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New Mage Weapons

Published on August 9, 2012 by in Storm Legion

I’m to hyped up about Storm Legion to sit and wait until tomorrow’s stream. I need to speculate and formulate conspiracy theories to keep myself busy.

And what’s better to speculate about then the new Mage soul. I don’t remember how the whole discussion about it being a melee soul, but apparently there was some truth to it. Although there is no official confirmation yet, I am 99.999999999% sure it’s going to be a melee soul.

If this is proven to be true, I think this is a bold move on Trion’s side. I can already foresee the forum moderators having to work 24/7 again to moderate the mage tears after the official announcement tomorrow. Even if the soul is going to be nothing like a classic melee soul, there will most likely be a lot of drama because people always fail to see the bigger picture.

To be or not to be… melee.

I don’t know if Trion wanted to fuel the speculation fire or not, but when they posted the news announcement about the live stream on the 10th of August, they also included this image.

Mage melee soul

Might be me, but it looks like that shadowy guy is holding a big bad two handed weapon that doesn’t look anything like a staff, but more like a 2h sword. A few days later another image that added confirmation to the melee soul speculation surfaced. This time it’s some concept art that is suppose to represent the new Mage weapons and which, to me at least, look like a 2h Sword, a Scythe and a 2h Axe.

New Mage Weapons

And to support the claim that these are the new Mage weapons and not the Warrior one there is also a screenshot that surfaced that confirms the claim.

Mage 2h Sword

To me it looks like this clothy character is holding the last weapon from the concept art picture. No matter to which class these weapons belong to, they look amazing. It almost makes me wanna reroll mage. I’m so jealous on the Mages at the moment ^^.

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