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Dimensions: Warden’s Point

Warden’s Point is the Defiant starter dimension and it’s located in Freemarch. This is the smallest dimension that you can get. It doesn’t cost anything, it’s a quest reward. The quest giving NPC is called Zerelia Hejme and you can find her in King’s Retreat. This key can not be obtained by Guardian characters.

This dimension can be upgraded 4 times.

Level 1 allows you to place a maximum of 20 objects inside the dimension.

If you upgrade to Level 2 you go up to 40 objects. The upgrade cost is 0 at the moment.

Level 3 increases the object limit to 60. Again, this upgrade doesn’t cost anything yet.

The maximum Level is 4 and it increases the object limit to 80. This is as high you can go for this dimension. No cost involved yet.

Warden's Point 1

This is what you have to work with. A small hill, some stairs and a shrine. Even though is a small place you can still build interesting things.

I wish we would be able to upgrade dimensions at least to level 10 so I could use a decent amount of items to build interesting things. I guess the limit is there to prevent people from building entire cities, but the current limit is to low in my opinion.

Dining Room

This is one of the first dimensions I built on Beta. It’s a prehistoric dining room :)

Warden's Point 2

Warden's Point 3

This dimension only uses items available from vendors, nothing special or crafted. Not my finest creation but I still like it :) To make it I used:

  • 16 Round Grey Boulders which is my favorite rock type so far. I used it probably way too much.
  • 12 Leafy Boulders
  • 3 Hay Bales
  • 1 Beehive with Bees just because it’s an awesome object.
  • 1 Round Tribal Table
  • 4 Small Painted Chairs
  • 4 Orange Corked Jugs another item I like using a lot.
  • 1 Bronze-and-Iron Cauldron
  • 2 Village Lamppost
  • 1 Candle-Graced Shrine
  • 1 Standing Torch
  • 7 Evergreen Shrubs yet another item I use loads of. This is great for covering gaps, parts of the dimensions you don’t like, etc. I wish the color of this item would be more pale so it would fit with the rest of the plants.
  • 4 Redknob Deathcaps great mushroom to use on tree trunks or bushes.
  • 5 Violet Deathcaps another mushroom which is great for decorations.
  • 2 Ember Isle Forbs
  • 1 Potted Palm
  • 7 Clumps of Bluebells is a pretty patch of blue flowers.
  • 1 Card Table
  • 2 Orange Broadleafs
  • 4 Green-Cushioned Stool
  • 1 Violet Runecraft Vessel

Coffee Shop

Lots and lots of mushrooms under an angry Fire Sky !

The recipe for this dimension has some more hard to get items:

  • 2 Violet Market Stalls from the artifact vendor.
  • 11 Spiral Morels
  • 8 Violet Deathcaps
  • 9 Evergreen Shrubs because I’m addicted to them.
  • 9 Redknob Deathcaps
  • 2 Brushy Palms
  • 3 Snowy Orbs
  • 5 Chumps of Bluebells
  • 3 Red Potted Pansies
  • 7 Stumps with Mushrooms
  • 2 Overgrown Scarwood Stubs
  • 1 Crawling Root
  • 1 Looped Root
  • 3 Ember Isle Forbs
  • 2 Orange Broadleafs
  • 1 Ponderous Gloamwood tree
  • 1 Worldstrangler Caterpillar which is a very awkward and expensive item.
  • 2 Green Potion Bottles
  • 1 Fire Sky Projector one of the cool looking skies available for dimensions.

Warden's Point 4

Warden's Point 5

Warden's Point 6

Warden's Point 7

Haunted Point

Since we are close to Halloween I made something to fit the theme.

Warden's Point 8

Warden's Point 9

warden's Point 11

Warden's point 10

For this dimension I used:

  • 7 Whitebark Snags
  • 3 Weeping Willows
  • 5 Hanging Lanterns
  • 7 Standing Torches, these are great for making fires.
  • 4 Dry Scrubs
  • 4 Hay Bales
  • 2 Village Lampposts
  • 3 Evergreen Shrubs
  • 2 Building Block: Wood Planks
  • 2 Tied Sacks
  • 1 Bronze-and-Iron Cauldron
  • 1 Empty Cart
  • 2 Candle-Graced Shrines
  • 2 Brevane Gravestone Creatures
  • 1 Rusty Outcrop
  • 17 Building Block: Stone Tiles
  • 1 Violet Runecraft Vessel
  • 1 Hanging Roots
  • 1 Leafy Angular Boulder
  • 2 Six-pronged Idols
  • 1 Specimen Display
  • 1 Orange Broadleaf
  • 1 Crawling Root
  • 4 Ivory Menhirs
  • 1 Scarecrow
  • 1 Ember Isle Forbs
  • 1 Death Sky Projector to make the place dark and scary.

But since all this is going to be lost forever once Beta ends, I think this is enough for now :) More Warden’s Point building after Storm Legion launches !

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