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Maklamos: how to deal with the adds

I heard quite a few people complain on how buggy the adds on Maklamos are. I not believe they aren’t buggy at all, we just misunderstood the mechanics behind them. As we all know by now, there are 3 adds in the Maklamos the Scryer encounter. The first add will spawn as soon as the encounter starts, the second add will spawn when the boss is at 80% or when the 1st add reaches 100% health and the 3rd add spawns when Maklamos is at 50% HP or when the second add reached 100% health.

Let’s start by discussing about the first add. As you run in and position at the boss you will notice that behind his platform there will be a Juggernaut add sitting on the floor, inactive, at 100% health. He will start chain casting Returning Power. You must let the first cast go through ! This will take him from 100% to 10% health. After he did the first cast you can start interrupting. For each cast that goes through after the first cast he will heal himself for 10% health. Nothing to hard up to now.

The issues started to appear because we were using mages with Arresting Presence to interrupt the adds because it was the most efficient way of doing it. But Arresting Presence is an AoE interrupt and we started to experience issues with it because of that very 1st cast that has to go through. You will see what I mean when we get to the second add.

The second add will spawn when the boss is at 80% HP and start casting Returning Power immediately. If that 1st cast gets interrupted he will be at 100% health and you will probably end up wiping. In order to avoid getting his cast interrupted you must STOP using Arresting Presence when the boss is around 83%. Have a rogue interrupt the last cast on the first add or something, the mages must stop. By doing so the second add will not get AoE interrupted by the first add on which Arresting Presence is being kept up.

This has to be repeated for the 3rd add also. When the boss is around 53% the mages must stop using Arresting Presence and a rogue or someone must take over the last interrupts until the last add spawns and does his first cast. After that the Arresting Presence rotation can continue.

The first add will nuke himself to 10%.

The second add will nuke himself to 20%.

The third add will nuke himself to 30%.

This is working as it’s supposed to be working, so don’t go rampage and yell at the interrupters when you will see the last add being at 30%.

I hope this clarifies some questions that arisen about this encounter. Have fun killing him !

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