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Special Olympics is recruiting !

Published on December 25, 2011 by in Rift Raid

We are currently looking for exceptional Mages in preparation for the next 20 man raid. Gear is not that relevant, if you got the skill we got the gear for you. We are interested in dedicated players that are willing to put effort in the game in order to become the best, so if you think you got the dedication but you lack the gear don’t be afraid to apply or have a chat with us. At the moment the guild is located on Bilghtweald.

At this time we raid 2 nights a week, Hammerknell on Wednesday and T2 raid rifts on Tuesday, from 19.00 server time until 23.00 server time. During progress we will probably raid every day and the raids will start as soon as enough people will be online.

If you are interested please visit: http://special.guildlaunch.com/ or contact one of our members ingame.

05.04.2012 update: still looking for mages.

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