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Special Olympics vs Ituziel

Ituziel is a very nice boss, not to hard, not to easy, doesn’t leave room of anyone to slack and it has waves ! This fight is both a dps check and a healing check, although healing can be made easier by stacking Chloromancers. Unfortunately we don’t posses the necessary number of mages to be able to pull that off, so we just have to handle healing using clerics.

Ituziel raid composition

This was our raid setup when we killed him. This was an early raid so we didn’t had everyone available.

2 tanks: 1 Warrior tank and 1 Cleric tank

7 healers: 1 Bard (bard is not represented by the worse rogue dps, the bard needs to do proper HPS), 1 inquisicar, 2 senticars, 1 sentinel/warden, 1 51 purifier and 1 chloromancer.

11 DPS: 1 Archon, 3 warriors, 5 rogues, 1 cleric and 1 mage.

You need 41k raid dps in order to kill the boss before the enrage timer. In the first week the enrage was not doing much, but it is fixed so now if you go pass 5 minutes and 30 seconds you will wipe.

Ituziel video

Since I haven’t slept the night before ID I forgot to turn on Fraps almost every attempt so I will be recording another kill. But we have a 1st kill video from the tank point of view. Enjoy !


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