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Archive of Flesh (Expert Mode)

Archive of Flesh expert mode is available only at level 60. Small dungeons, cool environment, not a lot of trash. If you want fast gear this is the place to go.

To get to the first boss you will have to kill 4 trash packs without being seen by him. Once you walk into the dungeon, Tzul (the evil twin brother of Murdantix) will jump from the balcony and walk around the middle platform. The trick is to kill the 4 packs of trash without being caught in Tzul’s “headlights”. If you get spotted by him you will die.

Once the trash is gone you will be able to go up the ramp. You will find Tzul up there.


Tzul is not a very melee friendly fight, so if you can go range it would be in your best interest .

Health: 2.500.000


  • Heighten Panic: 3 seconds cast, AOE fear. Interrupt it.
  • Wall of Infinite Agony: 7 seconds channel. Run out of the purple circles before the end of the channel or you will die. Occurs every minute.
  • Berserk: every 10 seconds Tzul gains a stack of Berserk increasing his damage done by 10% per stack.
  • Statis Hardened Husk: Reduces damage taken by the boss by 25%. The encounter starts with Tzul having 4 stacks. Each Bone Shrapnel removes 1 stack (see below).
  • Bone Shrapnel: every 7 seconds the walls will explode dealing 6.500 damage to everyone standing in the red areas. Also applies a stack of Bone Shrapnel to the boss and anyone caught in the explosion, increasing damage taken by 50% on players and 25% on the boss. Keep the boss in the red zones. Everyone else should look for the safe zone.

This fight is just a kitting exercise. After every Bone Shrapnel the tank will have to drag the boss to the next zone in such a way that the boss is in the red zone while the tank is in the safe zone. When you reach the bridge the boss will do Wall of Infinite Agony and you will be able to run on the other side where you will repeat the same kitting pattern.

If you have enough gear to keep the tank up and DPS the boss before Berserk stacks to high you can stop at the bridge and kill him there (assuming you correctly tanked him in the red zones and removed all 4 stacks of Statis Hardened Husk.


Before you can get to the second boss you get a bonus event.

Mercy Killing involves killing 30 mobs before they can run to the exit. The mobs have 16.700 health so they should be easy to kill. They come running out from the chamber behind Tzul. After you defeat Tzul quickly run there and be ready to kill. If you complete the event you get a reward. If you fail the event you can still continue to the boss.

Health: 2.500.000


  • Frightened Experiment: every 20 seconds he will spawn an add with 53.440 health. Kill it as fast as you can. 2 seconds after the add is summoned the boss will leap to it and start channeling Devour the Weak.
  • Devour the Weak: 10 seconds channel, for each second he drains 10% of the add’s health and gains a stack of Gorged. Try and kill the add or dps it down as much as possible to minimize the amount of stacks he gains.
  • Gorged increases damage done by the boss by 3% per stack.
  • Enfeebling Cloud: 3 seconds cast, deals 4.400 AOE damage. Damage goes up according to the number of Gorged stacks. Can not be interrupted. Also applies a stacking debuff that reduces your maximum health by 5% per stack and affects the entire raid.

Except for his abilities you will have to worry about the Degenerative Fluid. This is an AOEs that hit the entire party for 5.000 damage. To prevent it from occurring you have to press the leavers on the walls when they glow green.

There are 4 leavers (door handles) on the walls of the room. Every 20 seconds two if them will start glowing green and become click-able. You have 5 seconds to click them and stop he AOE.


Before Emphalea becomes active you will have to do the “Lights” event. Jump back down and go to the entrance. You will see a rune with a spotlight on it. When you click the rune spotlights will start spawning around the room. You need to move from spotlight to spotlight until you reach the next rune. There will be waves of mobs coming as well, you will have to kill them as much as you can. To complete the event you need to follow the spotlights around the room and click all 3 runes.

As a tank you will be snared and rooted a lot, so as soon as you see the next spotlight spawning try to move to it. If you are outside the spotlights you will be affected by Creeping Darkness which deals 2.300 damage every seconds.

This event is going to be hard to tank for Warriors. I would suggest using a support player beside the healer if you have a Warrior tank, just so if the adds decide to gank someone they spread on the healer and on the support player.

Once the event is done Emphalea becomes active.

Health: 2.500.000


  • Javelin Barrage: 2.5 seconds cast, hits the tank. This is her main attack.
  • Barnacle Encrusted Trident: 2.5 seconds cast, targets a random player, deals 5.700 splash damage.
  • Aquatic Evocation: 4 seconds cast, places a blue bubble on top of a pedestal. If caught in the bubble you suffer 8.000 damage and get knocked back.
  • Flood the Halls: 5 seconds cast, followed by a 5 seconds channel. Deals 9.000 damage per seconds. To avoid the damage you must be standing on a pedestal (tank included).
  • Depth Charge: 4 seconds channel, launches 3 blue orbs. Dodge them or die. Every time she casts this ability the number of orbs increases by 3.

This encounter is really easy, all you have to do is make sure you jump on a pedestal whenever she casts Flood the Halls.

Animator Cahail

Health: 2.500.000


  • Stygian Fissure: 3 seconds cast followed by a 3 seconds channel. Deals 9.000 damage to anyone standing in front of the boss then continues to tick for 5.000 during the channel. The channel can be interrupted. If it’s not interrupted an add will spawn (can be cleaved down).
  • Monstrous Remodeling: 3 seconds cast, can be interrupted. Slows the entire party.
  • Reform Anatomy: 3 seconds cast on a random player. Deals 4.400 splash damage to it’s target and applies a snare debuff on anyone that get’s hit by the splash damage. The debuff can be dispelled.
  • Frenzied Embrace: based on how much HP he has left, the boss will spawn yellow circles around the room. The lower his health the more circles he will spawn. These circles deal 4.000-4.400 damage a second. Avoid them as much as possible. The safe spots are close to the wall.

The main challenge in this fight is to dodge the Frenzied Embrace. The way the circles spawn might get you killed a few times, you can get bad RNG and have to run across the room to reach the next safe spot. Just have patience.


Health: 2.500.000


  • Morphic Wave: 3 seconds cast, can be interrupted. Every time he gets a cast off he will gain a stack of Morphic Wave. If he reaches 5 stacks something bad happens. Every time you interrupt Morphic Wave he will lose all his stacks. To be on the safe spot you can interrupt every 3rd cast.
  • Child of Ahzrius: every 10 seconds 2 adds will spawn. Cleave them down or use Genetic Alteration (see below) to kill them. When an add dies it drops a white puddle on the floor. Standing in those puddles will drain your mana/energy and also heal the boss. Avoid them.
  • Drastic Renovations: 7 seconds channel. Whoever is caught outside the purple circle at the end of the cast will be oneshotted, so run in his melee range.
  • Genetic Alteration: 2.5 seconds cast. Gives a random player a 2 seconds debuff. At the end of the debuff the player will do a damage in a cone (marked as green on the floor, can be aimed). This will kill all the adds inside the cone but also damage party members.
  • Unbridled Mutation: 3 seconds cast, places a 5 seconds DOT on a random player and everyone standing near him. Ticks for 1.800 damage.
  • Unnatural Selection: 4 seconds cast followed by a long channel. Every 90 seconds he will use this ability and teleport 2 random people away.
    • One of them will end up in Vorka’s room where he will have to check which leavers on the wall start to glow green and click them. After clicking 4 leavers a blue portal will open and he will be able to rejoin the fight.
    • The other player will end up in Cahail’s room where he will have to dodge the circles on the floor 4 times, then a blue portal will spawn allowing him to join the fight.

While the people who got sent away are dealing with their challenge, the boss will stand still and channel Unnatural Selection. When the blue portals spawn to release the captive players he will stop channeling and become active again. If the tank got sent away, he must hurry back down and taunt the boss. If there are any adds alive they will still be active.

If you want to fully avoid being RNGed by this fight you might want to use a support player, incase both the tank and the healer get teleported. The adds hit for only 1.800, but if you have no healing left or no one to tank the adds it might become painful.

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2 Responses

  1. Temozarela

    On Animator Cahail, I’ve not been able to interupt Stygian Fissure at all, not during the initial cast or during the channeling, to avoid the add spawning. Did something change or am I doing something wrong?

  2. Hatile

    Note on Empheala: Barnacle Encrusted Trident is AoE and also interrupts. Super annoying boss skill–at least it’s not a spam.

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