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Special Olympics vs Maelforge

Daddy dragon is dead and Infernal Dawn is now clear. Took us some time to do it but it was manly because we had issues with our main tanks being online every day, so we had to train a new tank every day pretty much. But in the end we have triumphed over Maelforge and we took his heart ! Maelforge is not a difficult encounter, it’s very easy except for one mechanic in Phase 3 and 4. It’s a raid wipe mechanic and if you tunnel vision and don’t pay attention to your screen you will wipe the raid in 5 seconds.¬†Except that evil mechanic Maelforge is a nice breath of fresh air after Laethys. Both encounters are not easy, but on a scale from 1 to 10 in my opinion Laethys is an 8 and Maelforge is a 5.

Maelforge Raid Composition

For this fight you want to have 3 tanks. It is doable with 2 tanks only (as we noticed when one of our tanks disconnected and we had to improvise) but to be on the safe side you want to have 3. Every class can tank Maelforge or the adds but given that you can’t have any warriors as DPS on this encounter you might want to have 3 warrior tanks. But if you have enough of the other classes to fill the raid even without warriors tanking feel free to do so. The tanks handling Maelforge will want to have Fire Resistance cores since it helps a lot with mitigating the breath. It’s not rare that a tank spikes like mad during a breath and in the last phase you don’t want the tanks to drop dead if Maelforge gains a stack or 2 of the increased damage buff.

Our healing setup for this fight was 2 chloromancers (1 raid healer, 1 tank healer) both with Arresting Presence in their speccs so they can interrupt the cannons in the second transition, 1 sent/warden, 2 senticars, 1 purifier. You can have more healers if you need it, but the longer you drag the fight the higher the chances that something will go wrong. Also there is a set time in which you want to end a phase or it will take significantly longer. See Maelforge detailed strategy to understand what I’m talking about.

The dps team for this boss can’t have any dps warriors in it. Sad but true, the warriors will either have to tank or watch you guys kill Maelforge on the stream. The enrage timer is not very tight, you can have 1 spectating DPS warrior in the raid, but I wouldn’t advise it. The rest of the team was made out of 4 mages (including the Archon), 5 rogues (including the Bard) and 2 clerics. Everybody needs to be ranged dps, so clerics will play Inquisitor, rogues will play either Ranger or Saboteur and mages will be mages.

Laethys Kill Video

Both me and Q recorded this kill. I will post both versions as soon as they are available. In my version of the kill I had to face the camera away from the Maelforge because my FPS drops to nothing in that phase when recording and streaming at the same time.

This concludes our Infernal Dawn adventure. It’s been an amazing experience !

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