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Maklamos the Scryer Tactics

Maklamos the Scryer is sitting in a superbly decorated room, surrounded by these amazing crystals. It belongs in the Earth section of Infernal Dawn.

Update 1: The laser beams have been permanently disabled. The normal version of Maklamos the Scryer is now officially a tank and spank encounter and it requires no skill at all. Feel free to poke this loot pinata with a stick.

Updates: He also has a Hard Mode version which was added with Patch 1.9. The extra drop from the Hard Mode chest is the Equinoctial Crystal of Divination which is used to upgrade rings that drop from the new 10 man raid, Primeval Feast.

Malkamos the Scryer - Infernal Dawn

Maklamos the Scryer Tactics

Maklamos has 12.4 million HP and it’s a quite straight forward encounter. He has a tank swap mechanic. Each time he casts Crystalline Missile he will apply a debuff to the tank that increases damage taken. So far a tank can take maximum 3 stacks before he starts hurting this means that the tank swaps are going to occur quite fast. If you can keep your tanks alive the fight is half won.

The second thing you have to worry about is the 3 adds that will become active during the encounter. They will spawn behind the boss (as you look at him from the door) and you have to deal with them really fast because the tanks that will tanks the add will also be affected by the increased damage debuff. The first add appears as soon as you engage the boss. He will do a cast that will take him from 100% to 10% hp, DO NOT interrupt the 1st cast no matter what. After that he will start casting Returning Power. This has to be interrupted every time, otherwise he will heal for 10% each time the casts goes through. Use 2 mages with Arresting Presence to interrupt that, they can alternate the interrupting when one is recharging or if one gets the beams. The first add will start attacking once the boss reaches 80% or if the interrupts fail and he reaches 100% health. As soon as the 1st add starts attacking the second add will spawn and start casting Returning Power. You need to let the 1st cast go though and then start interrupting. This add will start attacking at 50%. Same for the 3rd add, except he will attack at 30%. If you get the interrupts right the adds will only have between 150k and 280k HP and you can burn them down fast.

To explain his 3rd and 4th ability I had to call upon my pain skills again.

Maklamos Tactic

His 3rd ability is the Crystal Lazer. When you enter the room you will notice there is a Red Crystal Formation to the left, a Green one to the right-back and a Blue one all the way at the back of the room. 1 minute into the encounter Maklamos is going to cast Crystal Lazer. 3 people are going to be linked with a beam and get a bubble around them of a certain color, either blue, red or green. They have to run to the Crystal formation that has the same color as their bubble. If you have a purifier in the raid you can confuse the beam bubble with a shield so you need to pay attention. You have 30 seconds to get to the correct Crystal and dispell the beams otherwise the 3 people that have the beam will die. They also take around 1.2k damage / second so heal them.

His 4th and last ability is called Crystalline Desolation. He will cast it every 45 seconds or so and it has a 2.5 seconds cast time. At the end of the cast he will Rift Prison a person sitting at range and he will launch a blue orb at him. When the orb reaches the person it will hit him for around 100.000 damage. To lower the damage people need to run through the orb. Each time a person runs through the orb, the orb will gain a debuff that lowers damage done and the person that run through it will get a debuff that lasts 8 seconds and radiates damage. The orb also has an internal cooldown of 0.5 seconds so if everyone runs through it at once it will only get 1 debuff. The way you deal with this is to have all the ranged DPS sitting at range and the healers in melee. The melee camp should be positioned behind the boss from the ranged camp perspective. Once you see Crystalline Desolation casting the bard and 2-3 more melee should move between the boss and the ranged camp. When the orb starts flying for the ranged camp those 4 people will give the orb 3-4 debuffs. Also the range camp starts running to the boss (not all at once !) and they will pick up another 3-4 debuffs so by the time the orb reaches it’s final destination it will only hit for 4k damage. Spread left and right to avoid aoe-ing eachother with the debuff from the orb. If someone dies to Crystalline Desolation the boss will gain a buff that increases outgoing damage. You really don’t want that to happen.

Repeat a few times and it’s a kill. If you really can’t handle the Crystalline Desolation take a look at our Maklamos the Scryer kill video or check this out: How to cheese Maklamos the Scryer. If you have issues with handling the adds and they keep bugging for you take a look at this more detail strategy on how to deal this them: Maklamos the Scryer adds strategy.

Maklamos the Scryer Raid Setup

3 tanks: 2 warriors, 1 cleric

5 healer: 2 chloromancers, 1 purifier, 1 senticar, 1 sent/warden

12 DPS: anything you want.

Depending if you want to use Earth Resistance or go without you can add more healers to keep the raid up.

Maklamos the Scryer Achievements

So far there are tree achievements for this boss. We will start with the standard achievement, which involves you killing the boss without having to pull any weird stuns. This achievement award 10 points and it has a not so friendly name: You’ll Shoot Your Eye Out. I’m sure no one is eager to lose and eye but I am certain that there are a lot of people out there that just can’t wait to defeat him.

You'll Shoot your eye out - Malkamos the scryer Infernal Dawn

The second achievement is called Battle Prod and it sounds quite interesting. Defeat Maklamos the Scryer after solving all Crystal Lasers within 15 seconds of activation. You will have to get used to where you have to run to manage to untangle them under 15 seconds.

Battle Prod - infernal dawn malkamos the scryer

The third achievement is called Desolation Denied and in order to get it you need to avoid deaths caused by Crystalline Desolation. This you should get it by default as soon as you understand how the mechanic works.

Desolation Denied - Infernal Dawn Malkamos the Scryer

This fight is really nice, must say I enjoyed it !

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