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Special Olympics vs Warboss Drak

Warboss Drak is the first boss you are going to come¬†across¬†after entering Infernal Dawn. When you first take a look at the encounter area, the first thing to pop into your mind is: this is going to be a massive fight. With all those adds standing around him, one will imagine that it’s going to be a massacre. But in the end only a few of them will come and the fight is quite easy.

Warboss Drak raid composition

Infernal Dawn is a place where 3 tanks is the way to go for most of the fights. Even Warboss Drak require 3 tanks. We used our standard combination of tanks: 2 warriors and 1 cleric.

The healing was done by one chloromancer, 2 sent/warderns and 1 senticar. You can probably do it with even less then this but combat resses come in handy, especially if you have the guy with Burning Sacrifice to kill himself to get rid of the big red bubble.

Our DPS and support squad was made out of 5 rogues, one of them being Bard, the rest Marksman for purging purposes, 1 cleric DPS, 3 warriors and 4 mages out of which one as Archon.

For this encounter it really doesn’t matter what kind of raid setup you have. Just put together a random raid and you will be fine as long as you can purge in Phase 3. For once, if you want to have 6 warriors in the group, you can have 6 warriors as long as they can move out for Ash Reaper.

Warboss Drak kill video

Not a lot left to say about this fight. If you wish learn more about the mechanics of this fight or read on the exact strategy check out the Warboss Drak guide.

As always, don’t forget to have fun !

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