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Zaviel Kill Video

Zaviel is the second boss in the 20 man raid Frozen Tempest and it’s quite a funny boss. Not very hard, but still hectic at the end, just the way we like it.

Zaviel Raid Setup

To tank her you will need 2 tanks. There isn’t a lot of tank damage going around so any class will do just fine. We switched from our classic Warrior/Cleric setup to Rogue/Cleric and it works fine.

To heal this fight you need AOE healers. About 4 of them to be on the safe side I would say. We generally use a 2 Chloros, a Puri and a Warden. If you decide to stack the raid a Tactician would do really well in this fight as well. Up to you.

The DPS squad can be made out of anything, but the more ranged DPSers you have the less you will need to move in the Conducer phase(s).

Zaviel Kill Video

For this boss we have 3 videos specially for you :)

Cleric DPS point of view, brought to you by Aethys.

Cleric tank point of view by Oria.

Mage Healer point of view by none other then Seatiin.

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