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Storm Legion Dungeons & Raids

I think this is the part most Rift players want to know about, the new Dungeons and Raids that will be released with Storm Legion. We all know by now that the PvP in Rift is not amazing. Sure, Trion is trying to make it fun and not completely worthless, but the best part of Rift is still the PvE.

For those players out there (me included) that still want to raid more then 1 day a week and feel that raiding is a good challenge, Storm Legion is going to feel like heaven.

Everything will be new, the old gear will be obsolete,  the race for max level will start and at the end of it there will be 3 new raids waiting.

Storm Legion Raids

With the release of Storm Legion there will be 3 new raid coming as well. Most likely there will be two 20 man raids and one 10 man raid available at release or shortly after release. At the moment I think it’s a 50-50 chance that we will be getting both the 20 man raids at the same time.

On the Storm Legion official page it says: “Achieve greatness with 7 new dungeons, 3 raids, a Chronicle, and more !”. I remember something like this being said when Rift was in it’s early beta stages and in the end we had Greenscale’s Blight coming out at the release and River of Souls opening with Patch 1.1. I think it’s just a matter of “can they finish it on time”. Fingers crossed that they do.

At the moment no one knows anything about the new raids, except for the developers themselves. Testing did not start yet, nor have anyone mention anything about the raid on Trion’s live streams. But I think they are almost done and soon enough we will be allowed to take a sneak peak at the raids.

I can’t wait for testing to start, as I said before I am a big fan of ancient ruins, technologies and abandoned cities so I just can’t wait to be allowed to hop on PTS.

Storm Legion Dungeon 2

The fact that there is also a Chronicle coming out with the expansion makes me happy. At least I will know which raid is going to come out first, in case they get released one by one. I know that curiosity killed the cat, but I just can’t help it. Trion is giving us this amazing concept art to look at, it’s the worse tease ever. I just can’t wait to see it !

Anyway, speaking of the Chronicle, it just might be something that is worth completing once you reach level 60. The gear that you get from the already existing chronicles is not so bad compared to what you can get from quests or non expert dungeons. It will also drop the new gear currency so it will definitely be worth your time. I hope Trion wants us to go through the content slowly, rather then clearing everything in 1 week, so I hope that Storm Legion will be like classic Rift was at release, not to grindish, but not a walk in the park.

I guess we will know soon how obsolete the gear will turn out to be in the end and if it will be possible to keep the Infernal Dawn gear up to level 60 and use it expert dungeons and the first tier of raids. There will be a lot of things to sort out at the start and if the Infernal Dawn gear would still be useful it will remove a big part of the things that have to be sorted.

I mean you will need new runes, new consumables, new lessers, new working speccs and of course, new gear. If you could take the gear out of this equation things will become a lot easier. I hope Trion will make the progress curve slow at the start, so even the most nerdy players have something to do for longer then 1 month.

But nothing is known yet and all I can do is speculate. As soon as I will know more and the NDA will permit me to tell you, you will know.

Storm Legion Dungeons

There will be 7 new dungeons released with Storm Legion, all 7 available in normal mode and in expert mode. There is no word on any master modes yet, I guess they will be added later on as better gear becomes available.

These dungeons will be for players that have achieved level 50 or higher. There are no new dungeons being added for the “old content”. There isn’t a lot of information available about the dungeons yet, but I can assure you the devs are working hard to put everything together in time for release.

When Rift was released we didn’t had Mentoring or Looking for Group features and people didn’t really knew what to do so dungeons were not really a good way to level unless you already had a group of friends to play with.

But when it comes to leveling in Storm Legion, I think Dungeons will be the best way to do it. And now that we also have the Mentoring system, so if you find a dungeon that’s quick and rewards decent amount of XP you can run it over and over, and when you go above the dungeon’s level and the XP starts to drop you can mentor yourself back down to the appropriated level and continue doing it.

I will know more details about the dungeons and raids of Storm Legion once the testing begins. Stay tuned !

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