage to the raid. You can’t have more then 2 left or you will have casualties.

Leathys Phase 1 Tactics and positioning

Sounds easy but it’s not. This phase involves a lot of RNG. The orb and the red aoe can hit at the same time and kill half your raid, the adds can go berserk and kill your offtank. The combination of Breath and the add hitting on the main tank can kill him. You can get unlucky Orbs. She can take a Gift of Power in the middle of a Treasure Storm cast. The best way to avoid as many of these fatal combinations is to have as many people stacked in melee to share the orb damage and work some cooldown rotation for the tanks. Having Earth Resist will also help your case.

Phase 2

When she reaches 51% she will submerge, explode the leftover adds and emerge transformed into a tornado of gold. Also her HP will be back to 100%. She has new abilities in this phase:

  • Treasure Storm: same as in Phase 1.
  • Molten Gold: same as in Phase 1.
  • Annihilating Flare: same as in Phase 1. So you still need to drain her. Also when she emerges in Phase 2 you will have to drain her as soon as you can to avoid getting killed by the first Auroric Evocation.
  • Auroric Evocation: raid wide AoE for 4 seconds, ticks for around 3k damage. She casts it quite often.
  • Golden Subjugation: she will smash her arm on the ground and hit everyone for 90% of their health. If you get caught directly under her fist you will be oneshotted. She can cast the arm smash to the left, right or in the middle. You can tell where it’s going to land by the animation she will do. Also this ability will give her 50 Energy.
  • Metallic Orb: she will emote: “Laethys counjures two gleaming orbs.” and cast 2 orbs at the raid. They work the same as the Phase 1 orbs only they deal less damage. Technically you should stack 1 in melee and 1 in range and soak them. Unfortunately Trion completely forgot about RNG and the fact that the Orbs can land at the same time with the arm, killing half the raid in one go, so the best way to deal with these orbs is to let the people that get them suicide in a corner and then combat ress them. Rogues can use Cleanse Soul (from the PvP PA tree) to negate the damage completely.
  • Tail Lance: blue bubbles on the floor. They deal 4k damage, knock you in the air and mana drain if you get hit. They will spawn throughout the fight, you need to move out of them as best as possible.
  • Greed’s Wrath: tank swap mechanic. She will apply a stacking dot on the tank that increases damage taken from all her abilities. Tanks need to change at 3 stacks.
  • The golden piles: every minute she will spawn 5 piles of of gold around the room. You have about 5-6 seconds to get on top of them. Once you get on a pile you gain a buff that grants immunity to Tail Lance so you can’t get knock off the pile, to Molten Gold so you can stand in it even if there is red ground aoe on top of the pile, to Golden Subjugation so the arm smash can’t kill you and to Laethic Gold.
    • Laethic Gold: 8 seconds cast time, she will do it 5 seconds after the piles spawned. Anyone that isn’t on top of a pile will be oneshotted at the end of this cast. The further away you are from the boss the more time you have to get on a pile. A golden bubble will start expanding from the boss at the begining of the cast. If the bubble reaches you and you’re not on a pile you become immobilized and she will oneshot you at the end of the cast. This means melee needs to be quick about getting on the piles, while the ranged people have time to look around.
    • Golden Destruction: 3 seconds cast followed by a 5 seconds channel. After she finishes casting Laethic Gold she will pause for 2 seconds then start casting Golden Destruction. By the end of this cast everyone needs to line of sight the boss behind the pile. If you are in line of sight of the boss when she starts channeling you will die.
      • This might sound complicated but it’s not. When the piles spawn melee needs to jump on the closest pile and continue dps-ing, the rest of the group standing at range has time to heal up (if any damage ability is being casted) and then move to a pile also. The piles can spawn during an Auroric Evocation in which case you need to keep healing then move to a pile or during an arm smash in which case you definitely don’t want to be running around and get caught under the fist and die so take your time. She will not start casting Laethic Gold until she is done casting her current ability.
      • Once on a pile keep doing your dps rotation and wait until Laethic Gold is done channeling. After that you have about 10 seconds to position behind a pile. The best way to do it is to backpedal off the pile, take 1 more step backwards then 1 step forward. If you are touching the pile of gold you can die so make sure you take 1 step back and 1 step forward. Once in position wait for Golden Destruction to end then go back to your normal spot and continue the fight.
      • If you die during Golden Destruction it’s not a bug, you are doing it wrong so try again.
      • If you execute the fight correctly you will hide behind the first set of pile when Laethys is at 80% or lower and behind the second set of pile when she is at 58% or lower. Otherwise the DPS is to low to meet the current enrage timer.
      • This mechanic will only occur twice in Phase 2 if the fight is executed correctly.

Now let’s get to the actual fight. When she emerges it is wise if the melee stands a few steps back. Sometimes she goes berserk and picks on the melee instead of the tanks. Once you can hit her the drainers need to drain her down to 0 Energy because she will do Auroric Evocation right away. If this happens at full Energy the damage will be hard to heal and cause casualties. During the first Auroric Evocation she will also place the 1st Molten Gold and start spawning Tail Lances around the room.

The positioning in Phase 2 is key to the success of your raid. Here is an idea of how it should look like.

Laethys Phase 2 tactics and positioning

The range people will have to spread out as best as possible around the areas marked with blue. They should be safe from arm smashes in those areas and all they have to worry are the blue bubbles (Tail Lances). The red areas mark the spots in witch the actual fist is going to land and oneshot people. For melee this is going to be difficult. They will have to be on top of their game or fail. The arm smash will oneshot anyone in melee that is caught under the arm so they needs to have 2 safe spots between the arms to move to and stack really tight on those spots. We are using the combat banners to mark the places to give everyone the same landmark for stacking. If Molten Gold spawns on top of one of the safe spots they need to have a 3rd option to move to. In the image above those spots are marked with dark red.

When it comes to the boss abilities, it’s hard to set timers for them since this boss it’s designed on a priority and ability cooldown model. You can estimate when an ability is about to hit but you can never say for sure. Usually she will do Auroric Evocation, followed by 3 Golden Subjugation and repeat. In between this rotation she will also do the Metallic Orbs but it is so random when she is going to do them that you can end up getting this ability anywhere from 2 to 5 times in Phase 2. Also she can decide to skip doing Treasure Storm or do two Treasure Storms in an interval of only 20 seconds. The only ability that is going to come at a set time is the piles.

Phase 3

Phase 3 starts at 37%. She will do a huge emote in the middle of your screen then spawn 2 adds at the back of the room. These adds can be CCed so have 2 mages to squirl them. To ensure they don’t kill people in the raid before they get CCed, the cleric tank can go at the back of the room when the boss is at 39% and be ready to aggro them. The Tempest Mirrors also work on the adds so you can stun them. One of them is called Golden something and the other one is a Silver something. The mages in charge of the adds can make a target macro for them.

In this phase she will stop hitting the tanks and only keep 4 of her abilities:

  • Treasure Storm which should be the drainers main concern because this is the only ability that can kill you in this phase.
  • Golden Subjugation which she will spam so the support clerics can switch from Mien of Aggression to Mien of Honor since all they will be doing is build Convictions and spam DoLs.
  • Auroric Evocation.
  • Tail Lance so some movement is still nedeed.

When she reaches 35% she will place a 20 seconds debuff on 1 player. That player will gain a reactive ability like the Dreadshot one on Rusila Dreadblade. I don’t know the names of the debuff of the ability but it’s not important. If the debuff reaches 0 the player that have it will turn to gold and explode, killing people around him. In order to reset the debuff you have to press the reactive ability. When you press it, the debuff will go back to 20 seconds but it will also “infect” another player. If every player in the raid gets the debuff you wipe. If a player that has the debuff dies you also wipe. The way to handle this is to click the reactive ability when the debuff has 1-2 seconds left. Not very hard to handle. If you do this correctly you will never wipe from it since the hard enrage timer will kill you before the spread debuff does. If the fight is executed properly only 11-12 people will have the debuff by the time Laethys is dead.

Even when she enrages, her normal abilities will not kill you. The only thing that will is Treasure Storm. So I can’t stress enough how important it is to keep her Energy drained at all times. Remember, she gains 50 Energy every time she does Golden Subjugation so she will regenerate really fast.

This fight is not easy and it will stress your raid to the max. You will have to adjust your raid setup until you find a combination that allows you to dps both the boss and the adds in time in Phase 1 and has enough single target dps to take down Laethys in Phase 2. Good luck !

Laethys Raid Setup

For this encounter you will need:

2 tanks: 1 of them needs to be a cleric. The other one is advisable to be a warrior. I’m not really sure how a rogue tank would work on this encounter.

6 healers: 1 purifier, 2 51 chloromancers, 2 senticars with 2 combat resses, 1 inquisicar.

12 dps and support: 3 warriors, 5 rogues (one being the bard), 1 cleric as inquisitor, 3 mages (1 pyro, 1 pyro with mana wrench, 1 archon).

If you can afford to have warriors and mages I would say clamp them up. You need to have high DPS or you will not make the enrage timer.

Laethys Achievements

There are four achievements for this encounter. Let’s start with the easiest one, it is called Golden Parachute and it’s the basic Defeat Laethys achievement. Nothing fancy, just take her HP to less then 1 !

Golden Parachute - infernal dawn

The second achievement for the Laethys encounter is called Gold Rush and it is a form of a DPS race. In order to get the achievement you have to defeat Laethys within 9 minutes. So go and farm those PA levels to make sure you got the DPS for it !

Gold Rush - infernal dawn

The next achievement on the list is called Goldfinger and if you want it you will have to defeat Laethys while she is casting Auric Evocation. This is just a matter of luck at the moment since the enrage timer is not really allowing you to sit there and wait.

Goldfinger - Infernal Dawn

The last achivement for this boss fight is called Subjugate This and you have to Defeat Laethys after not allowing any player to be killed by Golden Subjugation. This means you need to survive all her fists. Keep that healing coming.

Subjugate this - infernal dawn

Go get her !

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  1. Swift

    Are tanks recommended to get earth resist sigils or BiS sigils? Cleric tank and mt.

  2. admin

    Only the main tank uses the Earth Resistance sigil.

  3. Sharogy

    Both tank should use earth resist given p2 tank dmg is pretty much 100% earth dmg.

  4. Buller

    Just started working on her.. Using a warrior tank to tank her.. Is the optimal spec 38reaver or 44reaver for CD’s?

  5. Sharogy

    depends purely on ur healing setup, if u need a cd or u dont. i have done this in both.

  6. MrFabulous

    Whats Your Setup For Energy Reduction On her? It Says I Mana Wrench pyro but nothing else. do you use debilitating posion on some rogues? Any Tips?

  7. Sharogy

    i believe it is mentioned many times on mage forums, both our chloro and archon has pts in domi.

  8. Onde

    The picture is wrong on fist/safe spots btw, particularly on the right side. Just a heads up for those starting out on her.

  9. Dhone

    Is anyone else having issues with Greed’s Wraith being applied post 37%?

  10. Mvagrah

    in the 1st phase she looks like a grug rip off

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