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Special Olympics vs Dragon Eggs

I remember saying that Rusila Dreadblade was the funniest encounter in Infernal Dawn. I take that back. The Dragon Eggs are way more fun ! On a difficulty scale from 1 to 10 the Dragon Eggs encounter is a 3. Easy and fun fight, something like the offering in GP but with a funny twist. It has a very generous enrage timer, we trolled around for more then 16 minutes and no sign of a enrage so you can take your time. The jumping around factor makes it fun and it creates 100 ways in which someone can fail and be funny ^^.

Dragon Eggs Raid Composition

For the tanking part of the encounter we used 2 tanks, 1 cleric and 1 warrior. The two tanks are only needed for Phase 1 of the encounter, after that it can be done with only 1 tank. Any class combination will work for tanking this encounter, but you might want to consider a cleric tank in case you want to pull off the “Walk on Lava” trick like we did.

The healers were represented by 1 tank healing chloromancer, 1 purifier, 1 sent/warden and 3 senticars. This was probably overhealed by a lot but if there is no enrage timer I’m sure the combat resses will prove useful. The only thing you need to do is to make sure you have at least 3 clerics that can aoe dispell to make sure you cleanse the debuff as fast as possible. The dot actually has travel time so the melee will get hit before the range so you want to cover the entire raid with aoe dispells and place the dispellers both in melee and at range.

The DPS team can be anything. Make sure to bring your warriors to this fight since they won’t be going to Maelforge if the fight stays at it is now. Don’t want to make them fell left out. We had 3 warriors, 5 rogues (1 being the bard), 3 mages (1 being archon) and 1 inquisitor cleric forming our DPS and support team for this fight. Reliable mages seems to be a dying breed on the European servers ^^.

Dragon Eggs Kill Video

I hope you will enjoy our marvelous kill. As someone said: this kill puts the Special in Special Olympics.

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