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Maklamos the Scryer Hard Mode

When it comes to raid loot, it seems that Trion is experimenting a bit with upgradable items (others then the ones upgraded with tokens) and also with encounters that have a normal mode and a hardmode to choose between.

I think this makes things more interesting then just going there and killing a boss and knowing what you can expect to drop. I also love it that Trion is making a connection between 10 man raid and 20 man raids.

The first step they took in this direction is by adding loot in Primeval Feast that can be upgraded using items from Infernal Dawn.

One set of these items are the upgradable rings that drop from Primeval Feast and that can be upgraded using the Crystal of Equinoctial Divination.

To obtain the Crystal of Equinoctial Divination you have to kill Maklamos the Scryer in his “harmode” version.

How to trigger Maklamos Hardmode ?

When you enter his room you will notice that on top of the 3 crystal formations there are 3 wisps, called Scarlet Mote (the one standing on top of the red cystals), Emerald Mote (the one standing on top of the green crystals) and Azure Mote (the ones standing on top of the blue crsytals). All 3 of them have 186k HP.

In order to get Maklamos in his “hardmode” state you need to kill these motes at the same time before the boss reaches 90%. For us this has proved to be the most challenging part of the encounter.

Maklamos HArdmode

If you did it right he will gain a buff that looks like an orange eye. If you didn’t do it right the motes will respawn.

Depending on how many range DPS you have assign 2 of them to each of the motes. Take them down to 10-15% then stop dps. When all 3 motes are low HP just burst them down. Usually the Azure Mote takes a little bit longer to DPS since it’s the furthest to the back and take some time until people can reach it and start dpsing it.

If you fail to kill them at the same time they will respawn. Just try again, the enrage timer for the hardmode encounter only starts when the boss gains that buff. As long as you don’t DPS the boss under 90% you can take an unlimited number of attempts on killing the motes.

Raid Setup

If it is the first time you’re attempting this fight you want to bring your A team. The enrage timer is only 5 minutes and reaction speed is necessary for handling the beams.

3 tanks: 2 cleric and 1 warrior. The cleric tanks seem to be taking the least amount of damage from the boss, but any other class can tank him also. The warrior tank will stay at range and soak the Desolation. Any other class can fill this roll as well.

5 healer: 2 purifiers (1 for each tank), 2 chloromancers (1 for each tank), 1 senticar with 2 CRs just in case of beam failures (can be the person that helps soak the Desolation).

12 DPS and support: 1 archon (which will have to help with using Arresting Presence on the adds), 1 bard (which can be the person that helps soak the Desolation) and for the rest, as many warriors and mages you can stack up. Maximizing the DPS is your main priority here.

Maklamos Hardmode Strategy

He does the same tricks in his hardmode version as he does in his normal version only this time the beams actually work and he has a challenging enrage timer of only 5 minutes. To meet this enrage timer you will have to use the “cheese” for the Crystalline Desolation.

The entire raid needs to stack up behind the boss while 1 tank and 1 raid member will stand outside to soak the Desolation.

 Maklamos hardmode 1

The tank soaking the Desolation (a warrior) will use the add to build up combo points and keep his buffs up. If you have a person taking 1 stack of Desolation it will be enough so that the tank will be able to soak it without any special cooldowns. In his hardmode version Maklamos will cast Crystalline Desolation more often then in normal mode. The person helping out with Desolation will have to position at the base of the crystal formation on which Maklamos is standing. This way it will be close enough to not become a target of Crystalline Desolation and far enough to not AoE the raid with the debuff. Sometimes the Desolation orb likes to linger under the boss so some people in the main raid pile might get the debuff. They need to move out or it might hurt to much sometimes.

Maklamos will cast the first set of beams 1-2 seconds after he gets into his Hardmode state then every 1 minute after that. 3 people in the raid will get a debuff. One will be green, one red and one blue. They have 2 seconds to react before they get linked by the beams. Reaction speed is important because of the way the raid is stacked. Everyone can receive the debuff, including the 2 tanks on the boss and the tank soaking the desolation.

If a tank gets the beam it’s important to not panic and start running all over the place. You have 30 seconds to solve the beams before they kill you so take it easy. First let your healers know you have the debuff so they can cooldown you. Then run to your crystal in such a way that you don’t line of sight the raid so they can keep healing you. If you were tanking the boss at the time you got the debuff, keep tanking him as normal. He won’t move from his spot and range tanking for a few seconds should be possible. If the other tank taunt off you when it’s not time yet his stacks will get refreshed and the tanking rotation is going to get messed up and probably end up in a wipe.

For the rest of the raid, when you get the beam try to move to your crystal as soon as possible. It’s important to know where the crystals are located around the room so when you see what color you have you can instantly move in the right direction and avoid crossing the beams. If you follow the positioning from the image above, then for red move backwards, for blue forward and for green to the right.

You will have to deal with the beam mechanic 6 times. Since the enrage timer is so tight you can’t use the combat ress strategy anymore, so you will have to solve the beams at least half the time. You need to save some combat resses for the tanks also since it’s not uncommon for them to go splat in the last part of the encounter.

Now let’s get to the actual strategy. Buff up and run it. Everyone run to Maklamos and stack tightly on his back. Don’t stop to kill the motes or you may become the target of Crystalline Desolation. Once you are at the boss wait for the ranged people to kill the motes. There is no point in dpsing the boss since his health will reset when hardmode is engaged. While the motes are being killed the tanks will have to do their usual tank swap and you will have to deal with the Crystalline Desolation and with silencing the adds also.

The adds need to be interrupted perfectly. They can’t heal or you will wipe. Especially the last add must be at 30% when he comes out or it’s going to be an issue.

Once the motes are dead the first set of beams will come. This first set of beams should be easy to solve. Then nuke Maklamos as hard as possible. Save Flaring Power for when the last add becomes active. At 85% when the first add becomes active, the tank not tanking the boss will have to pick him up. If he was interrupted properly he will die from cleave damage. Don’t bother switching dps to it. Same with the add that spawns at 50%. Only the last add will need special treatment because he has 360k HP and it won’t die from cleaves alone. When this last add spawns use Flaring Power and everyone burn him down as fast as possible, then finish off the boss.

The hardest part of this fight is going to be keeping the tanks alive. Since the enrage timer is so tight you can only afford 3 tanks, out of which 1 will be soaking the Desolation, leaving you with 2 tanks for the boss. The tank swaps will have to be perfect so do the add swaps. One tank will have to tank the boss while the other tanks the add (if any are alive at that point) and when they tank swap for the boss they will have to swap the add as well otherwise the damage will be to high.

You can practice on the normal version of Maklamos and see if you could be able to handle it. Pretend it’s hardmode and stack the raid on the boss, use a Desolation tank and only 2 tanks on the boss and nuke him down as hard as you can. Try to use the same healing setup as you would if it was hardmode just to see if you can keep the tanks up. Check your kill time. If it’s around 4 minutes 30 then you can probably do the hardmode version without issues.

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10 Responses

  1. [...] also has a Hard Mode version which was added with Patch 1.9. The extra drop from the Hard Mode chest is the Equinoctial [...]

  2. MrFabulous

    We use a ranger with max earth resist sigil w/ rune shoulder chest rune and pot w/ 8500hp and a ward of the ancestors to absorb the dmg full dps spec, worked last week like a charm, this week he died twice but it works.

  3. Sharogy

    u have any video footage with this in action?

  4. Sharogy,

    MrFabulous has not killed HM Scryer and he is referring to normal mode. I would assume a similar strategy would apply to HM if executed perfectly with CD’s.

  5. admin

    It’s not the same as normal mode. He casts Desolation every 20 seconds or so. In normal mode is once a year compared to HM.

  6. Stabbinu

    since the encounter effectively starts over when hard mode is initiated, could let the adds full heal, kill them, then start hard mode? That way you don’t have to deal w/ them during the encounter. I might be missing something but could be worth a shot.

  7. admin

    If you take the boss under 90% you can’t trigger hard mode anymore because the motes despawn. To get rid of the adds you have to take the boss all the way down to 35% or so.

  8. Stabbinu

    i thought that boss % was just 1 way to enforce mobs spawn, a 2nd way is when 1 mob becomes active, the next automatically spawns regardless of boss %.

  9. Garbageday

    Does the Desolation orb do more damage in hardmode?

    Because we use a Cleric tank to take the orbs, no cooldowns needed and no extra players tagging the orb needed. In fact, since the damage is all Earth, you don’t even need a geared Cleric tank, you can use an Earth sigil and full DPS gear. It hits me for about 7600 with no tank or healer cooldowns.

    And the bonus is that you can just sit there and spam Sanction/BoR/Sov/BoJ, which contributes some DPS :)

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