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Special Olympics vs Maklamos the Scryer

After waiting at the gate for 45 minutes, the ground under Mount Carcera began to rumble and the gate was opened ! So we jumped right in and we headed to the Earth Wing in Infernal Dawn where we came face to face with Maklamos de Scryer and his huge aggro range. And by huge I mean really huge, so don’t pass the doorway or you will pull him.

Maklamos the Scryer raid composition

He hits like a truck so you need 3 tanks to handle him. We used 2 warriors and 1 cleric for the job, but any tank set up will work just as fine.

For the healing part we had 5 healers represented by 2 chloromancers, one of them with Arresting Presence helping on keeping the add under control, 1 purifier since the tanks take loads of damage and as a purifier you can stand still in this fight and do your thing, 1 sent/warden for some aoe healing and 1 senticar with 2 combat resses for more aoe healing and just in case we failed so bad that we needed to ress a lot of people.

Our grand DPS (and support) team was made out of 1 dps cleric, 3 DPS warriors that also were top on the DPS meters at the end of the fight (for once you can have melee !), 5 rogues: 4 DPS and 1 bard (for the rogues if they can stay at range it will help) and 3 mages, 2 dps and the Archon who was on add duty also with Arresting Presence.

For this fight you can have as many melee as you want as long as you have about 6 people standing at range. I don’t think putting the healers in the ranged camp is a good idea so some rogues will have to sacrifice and play Marksman. Feel free to adapt according to your needs.

Maklamos the Scryer kill video

This time the gates opened at 18.00 GMT so I was awake enough to remember to Fraps the kill. I think more people did it so I will link them all here from all points of view as soon as they are encoded and uploaded somewhere.

You will notice that we ignore solving the Lazer Beams in this attempt because nothing happened at the end of the 30 seconds, so if it wasn’t necessary to move we just stood there. As soon as this gets fixed I will record again and post a video where no mechanic is being ignored. If you want to solve the beams take a look at the full Maklamos Strats. Until then enjoy !

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