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Dimensions: Stone Flask Tavern

Stone Flask Tavern is my favorite dimension and so far the biggest. The key to this dimension costs 300 platinum and it’s sold by Woody Cook in Tempest Bay.

This dimension is available for both players and guilds. The player version of Stone Flask Tavern can be upgraded 5 times. At Level 1 the dimension can fit 125 items. Upgraded to Level 2 it holds 250 items. The upgrade costs 1 gold at the moment. Level 3 allows you to place 375 objects in the dimension. At Level 4 the limit goes to 500. Finally at Level 6 the limit goes all the way up to 625 objects.

This is what you got to work with.

Stone Flask Tavern 1

I just love this dimension. I can either go full out and build things inside the house or I can focus more on the outside or both because the item limit allows it.

The house is big and spacious. It can be transformed into almost anything. The lake behind the house can also be customized. I got so many ideas for it !

My dream home

My first creation inside Stone Flask Tavern was a dream home. It took around 7 hours to build it, most of the time went on building the top floor inside the house and the staircase. I wish there were some premade stairs, it would save a lot of time and objects.

This is the entrance of the house, some pretty flowers on the porch and a stone paved pathway leading to the entrance.

Stone Flask Tavern 2

The entrance “hallway” and the annoying staircase that took way too long to build. I wanted to make the cupboard under the stairs and stash Harry Potter there but the object limit prevented me !

Stone Flask Tavern 3

The chill place in front of the fireplace. You can either sit and relax or take a nap on the backless chairs.

Stone Flask Tavern 4

The back door exit with some forgotten experiments in the corners and cute looking potted flowers.

Stone Flask Tavern 5

And finally the kitchen. Not the most equipped kitchen I’ve seen, but in Telara kitchen appliances haven’t been invented yet :) . We still need to use the traditional wood in a fireplace to cook.

Stone Flask Tavern 6

The entire upstairs had to be built from nothing.

In the first room I made some sort of storage place. To pile up things and supplies.

Stone Flask Dimension 1

The study room is also upstairs. A nice place to research boss strategies ^^.

At the start I thought it was going to be an easy job, but it ended up taking a lot of time and a lot of objects.

Just building the floor and the staircase took more than 200 items. Next time I am going to go for items that can be scaled bigger to cover up more space with less objects.

Although I hope they will increase the object limit so I can keep the details. I like making things fit together and look realistic rather than just having a pile of something with the same texture.

Stone Flask Dimension 3

The dining room.

Stone Flask Dimension 4

And the bedroom.

Stone Flask Dimension 5

For the outside I made a mushroom infested lake, a picnic area on the side of the house and some more fun plants and trees on the other side of the river.

Stone Flask Tavern Outside 1

Stone Flask Tavern Outside 2

Stone Flask Tavern Outside 4

Stone Flask Tavern Outside 1

Fashion Week: Catwalk

As I said before, this house can be transformed into anything. One of the ideas I had was to transform it into a catwalk show.

Stone Flask 1

Stone Flask 4Stone Flask 5Stone Flask 6Stone Flask 7Stone Flask 8But the best part about this dimension is the sky. The Space Sky Projector is amazing. I could stare at that sky forever.

If you want to see this sky for yourself check out Bluelady’s dimension on the Beta server.

Stone Flask 2Stone Flask 3

 These were my creations on the Beta server. More of this after 13 November.

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  1. sahrimud

    Very nice dimensions! I likd the 2nd floor and the outdoor of this place

    great work!

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