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Zaviel Strategy

Zaviel is the second boss in the 20 man raid Frozen Tempest. For this boss you need 420 hit as a DPS and 400 toughness as a tank.

Health: 39.500.000

Enrage timer: 7 minutes

Difficulty: easy

Must have ability: 2 ranged interrupts

Raid Setup

2 tanks: any class is good for this boss. There isn’t a lot of tank damage going on in this fight so they will just stand there and look pretty most of the time.

4 healers: you want to focus more on AOE healing and less on tank healing for this fight.

2 support: Bard and Archon

12 DPS: a mixture of ranged and melee DPS. You can have everyone playing ranged DPS, but you can’t do this fight if most of the DPS is melee.

Zaviel Tactics

Zaviel is a 2 phase boss. First phase is just tank and spank (and heal a lot) while phase 2 has all the ingredients of a hectic fight: waves, beams, running around, etc.

Phase 1

Phase 1 lasts from 100% until 50%. During this phase the most import thing is to interrupt the Sphere of Repairs to prevent the boss from healing and to DPS down the Power Conducers as fast as you can.

As soon as you engage her there will be 4 orbs spawning under her wings, 2 blue ones and 2 red ones. The red ones are called Sphere of Deconstruction, they target random players in the raid and hit them for 7.000 damage. You can either choose to ignore them or interrupt their cast. You can’t mass silence them so you will need 1 dedicated interrupter for each Sphere. They also cast Clinging Plasma which is a stacking debuff that increases Air Damage taken.

The blue orbs are called Sphere of Repair and they cast Reconstructive Beam which heals the boss. You want to assign 1 range interrupter for each of the spheres or the boss will heal up a lot. If you completely ignore them the boss will be at around 50% when the enrage timer will kick in.


  • Stacking buff on the boss: every 20 seconds she will gain 2 stacks of this buff (can’t remember the name) which increases her damage done by 5% per stack. To remove this buff both tanks need to stand inside the purple area underneath the boss at all time. The melee DPS needs to be careful and stand at max range to avoid the purple area or they will die.
  • Dissonant Vitality: tank debuff, lasts 30 seconds, swap at 3 stacks.
  • Energy Conduit: 1 second cast, places a 3 seconds debuff on the tank. Deals 8.000 damage if it reaches 0 seconds and spreads to 2 other people. Keep track of her cast and dispell this debuff as soon as it lands.
  • Skewer: 2 seconds cast on the tank, hits for 25.000 to 35.000 depending on the number of stacks of Dissonant Vitality the tank has. This is the only tank damage in this fight. The rest of her abilities hit for almost nothing.
  • Arc Weld: links 2 people with a beam. Deals 3.500 damage every second. To interrupt this you must run away from eachother.
  • Power Conducers: every minute she will go immune and summon 4 Power Conducers with 857.000 HP each. These conducers will feed her energy via the orange lines that spawn between the boss and the conduits (Arc Cutter see below). DPS them down as fast as possible to prevent her from gaining energy and stop her from AOE-ing you. After you kill all 4 conducers she will cast Ion Destruction and deal AOE damage based on the amount of energy she gained. I think it’s possible to survive up to 80% energy, even up to 100% if you use raid cooldowns.
  • Arc Cutter: while the Conducers are up there will be yellow circles traveling from the Conducer to the boss. They give energy to the boss and also deal 6.000 damage if you get hit by them.


  • Ion Destruction: 2 seconds cast after all 4 Power Conducers died, deals AOE damage based on her energy %.
  • Photovoltaic Eruption: while the Power Conducers are up she will AOE the raid with this ability. Deals 7.000 to 9.000 damage every 2 seconds to everyone in the raid.

Tank her in the middle of the room. Make sure the melee DPS knows to stand at max melee range to avoid useless deaths. Have the rest of the raid stack up. Don’t position between the boss and the Power Conducer spawn places. When the Conducers spawn move together as a group if you have to move to the other side. Keep up the AOE healing.

To meet the enrage timer you will have to get her under 50% in maximum 2 Conducer phases. If your raid is geared up you can easily push her into Phase 2 in only 1 Conducer phase.

Phase 2

This is where the fun starts. In this phase she will summon rotating beams and waves. After she reaches 50% keep nuking her down. She will role play by throwing her orbs around the room. You have time to get her to 40-42% between Phase 2 actually starts.

Watch where she throws the blue orbs. The 2 blue orbs will join with a beam which will rotate counterclockwise. If you get hit by the beam you’re dead. This goes for the tanks as well.

The red orbs will be responsable for summoning waves every 40 seconds. You will have to keep an eye out for them throughout the entire phase.

Although she “throws” her orbs around the room, the Spheres will still be attached to her wings and you will have to keep on interrupting them to prevent her from healing.


  • Energy Conduit: still has to be dispelled as soon as you see it cast.
  • Stacking buff on the boss: this mechanic is also present in Phase 2. Both tanks will have to stand in front of her and the melee will have to keep at max range.
  • Dissonant Vitality: the tank swap mechanic still occurs.
  • Skewer: will still hit the tanks like a truck every now and then.
  • Ensnaring Jolt: 2 seconds cast, she also emotes “Run while you can!”. Places a 6 seconds buff on the boss. While this buff is active everyone needs to move around. If you stand still you will gain a stacking dot that deals between 2.000 and 7.500 damage per second depending on the number of stacks.
  • 900 Gigahertz: every 40 seconds she will summon waves that originate from the 2 red orbs that you will see rotating clockwise on the outer edge of the room. These waves will travel to the middle of the room and then bounce back outwards. If you get hit by them you take 5.500 initial damage followed by an 8 seconds dot that reduces healing taken and deals 6.500 damage per second.

At the start of the phase drag the boss to the edge of the room as close as possible to the blue orbs. When the beam spawns the tanks need to be as close to the beam as they can and always backpedal with the boss so they move as the beam moves, while the rest of the raid stands in the remaining area between the 2 beams.

During this phase the most important thing is to move when she casts Ensnaring Jolt so have someone yell when they see her cast it. Also it goes without saying that dodging the waves is a must. You can have a few people get hit by them, but if half the raid gets hit it will most likely result in a wipe.

To avoid the waves keep an eye on the red orbs. Always be behind or in front of them, never in the same line. When you see a red orb getting closer first make sure there is enough room for you to run in front of it without being to close to the boss.

This entire phase might seem chaotic, but with a bit of practice you will see the order in this madness :) . Good luck !

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4 Responses

  1. Just as an FYI, the stacking buff is called “Overload” and the purple shiz that strips the stacks “Dissonance”.

    Also, I believe she starts casting “Photovoltaic Blast” in P2 for 6-8k damage on the raid every 4-8 seconds, no? Not that knowing the name is really integral to just healing it.

  2. Wayne

    I really wish Trion didn’t have such a hard-on for the “beam cutter” mechanic. Ever since I first saw that crap in WoW (Ruby Sanctum) I thought it was a BS fight mechanic, but Trion seems to love it (last boss of Abyssal Precipice, Doctor Perfidus, Zaviel, etc.).

  3. Beermaid

    The healing orbs are red (not blue per the guide) and named Iota and Zeta for easier focus interrupting. May have been changed in the patch, too lazy to check.

  4. Infamous

    We took the easier way out and killed the 2 blue orbs right from the start for less raid damage going out. ran 2 chloro’s and a defiler for the 2nd phase for tank heals.

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