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Warboss Drak Loot Table

Warboss Drak is the first boss you will encounter in the new 20 man raid, Infernal Dawn. It is not a very difficult fight, I am sure most guilds will down him in a few tries without even knowing the tactics. He doesn’t drop a Charred token just like Murdantix and he seems to only have rings and belts to offer to the raid.

Warboss Drak Ring Drops

Every time you kill Warboss Drak he will drop one ring. It’s 100% drop rate. There are 2 cleric rings available, one for tanking one for dps/healing. One mage ring because mages are mages ^^. Two warrior rings and two rogue rings, one of them for dps and one of them for the tanks.

Ring of Burning Sacrifice

Cleric ring, better then any previous rings available called Ring of Burning Sacrifice.

Seabone's Molten Band

Searbone’s Molten Band, rogue tanking ring, I am sure every tank is going to be happy to get this.

Blazing Assassin's Signet

Rogue DPS ring: Blazing Assassin’s Signet.

Burning Blood Gem

Burning Blood Gem is a lovely mage ring.

Charstorm's Eye

Cleric tanking ring for all the amazing cleric tanks out there: Charstorm’s Eye.

Seal of Boundless Fury

A nice DPS ring for warriors is the Seal of Boundless Fury

So far from this list only the warrior tanking ring seems to be missing.

Warboss Drak Belt Drops

On every Warboss Drak kill you will get two belt drops. There are 7 belts available that can drop. As it was for the rings, there are two belts for each of the following three classes, warrior, cleric and rogue, and one belt of the mages.

Sash of Immortal Flame

Mage belt, it is an upgrade compared to the relic hexed belt from Hammerknell: Sash of Immortal Flame.

Belt of the Burning Horde

Leather belt, Belt of the Burning Horde, better then any other belts available in the previous raid tiers.

Liquid Magma Girdle

A warrior tanking belt that is probably also an upgrade over it’s relic sister from Hammerknell: Liquid Magma Girdle.

Warforged Scale Waistguard

Warforged Scale Waistguard is a cleric tanking belt.

Warhide Obi

The rogue tanking belt available from this boss is Warhide Obi.

So far the pattern seems to be one ring and two belt drops every kill. Also he drops 4 ┬áInfernal Marks of Ascension so with a bit of luck you can get 6 out of him. But one pair of boots appears to have sneaked into Warboss Drak’s loottable.

Warforged Scale Sabatons

Cleric DPS/healing boots also drop from this boss: Warforged Scale Sabotons.

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