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Empyrean Core (Expert Mode)

Empyrian Core expert mode is available at level 60.

This dungeon is built in a traditional way and it’s one of the longest Storm Legion dungeons.

Make sure you have your Soul Walk off cooldown just in case :)

The first boss is right at the dungeon entrance. You have to clear 3 trash packs and then use the middle leaver to activate him.

If you use the left or the right leaver you will only spawn more trash.

The trash hits quite hard so be ready with some big heals and cooldowns if you don’t have very good gear.


To spawn the boss use the middle leaver.

Health: 2.500.000


  • Manic Assault: 10 seconds channel on a random player, deals 3.700 damage every second. Must be interrupted.
  • Red death zones: 10 seconds after the Manic Assault he turns half the room red. You have 3 seconds to move out, then he turns the other half of the room red and you have another 3 seconds to move out. To easily avoid this mechanic it is best to be close to the boss. Failing this mechanic = oneshot.
  • Power Core Explosions: after the Red death zone he will do another Manic Assault then teleport to one of the Power Cores that are on the walls and make it detonate (red pulsing bubble). LOS the red bubble using the pillar that’s in the middle of the room. Sometimes the boss might teleport wrong and create confusion. Just remember, always LOS the red bubble and not the boss. He will make 3 cores explode and then resume his normal attacks.
  • Blight Aura: 5 seconds debuff on a random player, radiates 3.400 damage per second. The player that has the debuff can move out to prevent raid damage, but you can also just outheal it.

Kaliban’s Bodyguards


Health: 1.200.000


  • Stygian Dart: 2.5 seconds cast, targets a random player hits for 3.500. Can be interrupted but she is spamming it, so it’s not worth it.
  • Enter the Warp: 7 seconds channel, deals 25.000 damage to everyone caught outside the purple circle at the end of the channel.
  • Finger of Desiccation: 3 seconds cast followed by a 10 seconds channel. Targets a random player and deals 3.500 damage every second. To interrupt the channel you must LOS her behind Strauz


Health: 1.300.000


  • Draining Field: 1 second cast, places a red circle at his feet. Starts by dealing 4.500 damage per second. The longer you stand in it the more damage you will take every tick.
  • Siphoning Vortex: 5 second channel, pulls everyone to him. Can be interrupted.

You fight them both at the same time and you want to kill them somewhat at the same time. When one dies the remaining mob gains an enrage buff and deals 200% damage.

Mercutial can’t be tanked so don’t worry about her. Tank Strauz somewhat close to her so when she starts casting Enter the Warp you have enough time to run in. At the same time she is casting the purple circle, Strauz will cast Siphoning Vortex, range interrupt him if needed so he doesn’t pull you out of the safe zone.

After Enter the Warp she will cast Finger of Desiccation so be ready to line of sight her behind Strauz.

This repeats through the fight.

Mad Doctor

This fight has 2 stages. First you will have to remove the Doctor’s shield. The shield is called Impenetrable Barrier and it’s only vulnerable to objects of his own creation (the small goo elementals called Unstable Experiment). He has 12 stacks of Impenetrable Barrier and to make him attackable you need to kite 12 Unstable Experiements into him (like the maze boss in Primeval Feast).

Health: 250.000 (yes, 250k, I’m not missing a 0)

Abilities :

  • Gripping Goop: 3 seconds cast, places a purple circle on the ground, snares whatever it is inside the circle (players or mobs).
  • Adds: every 20 seconds he will spawn 4 adds, 1 Contaminated Mutant with 208k HP and 3 Dissolving Mutants with 313k HP. At the same time he will inject a person with a massive amount of elixir (same mechanic as the trash) and the Dissolving Mutants will chase that person. Kite them around, slow them as much as possible and kill them.
  • Noxious Exhalation: places a red beam on the ground and rotates it clockwise (like the beam on Zilas). Deals 7.000 damage per second if you stand in it. The beam moves quite fast so the best way to avoid it is to run through it. That way you will only take 1 tick of damage.
  • Instability: every minute he will summon 12 Unstable Experiments. They will pick a target and follow it. Guide them into the boss to remove his Impenetrable Barirer. If they reach you, they will explode dealing 5.500 damage.
  • Lightning Crash: red circles on the ground, deal 4.200 damage per second if you stand in them.

After you remove his shield, ignore everything else and burst him down before the elementals reach you.

This fight can get messy, just give it a few tries.


Before you can get to Kaliban you need to complete the Core Meltdown event. You have 4 minutes to defeat 3 Irradiated Monsters and the adds they spawn when they die, take the blue cores that they drop and swim with them to the bottom of the pool beneath the core and click on the damaged cores.

After some more trash you reach Kaliban.

Health: 2.500.000


  • Growing Corruption:  3 seconds cast, places mushrooms on top of the tank, deals 7.500 damage per second. Move away from them.
  • Wrath of the Beastlord: 3 second cast, deals damage in a frontal cone.
  • Vitality Leech: 10 seconds channel, drains health from a random player and deals 2.800 damage per second, can be interrupted.
  • Trample: knocks everyone back and starts a 7 seconds channel. By the end of the channel you need to get behind him or he will charge you. If you got knocked back into one of the cores on the wall, the core will rupture and deal 950 AOE damage.
  • Pestilent Elixir: places a 7 seconds debuff on a random player. The player will radiate damage around him (5.100 per second). Must be dispelled.

The Trample mechanic might be RNG sometimes, just do your best :)

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5 Responses

  1. anuerin

    fantastic guide thank you so very much whitelady and co
    its good that someone else took the mantle of voodoo’s guides

  2. Not strictly necessary, but I’d note that Strafe makes you immune to Manic Assault on the first boss. So if you make sure you’re the farthest one back, easy way to just negate the mechanic (and pick up the achieve I guess).

  3. Strauz has to be tanked outside his damage circles, otherwise his stacks a buff which causes him to do additional damage.

  4. Alaskan

    The stacks Strauz gets from the circles are removed by the channel from Mercutial when u LoS on Strauz.

  5. Kommon

    Is trample bugged or does it work if you make it behind him?

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