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Primeval Feast Guide

Primeval Feast is the new 10 man raid that will come with patch 1.9. As the name suggests it, it’s a Life raid so you might want to put a few life resist lessers in your core. Primeval Feast is not a face roll and the DPS checks are quite tight. You might want to bench those ungeared alts for a bit. This raid is a Tier 3 raid so you will need 420 hit/focus for it and it will drop the Infernal Marks of Ascension so it will speed up the procces of gearing up with the Infernal Dawn set.

This guide is now updated and it should be in accordance with the live servers. Fell free to poke me if I missed anything.

This raid is located in the last zone you would think a life raid would be, in Droughtlands. Who would have thought that plants can grow in that area. But let’s answer the first question about this raid: Where is the entrance ?

To be able to see the entrance to Primeval Feast you have to have Quantum Sight on. Then take the porticulum to South Droughtlands (Fallback) and look around. You will see the entrance.

Primeval Feast Entrance

X marks the spot.

Primeval Feast Bosses

There are 4 bosses, 1 mini boss and 2 mini evens inside Primeval Feast. Trion wanted this dungeon to be more then just a raid, they wanted it to be fun and I think they succeeded to add an element of fun to it with the mini events. It will probably take a while to figure out but once you got it, it would be fun. But let’s get down to business.

Life Anchors

Once you find the entrace to Primeval Feast and zone in you will be greeted by Prince Hylas who is being attacked by a pack of angry Banetouched minions. In order to start this event you must hit one of these minions. They will try to attack the raid, tanks need to pick them up and tank them or kite them for a few seconds. They will despawn after that. Then you will be granted a disguise and using specific abilities you will have to work your way up to the Life Anchors and much like on Inwar Darktide your raid will have to kill them at the same time. This event drops no loot but it’s fun.

Life Anchors strategy

Life Anchors kill video

Grandmaster Atrophinius

Once the Life Anchors are dead you can now kill the mobs in the dungeon because they are no longer protected by the immortal buff granted by the anchors. You can now engage the first boss, Atrophinius. He will not become active until you finish the event so it’s no way you can skip it. It is the same Atrophinius from Realm of the Fae and from Runic Descent. In case you are wondering how is this possible, learn that the 10 man raids exist in an alternate reality, hence the need to use Quantum Sight to find them.

Grandmaster Atrophinius strategy

Grandmaster Atrophinius loot table

Grandmaster Atrophinius kill video

Swarmlord Khargroth

This is the second boss in Primeval Feast. He has some very interesting mechanics and I think everyone will enjoy this fight. Oh yeah, it involves a lot of insects and other crawling things. I wouldn’t want to be a tank in this encounter, need to keep my distance from all those creepy insects.

Swarmlord Khargroth strategy

Swarmlord Khargroth loot table

Swarmlord Khargroth kill video


Between Swarmlord Khargroth and Alltha the Reaper there is a miniboss called Grukthor. Unfortunately he doesn’t drop any loot, but he drops 1 Infernal Mark of Ascension. I don’t even know if the deserves his own section in a strategy guide but I guess we need to treat all Trions creations equal.

Grukthor strategy & kill video

Alltha the Reaper

Does this name seems familiar ? It reminds me of the Seeds of Change event from Ember Isle. I can see some whirlwind happening in this encounter, in a small space so you can’t run to far away. Think this is going to be a fun boss no matter what abilities she will have. Of course nothing compares to fighting the original version of this boss in Ember Isle together with a raid of angry Guardians :)

Alltha the Reaper strategy

Alltha the Reaper loot table

Alltha the Reaper kill video

The Labyrinth

Between Alltha the Reaper and Faelord Twyl there will be another mini event, this time a labyrinth. As we saw in Greenscale Blight, the rules of the Life plane insist on using labyrinth to hide their evil plans. Primeval Feast is a life raid so it couldn’t miss a labyrinth. Like in the first mini event you will be granted disguises and you will have to use your unique skills to navigate your way through the labyrinth. This event drops 1 Infernal Mark of the Ascension.

Labyrinth strategy

Labyrinth solving video

Faelord Twyl

The last boss in Primeval Feast is Faelord Twyl. Once again we have to confront the fairy guy. He isn’t much of an opponent, as we saw in The Realm of the Fae he prefers to send his minions to do his job rather then face us. I expect him to be as cowardly as he was in RotF and not show his face to much. I guess anything he does will be fine as long as he doesn’t role play to much.

Faelord Twyl strategy

Faelord Twyl loot table

Faelord Twyl kill video

This raid also has quite a bunch of achievements, a total of 275 points to be exact. They will be covered in an achievement related post.

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