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Ultane Strategy

Ultane is the last boss in Grim Awakening.

Although he is not as much of a gear check as Salvarola and his mechanics don’t sound so bad, he will still stop most people in their tracks.

Ultane requires 500 toughness and 520 hit. It says 500 hit needed for T2 raids if you check the tooltip but people are missing with only 500 hit.

Health: 27.400.000

Enrage timer: 8 minutes

Difficulty: medium is you can dodge stuff

Must have ability: none

Raid Setup

2 tank: any class will do, but having a Cleric tank always help. Also Rogue tanks and insane when it comes to cooldowns so the best combo will be Cleric – Rogue.

3 healers: Purifier, Chloro, Defiler is the healing setup you want to be using on this fight.

2 support: I suggest using an Archon/Pyro for max dps and a Bard/Tact.

3 DPS: being melee helps out with cleaving down the Lava Spitters, but you need to be extra careful with dodging the waves and not stepping out of the circles. If you can handle the mechanics go melee, if not, ranged it is.

Ultane Strategy

This fights consists out of 2 alternating phases. Boss phase and add phase.

Boss Phase

Note: Ultane doesn’t cleave ! As mean as he looks, he didn’t learn how to own multiple people with 1 hit. Face him whichever way you want.

While Ultane is active he will use the following abilities:

  • Healing debuff on the tank: swap at 3 stacks and then whenever the stacks drop off (20 seconds duration). Each stack reduces healing taken by 10%.
  • Infernal Radiance: 3 seconds channel on a raid member. While channeling it deals heavy damage. Make sure you give that person a shield and a heal/cooldown.
  • Mark of the Doomed: after Infernal Radiance channel ends a yellow circle will spawn around the player that was focused (looks like the Inquisitor Circle of Oblivion). If you are inside the circle and you step out you will deal 15.000 damage to the raid and debuff them with a 10% increased damage taken (lasts 30 seconds, stacks). If you are inside a circle stand still ! If you are on the edge of the circle run inside to avoid debuffing the raid. Sometimes the debuff will trigger if you are exactly on the edge of the circle when it spawns you might debuff the raid instantly. If the person being focused by Infernal Radiance dies, the circle will still spawn. Combat ressing that person before the circle despawns will also trigger the debuff.
  • Conjured Conflagration: 2 seconds cast, deals 11k damage to the raid and leaves a 10 seconds dot on the raid (ticks for 3.5k damage). Each Conjured Conflagration also spawns a Lava Spitter. This ability occurs every 45 seconds.
  • Soul Shackle: at 75% Ultane will link 2 people together with a green beam. They have to run to each other within 3 seconds. The longer the beam is up the more damage will deal when broken. If the debuff runs out and the beam breaks on it’s own the raid will take massive damage.
  • Lava Spitter: is a turret that spawns on the edge of the room. There are 6 possible spawn places. Each Lava Spitter has 1.300.000 health and shoots fire waves across the room (dodge them). When a Lava Spitter spawns move the boss to it so people can cleave it down. Rather then that ignore them until the add phase starts. After 30 seconds of being alive, the Lava Spitter gains a stacking debuff that increases the damage taken from melee abilities. Marking them as they spawn helps people know which one to DPS first when add phase starts.

Add Phase

At 70% and at 35% Ultane will become invulnerable and the add phase begins.


  • Demonic Hellspawns: as soon as Ultane goes invulnerable 2 Demonic Hellspawns will spawn from the gap in the wall (right across from the entrance). Each add has 5.800.000 health.
  • Wrath of Maelforge: Ultane will spam channel this ability causing red bubbles to spawn across the room. Move away from them as they deal 12.000 damage a tick. These bubbles also cause the Demonic Hellspawns to gain a stacking debuff that increases damage taken.
  • Soul Shackle: in the second add phase (at 30%) this mechanic will also occur.

When the add phase starts the first thing to go down are the Lava Spitters. The faster they die the easier the phase gets. The Demonic Hellspawns need time to build up their damage debuff so start by focusing on the turrets and not the adds. To stack the damage debuff on the adds they will have to be hit by the red bubbles. Getting them debuffed is the tank’s job. Once the Lava Spitters are down, switch to the adds. When the adds die Ultane becomes active again.

Once you learn to stand still in the circles and to dodge the waves, the fight becomes easy until the 35% mark. At 35% the room will shrink (a fire ring will cover the edge of the room). One minute into the last phase the room will shrink once more. If you can keep calm in the last 20% then you will down him easily.

Under 20% when the room is the smallest and there are 4-5 Lava Spitters up people start to step out of the circles and that is the main cause of raid wipes. Taking a wave is better then stepping out of the circle. Also not all the Lava Spitters are going to shoot out at the same time. Look at the warning paths and try to remember in which order to dodge them.

Unless your DPS has pre-SL gear you won’t have issues with the enrage timer. There is no need to go max dps in the last bit. It’s more important to focus on staying alive and dodging waves without debuffing the raid by stepping out of the circles.

If to many people become trapped in a circle (due to Soul Shackle) have them position at the edge of the circle. When it breaks, some of them have the chance to escape. The waves are targeted at a player, so if everyone is in the same spot (trapped inside a circle) then you won’t be able to dodge very well. Staying spread out is important.

Good luck !

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