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Triumph of the Dragon Queen Guide

Triumph of the Dragon queen is the first 10 man raid available at level 60. The entrance to Triumph of the Dragon Queen is located in Kingsward at 5713, 8753, in front of the Tower of Dawn entrance (if you quested in Kingsward you’ll know what I’m talking about). To see the entrance to the 10 man raid you need to use Quantum Sight.


To spare yourself from wipes there are a few things you need to know about Triumph of the Dragon Queen before adventuring inside.


For this raid you will need 2 tanks. Both of the tanks will need 400 toughness to not get smashed by bosses.

The rest of the raid will need 420 focus to be able to hit the bosses.


The encounters are not difficult and the enrage timers are not tight. Triumph of the Dragon Queen is meant to be easy so people can gear up by running it. You will need basic skills to be able to clear this raid, as in: move from stuff on the ground, interrupt, switch target and press your healing buttons.


I’m not familiar with the lore behind this 10 man raid, but you will see familiar faces inside. There are 4 bosses and 2 mini events.

Grand Falconer Zoles

If you manage to get pass the annoying trash you will come face to face with Grand Falconer Zoles. He sure looks awfully familiar, I think he sneaked out of Abyssal Precipice when no one was looking :) . He he an easy boss, all you have to do is kill an add and move from red circles on the ground (more details below). If you kill him he will reward you with a nice piece of loot and 4 Frozen Eclipse Stones.

Grand Falconer Zoles Strategy

Grand Falconer Zoles Kill Video

Grand Falconer Zoles Loot Table


Well well, if it isn’t Cyril. I’ve been waiting so long to punch this guy, I just can’t wait to do it every week. I might even do Triumph of the Dragon Queen on an alt just for him.

For being the Champion of Guardians, Cyril is not a hard boss. I would have expected more from him. He has a tank swap and he mind controls people, rather then that it’s just tank and spank.

Cyril Strategy

Cyril Kill Video

Cyril Loot Table


Freshly escaped from Charmer’s Caldera, Jultharin is here to show us his wisps and laser beams once more. For this boss you will need some coordination and communication or it might end up in a wipe fest. The mechanics are not complicated, all you need to do is to synchronize the raid.

Jultharin Strategy

Jultharin Kill Video

Jultharin Loot Table

General Typhiria

Filling the position of the last boss in Triumph of the Dragon Queen is none other then General Typhiria from Tower of the Shattered. Compared with the first 3 bosses, she is harder. The key to this fight is to make it through Phase 1 and you should get her down.

General Typhiria Strategy

General Typhiria Kill Video

General Typhiria Loot Table

Except for Frozen Eclipse Stones, fame and glory you will also earn 235 achievement points from Triumph of the Dragon Queen.

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