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Special Olympics vs Ember Conclave

The Ember Conclave is the last boss in Infernal Dawn’s Fire Wing. This is a council type fight and in order to get the loot you will have to kill all 3 members: Emberlord Ereetu, Witchlord Szath and Packmaster Nahoth. The order in which you kill them determines if you get an extra loot chest or not. There is a so called Hardmode for this encounter and it involves killing the head of the council, Emberlord Ereetu, last. It’s not hard to it though, the hardmode order is actually the easiest way of killing them if you want my opinion.

Ember Conclave raid composition

This is another encounter which require 3 tanks. Again, we used our classic tank setup: 2 warriors and 1 cleric. If you can, you want all tanks to be warriors since you can’t really have to many of them playing DPS for this fight or you won’t make the enrage timer.

For healing we are using 1 purifier, 1 chloromancer and 1 sent/warden on Emberlord’s tank, 1 chloromancer on Witchlord’s tank and 2 senticars (or 1 senticar and 1 chloromancer) on Packmaster’s tank. If you are going for our Ember Conclave Strategy, the healers assigned to Emberlord’s tank will be isolated from the rest of the raid and they will have to take care of themselves.

For the DPS and support team you want to have as many ranged DPS as possible. We used one to many warriors on the second kill and we hit the enrage timer. Obviously mages are the best pick, bolt and jolt clerics because they can do proper DPS in Phase 1 and Phase 2 and still have decent DPS for Phase 3, rogues and as the last pick warriors.

Ember Conclave kill video

I managed to get myself cleaved as Packmaster was being positioned, but I can’t help it. It’s a healers instinct to try and save the tanks if they drop low. Unfortunately this tank was out of range. Oh well ^^ fell free to tell me how bad I am.

Listen carefully to the end of the video. It will reveal the tactic that will save your from all enrages ! Just joking, but it’s fun to hear Paul call for Wrathful Flames with so much calm.

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