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Special Olympics vs Rusila Dreadblade

Rusila Dreadblade is the most fun encounter in Infernal Dawn so far.┬áDespite┬áthe fact it was quite broken in the first week it’s all fixed now and you can fully enjoy it. It also award a cool looking pirate hat if you don’t fail at dodging the Serrated Blades (like I do all the time). This encounter is the last fight in the Earth Wing of Infernal Dawn. Depending on how good your DPS is or how awsome your healers are you might need a bit of Earth Resist for the second phase.

Rusila Dreadblade raid composition

This fight only require one tank so we used one warrior as the one and only tank for this encounter. We also used a shamicar cleric to LoS tank the 2 snipers on the deck. Don’t even start with: OMG exploit since it’s only logical that if you LoS a sniper he can’t hit you. Otherwise the outcome of WW2 might had been different.

For the healing setup we had 1 chloromancer, 1 purifier, 1 senticar and 1 sent/warden. You can add more healing if it’s needed for Phase 2, but you need the DPS also so in my opinion you are going to be better off just adding some Earth Resist rather then another healer.

The DPS and support squad can be made out of anything. As long as the melee finds the sweet spot to stand on for 1000 Cuts and doesn’t get hit by the blades and dies.

Rusila Dreadblade kill video

The first kill was not worthy enough for a video, so here you have a recording of our second kill. This is from my point of view.

And another kill video from Haipaa’s point of view. No pirate theme though ! I don’t know how he could be so cruel.


I hope you will enjoy this !

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  1. Nema

    Ive noticed that yall burn the sniper to 50%ish and ignore it, and also noted that there is a cleric (maybe a senticar) running in LOS of the sniper, what is he doing? Taunting it? Thanks so much for your time

  2. admin

    These are videos from when you could still tank the Snipers. We used to have a senticar aggro them LoS them for the rest of the fight. This doesn’t work anymore. Now we use a second tank to hold aggro on them and we kill them everytime they spawn.
    If you want to see a more recent kill and how we deal with the snipers check this: http://www.twitch.tv/whitelady1985/b/321337854 and scroll to 1 hour and 5 minutes into the raid. This is a kill from the 13 June reset.

  3. Whoever is the pretty lights fan, WIN.

    Thanks for these awesome strats and videos.

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