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Rusila Dreadblade Tactics

According to the video presentation of the Earth Wing, Rusila Dreadblade is the captain of the already famous Lava Boat.

She is the last boss of the Fire Wing in Infernal Dawn.

The encounter is not very difficult. For once Trion added a fun encounter. It will probably take some time for people to get used to Phase 1, but after they leaned it they will enjoy it.

So equip your pirate outfit, put on your pirate hat and summon your parrot pet and head to the famous Lava Boat ! Get ready to set sail for the oceans of Telara !

Rusila Dreadblade - infernal dawn

This encounter seems to have a lot of mechanics, I would call it the Rune King Molinar of Infernal Dawn. It is a very fun fight and the view is just amazing !

Infernal Dawn Lava Boat

Rusila Dreadblade Tactics

This fight has 2 phases. In the first phase you will be fighting the ship itself and once you defeat the ship, Rusila will come charging at you and phase 2 starts. In phase 2 all you have to do is kill her before she kills the raid. But let’s start with explaining phase 1.

Phase 1:

After you complete the mini event leading up to the ship the last gate will open and you can see the deck of the ship. The fight will start when you pick up the first barrel so until then feel free to jump around. There will be 3 trash packs on the deck, pull them down the ramp so in case the boat engages you can reset the encounter and ress the dead people. Once the trash is gone take a look at the deck. There are 3 things that you have to know about in Phase 1: the adds, the barrels and the chains, the snipers.

Rusila Dreadblade Phase 1

The Adds

Once you pick up the first barrel adds will come out of the 4 Hatches marked on the screenshot. From Hatch number one there will be a Dreadblade Deathkeg spawning. This add hits like a truck and also does an aoe ability that kicks the tank and kills anyone else that’s in melee range. This ability is marked by a red circle around the mob so stay out of it. From Hatch number 2 there will be a Dreadblade Soulbinder spawning. This add has an aura around him, marked by a green circle. Any other add that is in that green circle will be healed. Lucky Hatch number 3 will spawn a Dreadblade Balemouth. This add has a 60 degrees fire breath ability and also explodes when he gets to 20% HP. The last Hatch, number 4, will spawn a Dreadblade Fellblade. This add cleaves. All of these adds will gain a stacking buff that increases damage done. The longer they are alive, the higher the buff will stack. This buff can not be purged, you just have to kill them before they start killing your tank. 

The way to deal with this adds is to have the Deathkeg and the Soulbinder picked up by one of the tanks and dragged on top of Hatch number 2. The Balemouth and the Fellblade must be CCed until the tank can deal with them so have 2 mages with squirrel on the lower deck to take care of them. So for the start of Phase 1 have the 2 tanks, 2 mages that can CC (one can be a chloromancer), 1 purifier and 1 more healer on the lower deck to handle the situation.

Rusila Dreadblade p1 lower deck

The Barrels

The Barrels are located at the front of the ship (to your right from the start position) and there are 2 stacks of them. You have to pick up these barrels and then run all the way up to the cannons with them. Once you reach the cannons they will automatically deposit on the ground next to the cannons. Before you start the encounter assign two people to operate the cannons. One for the right cannon and one for the left cannon. Then have these two people pick up the first barrel from each stack and start running to the cannons. Then the rest of the raid (except the people handling the lower deck) picks up the remaining barrels and head up to the cannons.

When you pick a barrel you become slowed and you have 60 seconds to make it to the drop spot or you will explode and kill everyone around you also. Don’t stop for anything, just keep running. As long as you have the yellow bubble around you, you are immune to chains so ignore the purple bubble but pay attention to the Deathkeg’s kick, he will do one on the stairs, don’t get hit by it. Also when you run up, take the outer stairs, not the ones close to the boss because she will oneshot you. Always take the outer stairs when running up and down.

You have to carry around 12 barrels to the cannons, so have all the raid carry one load at the start (except the guys handling the lower deck). Make sure that you carry the same number of barrels on both sides so split the raid equally for both sides.

The Chains

There are 3 Winches on the boat: 2 on the main deck, you can see them in the image above and one more behind her hologram. Every so often a purple bubble will spawn around one of these Winches. If you are in this bubble you can become “chained”. The bubble will only despawn after someone gets chained, so it’s good to have someone assigned to deal with them to avoid having a tank or one of the healers on the lower deck become trapped.

When you get chained you will gain a reactive ability. In order to free yourself you have to spam that ability until you take 10.000 damage or have someone DPS down the chain. If a healer is near you use the reactive ability to free yourself, if no healers are around just have one of the DPSers to free you.

The Snippers

To the left and the right of the boss there will be 2 Dreaded Longshot, each with 31k HP. They can’t be tanked using a senticar anymore so the new way to deal with them is to kill them every time they respawn. The respawn timers is 30 seconds so it shouldn’t be to hard. They also have a normal aggro table now, so they have to be tanked.

The safest way to handle them in Phase 1 is to have 1 tank run up to them and aggro them, then have some DPS kill the left one first then the right one. This way they won’t both respawn at the same time and the tank has time to pick them up every time. Then everyone can go get the barrels, by the time they reach the stairs with the barrels the snipers should be up again, kill them, take the barrels upstairs, when you are running back down they should be up again, kill them again. After this you should only have to kill them both 2 more times before the heart is dead and you move to Phase 2.

The fight

Buff up and then run on the deck. Allow the tank in charge of the snipers to aggro them and kill them. Let the two people assign to handle the cannons pick up the first barrel from each stack then everyone (except the lower deck team) pick a barrel a start running. Have the other tank pick up both adds and drag them on top of Hatch number 2. The 2 mages CC the adds from hatch 3 and 4.

As soon as the cannon people reach the top they need to start shooting the cannons. In order to operate the cannon, click on the barrel then target a player and use the reactive ability you just gained to aim the cannon at him. Each cannon can shoot once every minute. The player that gets targeted by the cannon, in this case the tank, will be marked with an arrow above his head, like the mind controls on Akylios. He has 5 seconds to position the shot before a big red circle will spawn around him and the cannon ball lands. As long as the adds are alive the tank need to move out of the red circle, but they have to be careful so the adds are still in the circle. You will get the hang of it after a few tries.

1st shot – on Hatch 2

2nd shot – on Hatch 3

3rd shot – on Hatch 4

4th shot – on Hatch 1 (have someone else then the tank to go there and fire at him)

After that all the shots need to be aimed at the Heart. Use one shot to destroy the shield then fire one more shot at it before the Invulnerability cast ends. Each shot will take 10% of the hearts health. All you have to do after the adds are dead is to stay away from the yellow bands on the deck because Serrated Blades will spawn and move around the yellow bands (they hurt, around 2.3k/tick and they move really fast), there will also be a downpour like ability that will spawn a small purple circle around every player and then knock them in the air if they don’t move out and heal the tank.

Once the heart is dead Phase 2 begins.

Phase 2:

In this phase you will fight Rusila herself. She has 7.8 milion HP. Have the tanks ready to pick her up when the Heart is at 10% because she will come charging down at whoever get’s on her aggro table. In order to have the tanks ready for her and the raid in position for Phase 2 (at least most of the raid) use one cannon shot to take down the shield when the heart is low then have the DPS hit the heart to finish it off).

Her abilities in this phase are:

  • Cleave.
  • 1000 Cuts – which will spawn Buzz Saws from where she is standing and radiate out. As soon as melee sees this cast they need to run back a few steps to avoid getting one shot or move to her 5 o’clock or 7 o’clock so they only get hit by one or two of the blades. The tank needs to find the sweet spot to be in when tanking her, those blades hurt even on the tank.
  • Savage Edge – she will teleport to the furthest away raid member, place and place a bomb. Everyone needs to move away from the bomb. The tank need to taunt her back. You have until the bomb explodes to pick her up before she starts going for the raid.
  • Iron Strike – after she does Savage Edge she will do Iron Strike. Iron Strike is an aoe ability with a 40 meters range and in order to avoid it you have to be in melee range of the boss. The safe zone will be marked by a yellow circle within a big red circle. If you did T2 Earth raid rifts you might recognize the ability. Move out of the Savage Edge, but not to far away and then immediately move in melee range.
  • Dreadshot – she will choose a raid member (except the tank) and start channeling Dreadshot at them. The person that gets chosen will get a reactive ability that they need click to survive the shot.If they fail to do so they will get one shotted. While she is channeling the Dreadshot the entire raid will take aoe damage. This damage is Earth damage and it will begin at around 1.700/tick.
    • How to dodge Dreadshot: once you’ve been chosen as her target she will channel the Dreadshot at you. Wait until her cast is nearly at the end before you press your dodge ability. In order to make this ability usable you also need to move around. So strafe or move backward and foward, press the ability when her cast is almost done and you will live,
  • Her enrage mechanic is a stacking debuff that increases damage done. She gains around 1 stack every 2.5 seconds. You can survive up to 99 stacks (it’s capped at 99) but the Dreadshot will start to hurt your raid.

There will also be some huge lava pools spawning around the room so your space is limited. Positioning is very important in this encounter.

Rusila Dreadblade Phase 2

Start by tanking her in the top left corner of the lower deck. When you position yourself DO NOT run like a headless chicken, make sure you don’t step on the yellow markers on the deck and get yourself killed by the Buzz Saws. Ok, once you are in position tank her like that until the first Savage Edge, then she should teleport to the ranged camp, marked in the drawing with the purple circle. We send the mages to stand there but you can also use the second tank or anyone else. Move away from the bomb, then everyone stacks for Iron Wrath, then back to the original positions. If she is oneshotting people after Iron Wrath then they are to close to the boss. When moving in for Iron Wrath make sure you at on the edge of the bubble, in this way she will kill pets or hit the tank and no one will die.

During this phase the snipers will keep spawning. You will only have to kill Sniper number 1, you will be out of line of sight of the other one. As soon as you see him spawn just target him and throw an instant spell at him. With only 31k HP he should die in no time and not cause to many issues. To be on the safe whoever is switching to him can call who he has targeted so the healers can give that person an extra heal or a shield in case the sniper stays alive long enough to shoot at someone.

This is the entire fight. Melee watch out for 1000 Cuts, move away from her when she teleports, stack on her after, heal through the AoE caused by Dreadshot, re-position, repeat. Now once you learned how to do that you must balance the healing with the DPS in such a way that you can kill her before her stacks get to high but you can keep the raid alive for a decent amount of time also. Earth Resistance might come in handy on this encounter.

Good luck taking over the Lava Boat, I hope you will enjoy the encounter !

Rusila Dreadblade Raid Setup

2 tank: 1 warrior, 1 cleric (anything will do)

5 healers: 1 purifier, 1 chloromancer, 1 sent/warden, 1 senticar and 1 inquisicar as support for Phase 2.

14 DPS and support: can be either melee or ranged, doesn’t matter.

Rusila Dreadblade Achievements

There is no shortage of achievements when it comes to this encounter. There are no more and no less then seven achievements to complete on this boss fight, one of them even rewarding a title. The first achievement we are going to look at is the standard defeat Rusila Dreadblade achievement. It rewards 10 points and all you have to do to get it is to kill the captain of the Lava Boat and claim it for yourself ! The achievement is called A Pirate’s Life for None.

A pirate's life for none - infernal dawn

The next achievement in the not so organized Infernal Dawn achievement panel that’s currently available on PTS is: A Cut Above. In order to get it you need to avoid getting hit by Rusila Dreadblade’s Buzz Saw.This achievement is individual and not raid wide. Just stick to the green parts of the deck and make sure you don’t run into the blades when you move and you should theoretically be fine ! Or you can just be dead for the majority of the fight, that would also work.

A cut above - Infernal Dawn

The third achievement I came across that is related to this fight is called: Can’t touch this. Again, in order to get this achievement you need to dodge something. This time you need to avoid getting hit by Rusila’s Fist of Iron Wrath. If you do get hit you die, so most people will probably get this achievement on the first kill.

Can't touch this - infernal dawn

Next on the list is an achievement called: If you can dodge a wrench … and it is one of those achievements that someone will always fail at since it sounds to me like a raid wide achievement. Here is what you have to do: No one fails to dodge Rusila Dreadblade’s Dread Shot. This ability occurs every 45 seconds or so and the person that gets picked needs to spam the reactive ability and hope he lives.

If you can dodge a wrench - infernal dawn

The fifth achievement I found is called Shot Through the Heart. Such a sad name to be honest. But let’s see what we have to do for it. We have to defeat Rusila Dreadblade after destroying the Heart of the Dread Fortune within three minutes. I think most guilds will get this achievement on the first kill if they execute Phase 1 correctly. All you have to do is properly time the cannon shots with the Invulnerability cast on the Heart and it should go down really quick.

Shot through the heart - Infernal Dawn

Unchained is the name of the sixth achievement I found so far that is related to this encounter. It reads: Avoid getting ensnared by Rusila Dreadblade’s Barbed Chains. I guess Rusila doesn’t want to give up her Lava Boat easily, she seems to have quite a few abilities ready for us. But what are these chains. You will notice that on the deck there are 3 winches: 2 on the lower deck and one on the deck with her hologram. Every now and then a big purple circle will spawn around them. If someone steps in the circle it will become trapped by the chains. The purple bubbles don’t despawn so either take turns on who get’s trapped or try to avoid them completely.

Unchained - infernal dawn

The last achievement is some sort of meta achievement for this encounter. It is called Scourge of the Sea and it is awarded when you complete Unchained, A Cut Above and Can’t Touch This. It also gives the title: Scourge of the Sea. So good luck dodging all those abilities and getting the title and the amazing pirate hat that this achievement rewards.

Scourge of the sea - Infernal Dawn

Enjoy taking over the Lava Boat ! Arrrghhh !

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  1. [...] you glance at the achievements for the Rusila Dreadblade encounter you will notice one in particular called Scourge of the [...]

  2. No mention of how to deal with the snipers

  3. Eric

    What he said

    The kill videos you had posted had a cleric tanking them.. but now it seems impossible (for us) to tank the snipers and sit out of their LoS as they’ll auto attack their next highest threat target and still cast dreadshot on a random member

    Have actually tried to settle on keeping nearly the full raid out of their LoS during p2 but needing to stack way too many healers for this strat and our blink target is still getting one shot by them.. I have a feeling we’re handling them entirely wrong and would almost be better off killing one of them ever 25 seconds or however often they spawn.. any advice?

  4. admin

    I added the snipers to the encounter. Basically you have to tank them and kill them in Phase 1 and kill only one of them in Phase 2. With 31k HP they should melt without any issues.

    If you wish to see a more recent kill check out http://www.twitch.tv/whitelady1985/b/321337854 , 1 hour and 5 minutes into the raid we kill Rusila. You can also see there how NOT TO aggro the Deathkeg when you pick up the snipers.


  5. Mark

    I keep seeing video mentioned but all I see are a series of screen shots, no video. where is this video, did the cake eat it?

  6. admin


    I’m working on sorting these pots out so people can find things easier, bare with me :)

  7. Mike

    Very nice info on all your posts thanks for the time and effort you put into this for new people coming back into raiding.

  8. Renieken

    O.o; i was told that the Sniper cleric start dosnt work is thsi true?

  9. admin

    Yes, it doesn’t work anymore. You need a tank for those adds now.

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