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Warboss Drak Tactics

Warboss Drak seems to be the first boss in Infernal Dawn. If we would be to compare it with a Hammerknell boss, it would be the equivalent of Murdantix. He seems to be the Gatekeeper of Infernal Dawn. Behind him are the entrances to the Fire Wing of Infernal Dawn which will be the home of Ituziel and The Ember Conclave, the Earth Wing which hosts Maklamos the Scryer and Rusila Dreadblade and the entrance to Laethys, the golden dragon.

Trion seems to love making raids and separating them into wings. I personally prefer a more linear approach. I guess the wing approach gives people more options to progress.

Warboss Dark Infernal Dawn

Warboss Drak Tactics

When you enter the boss room you will see two packs of adds to his left and to his right. These packs contain 1 Warforge Stalwart (the big guy), 1 Warforged Firestorm (the little guy at the back holding a spoon) and 3 Warforged Tralls. The Warforged Firestorm needs to be CCed during the entire fight so have the chloro and the archon squirling them. The rest of the adds need to be offtanked. If you kill them they will instantly respawn so it’s a waste of time. The Warforged Stalwart can’t be tanked together, if they are to close to each other they will gain a stacking buff that increases their damage done.

One tank picks up the pack on the left, one tank picks up the pack to the right and tank them pretty much where they were stood.  The 3rd tank picks up the miniboss and tanks him with his back to the barrier that appears after you engage the boss. The tanks in charge with the adds need to interrupt the Warforged Stalwarts`s Death Blow.

The miniboss has 2.7 milion HP and has two abilities. Burning Blood which deals damage to the tank and Molten Rejuvenation (can’t be interrupted) that places a buff on the boss for 5 seconds. If you hit the boss with spells while the buff is up he will heal for 10%. You can not purge this buff.

Every 45 seconds, Warboss will emote: “Give yourself to the flame and burn for Maelforge !”. One of the small adds will turn into a fire elemental and you have 30 seconds to kill him before he explodes. The fire elemental has 310k HP so it shouldn’t be very hard to get him down. If you fail to kill him you can always Rift Prison him and he won’t explode.

Focus DPS on the miniboss, kill the fire elemental when it spawns and make sure you stop hitting when Molten Rejuvenation is up. When the miniboss dies Phase 2 begins. Another miniboss will spawn, the main tank needs to pick him up and drag him back to the same position where he tanked the 1st miniboss. 3 small adds will spawn along with the miniboss, any of the tanks can pick them up. If you are using a cleric tank then the extra adds will probably end up on him. This boss has an ability called Scorching Torment and it’s represented by a big red bubble around the boss. Anyone that stands in the bubble will get around 1.200 fire damage and become rooted for 7 seconds. Easy healable so don’t run out of it, just run out of melee. After the aoe, he will cast Ash Reaper which will kill everyone in 7 meters range. Once this miniboss dies the main boss engages.

Warboss Drak has 5.4 milion HP and it is a straight forward encounter. Every 40 seconds he will cast Burning Sacrifice on the furthest away person. A big red bubble will spawn around that person. Anyone stepping in this bubble will get oneshotted. The bubble never despawns. The purpose of this ability is to make you run out of space eventually, but the best way to deal with this ability is to have someone sitting at the back of the raid, get the debuff, then move next to some mobs and get killed. Combat ress him and repeat. His other ability is called Immortal Torment and it is a Downpour like ability. Everyone  will get a 5 meters range red bubble around them and take around 700 damage/tick. The more people stack together the more damage they take so spread out a bit.

When Warboss engages, you will have to start purging the Warforged Tralls. They will gain 5 stacks of a damage buff. Have a marksman purging left and one purging the right one. The boss will also gain 5 stacks of a damage increasing buff so make sure you purge him as well. Should be really easy since you can focus the adds at the start of the fight.

Really easy fight, you can probably 15 man it. Enjoy !

Warboss Drak Raid Setup

This boss is not a tight fight so you can feel free to adjust the setup. This is what we used to kill him.

3 tanks: 1 cleric, 2 warriors

6 healers: 1 bard, 1 aoe chloromances, 2 senticars , 2 sent/wardens

11 DPS: out of which 2 marksmen for purging

You can adapt this setup to your needs, as I said before this is not a DPS race and if you want to have 12 combat resses in the raid you can do so.

Warboss Drak Achievements

So far there are two achievements for Warboss Dark. The first one is just the normal achievement gained by killing him, without you having to do anything fancy. It awards 10 achievement points and it is called An End to War.

An end to war - Rift Warboss Drak Achievement

The second achievement for this boss is called You’re Doing it Wrong and it sounds like something we would do ^^. It also award 10 achievement points and it requires you to defeat three Warforged Ironhulks then kill Warboss Dark.

You're Doing it Wrong - Warboss Drak Achievement


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  1. [...] Not a lot left to say about this fight. If you wish learn more about the mechanics of this fight or read on the exact strategy check out the Warboss Drak guide. [...]

  2. Kitkuri

    This is actually a Dps ‘Race’ he has enrage timer of 15 minutes, we hit it the first day it came out while learning the fight healed the bosses fro about 6Mil damage and boom Enrage of 15 minutes, just a little side note for people leaning the fight not caring about purge/dps control

  3. Sharogy

    Dunno man, we do this in 6 minute on average, unless u try to 10 man it i dont see how u can hit enrage here.

  4. Kitkuri

    Extreme Derpage :o

  5. Zircon

    “Healed the Mini-boss for about 6 Million” Is how they hit the enrage timer. which is like attempting to kill Azul Searbone 3 times over. This fight is NOT a DPS race. However, it is more of an awareness fight. Knowing when to stop damaging and to purge helps greatly on this encounter.

  6. admin

    I remember a certain guild doing that on the first kill.
    Oh wait it was us :)

  7. Klug

    Any info on how to spawn/kill the Warforged Ironhulks?

  8. admin

    There is a video of the achievement and somewhat of an explanation here: http://rift-mmorpg.com/achievements/conqueror-infernal-dawn/

    You just need to keep killing adds until they spawn. Still not entirely sure how many adds or which types need to die.

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