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A Storm is Coming

This morning I awaken to a pleasant surprise. On the main page of the official Storm Legion website there is a big sign saying: Buy Storm Legion now !

There is no release date announced yet, this is just another teaser from Trion.

If you pay for an entire year of Rift subscription you get the expansion for free, the awesome Landslide mount that we saw on the stream and a the “Stormbringer” title.

The Landslide mount will probably also be available with the Storm Legion Collection edition, but if you don’t plan to do anything special for an year from now, I think it’s worth taking this offer.

Buy Storm Legion

The mount looks amazing and it’s one thing I would want to get my hands on. As I said, I think it will also be available with Collection Edition of Storm Legion, so if you miss this offer it should be other opportunities to acquire it.

Landslide Mount Rift

I’m just going to wait until my subscription runs out in September and if this offer is still available then I will take it. I just want to wait and see if there will be a collectors edition first and what’s special in it.

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