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Special Olympics vs Laethys

Laethys is by far the hardest fight in Infernal Dawn. I would say that for an end boss Laethys is perfectly tuned. It requires everyone to be aware of what’s going on and do their job. You can’t carry “bads” in this fight (yet). On a scale for 1 to 10 I would say she is an 8 difficulty wise. This boss will be the stone wall most guilds will hit. Mommy dragon will cause a lot of mages to rage quit, not like the is a shortage of mages already. It took us some time to get the tactic safe enough so it would be possible to get in Phase 2 on a constant basis and when we killed her we couldn’t really say it was on farm. All guilds that killed Laethys had difficulties killing it the second time. It took us the entire Thursday and a few hours into Friday to kill her for the second time. I guess practice makes perfect.

But don’t worry, 3rd time is the charm, the 3rd kill, the one that we recorded, only took 4 wipes to get. The key to this is to have the same people in the raid. You can’t replace half the players and expect a kill. One at a time would do. We had a new mage on this kill also, 3 guesses who it was ^^ (hint: watch for the dead guy).

Laethys Raid Composition

For this fight you need 2 tanks out of which one has to be a cleric. I don’t see how another class would be able to pick up the adds without hitting them. The second tank can be either a rogue or a warrior, but I would say warrior for the extra cooldown and mitigation. Communication is important, so make sure that if you are the main tank you let your healers know on which breath you are using your own cooldowns and on which breath the healers need to use their cooldowns. It would save a lot of wipes. Also for the adds tank, if you get an orb and soak it using your shield cooldown make sure to call for a covenant when running in with the adds to avoid unnecessary deaths.

The healing on this fight must be really tight, you can’t overheal it because you won’t make the enrage timer in Phase 2 if you have to many healers. After long nights of trying what healing setup should we use we came up with one that uses the least amount of mages (because mages are extinct) but outputs enough healing to keep the raid up and has enough combat resses to bypass the orb mechanic in Phase 2. We used 1 inquisicar, 1 purifier (51 purifier/11 justicar so be doesn’t become completly useless in Phase 2), 2 senticars with 2 combat resses each and 2 chloromancers for tank healing. This should be enough to keep the raid up.

The DPS team was made of random stuff. Once the melee learns how to move in Phase 2 and stop being dead on the floor you can bring as many of them as you want. The only thing you need to keep in mind when making the raid setup is that you need 4 mages that can drain (so the 2 chloromancers, the archon and 1 more) and 1 rogue with the Debilitating Poison that helps with draining also. We had 2 warriors, 3 dps mages (not including the healers and the archon) out of which one had a gimped specc with Mana Wrench, 6 rogues (including the bard and the draining rogue) and 1 cleric (the inquisicar).

Laethys Kill Video

Lately I had been streaming all our raids so I couldn’t record this fight. Running both the stream and Fraps is fine on all the other fights, except for Laethys. For some reason my FPS drops to 2 if I try to do both at the same time. Here is the video of our 3rd Laethys kill from Haipaa’s (rogue) point of view.

I hope this will also helps with learning how to position as a melee on this fight. Best of luck to all of you !

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