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Prince Kaliban Strategy

Prince Kaliban is the first boss in the 10 man raid Grim Awakening. This is a tier 2 raid so it requires 500 hit and/or 500 toughness.

Health: 25.500.000

Enrage timer: 5 minutes

Difficulty: medium

Must have ability: interrupt

Raid Setup

1 tank: any class will do, they just need 500 toughness.

2 healers: A purifier and a Chloro can do the job easily. The boss doesn’t hit very hard and there isn’t a lot of damage going around. You want to have shields just in case someone messes up the Soul Shatter and a Chloro to heal the tank and provide Wild Growth.

1 support: I suggest using an Archon, but anything else will do.

6 DPS: as always, this is not a melee friendly fight. Pick ranged specs for this boss. You will have a really hard time as melee.

Prince Kaliban Strategy

This fight has only a few mechanics and it’s quite easy. But it can also go very wrong very fast. It’s all a matter of getting used to the strats, but I can also see the annoyance in bringing new people fight.


  • Hellfire Boulder: Price Kaliban throws a fiery boulder at the player furthest away from him. Before the 5th boulder is due, the first boulder will despawn, so there will be max 4 boulders up at the same time. On impact, the boulder will deal 15.000 damage to anyone standing in the landing spot. They will also be surrounded by a small AOE that deals 5.000 damage per tick. Placing the boulder and using them to avoid mechanic is the main idea of the fight.
  • Debuff on the tank: each stack of the debuff increases damage taken by 8%. The stacks reset during Crushing Silence so there is no need to tank swap.
  • Sanguine Incantation: Needs to be interrupted. Deals ~11.000 damage per tick to the raid.
  • Soul Shatter: ”Magma Lord Kaliban covers [player name] in unstable energy” – places a 12 seconds debuff on a raid member. When the debuff reaches 0 it deals 17.000 damage to everyone in line of sight, kills the player that had the debuff and places a 1 minute debuff on the entire raid, reducing fire resistance by 200. To avoid this mechanic, the player affected by the debuff has to line of sight the raid using a boulder. The active tank is immune to the damage.
  • Gaze: ”Magma Lord Kaliban glares at [player name]” – this is the same mechanic as the Trample he does in Empyrean Core, but this time the player targeted has 5 seconds to LoS the boss behind a boulder. The boss will charge at the player and hit the boulder becoming incapacitated for 10 seconds and take increased damage. If he is not LoSed in time he will kill the player he targeted. To meet the enrage timer you will have to get him stunned, you can miss one Gaze at best.
  • Quicksilver Traps: Prince Kaliban will place traps around him. If you get hit by one you become slowed.
  • Crushing Silence: right after placing the Quicksilver Traps, the boss cast Crushing Silence (5 seconds cast). At the end of the cast he will deal massive damage in the large area marked with red around him and silencing everyone for 3 seconds. Everyone has to dodge this mechanic. The tank can survive it with a cooldown, but the healers will be silenced.
  • Evil Wisps: around the encounter edge there are wisps that will jump at anyone that gets to close to the edge, dealing 23.000 damage.
  • Raid AOE: he will sometimes hit the raid with 18.000 aoe hits.
  • Swirling Flames: “Magma Lord Kaliban surrounds [player name] in flames”. At 25% the boss will start throwing flame debuff around. The debuff doesn’t do anything unless 2 people that have the debuff stack together. If you get this debuff just stand in front of the raid. The boss will die before placing 3 debuffs so it’s not hard to handle.

The key to success is to place the boulders correctly so people can use them to LoS without being to close to the edge or have to run to far. To place the boulders you can use a second tank or someone with enough HP to survive getting hit by a boulder or by Soul Shatter.

 Prince Kaliban Strategy

Start by tanking the boss where he stands. The raid positions in the middle of the room. The offtank goes behind the raid and to the right and waits for the first boulder to land. Then he goes to the back left of the raid and places the second boulder. After that the first Quicksilver Trap and Crushing Silence will happen and the tanks can swap.

After the first 2 boulders are placed the raid can take a few steps back to avoid being hit by the traps and also be close enough to the back of the boulder to LoS Gaze in time.

The rules we use are simple. Always LoS the Soul Shatter on the right boulder and the Trample on the left boulder. When moving away from the raid to LoS Soul Shatter always go towards the boss, in front of the boulder, then backpedal until the raid is out of line of sight. If you run behind the boulder then you will be the further away person from the boss and the boulder will come for you messing up the positioning. Same goes when you’re running back after the debuff is gone.

After the first boulder is placed move the boss a bit to the right so that the offtank is the furthest away from him when placing the second boulder.

If the Gaze destroyed the second boulder, refresh it with the 4th boulder. If the Gaze didn’t hit then place the boulder away from the raid. On the 5th boulder the first one will despawn so it will have to be refreshed. As a tank you can stand in the AoE around the boulder, so just hug the 1st boulder as you wait for the 5th cast.

With the current values, this sequence repeats 3 times before the boss is defeated. It take a little bit of practice to get used to the LoSing, but it shouldn’t be a very complicated fight.

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