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New Storm Legion Video Released

When it comes to teasing, Trion has amazing skills. Especially when it comes to the upcoming expansion: Storm Legion. They hype us up so bad and then they let us hanging until the next stream or something. Everybody is hungry for details and all we get out of them is Soon and Almost :) But from time to time they come up with these amazing videos that satisfy our craving for more Storm Legion details… at least for a while.

Their newest teaser is a 2 minutes 51 seconds video that got released last night (8th August) and which talks about the new features in Storm Legion and shows us a little bit more of what’s to come.

But it seems that every time Trion releases one of these videos, they always show some things that for sure will give birth to speculations and a lot of discussion on the forum. Last time it was the famous whiteboard, this time it’s a picture of a mount that seems to be flying.

But let’s start from the beginning. They are confirming once again that the core of the storm is going to be in Iron Pine Peak and probably this area is also going to be the place what will connect Mathosia to Brevane and Dusken.

We can probably expect a World Event to take place before the release of Storm Legion and I got no doubts that it’s going to be epic.

Storm Legion Rift

Then we get to see a sneak peak of what looks to be one of the new Storm Legion Dungeons. I remember seeing something that looks similar to this when Elrar first introduced us to Volan. When the stream started he was inside a dungeon that looks similar to the dungeon shown in this video. I think it might be one of the low level dungeons what will come out with Storm Legion.

Storm Legion Dungeon 3

We also get to see the entrance to what looks like an Outpost or some sort. It’s very green and alive, so I can take a guess and say it’s from somewhere on Brevane.

I think it looks great and I’m sure there are also better angles to look at it then just this. I got a feeling that the entire scenery on the continent of Brevane it’s going to be amazing, probably more amazing then Ember Isle.

Storm Legion Outpost

Then Trion also decides to show what I think might be a raid boss. Judging by the size of the room, I don’t think that is a dungeon, but rather a raid. Then again, you never know, so behold, an epic mechanic boss !

Storm Legion Raid Boss

And if we are being shown dungeons and bosses, we also need to know what will we be wearing while fighting them. We already had the opportunity to take a look at the New Mage Weapons and we will probably see more Mage related stuff tomorrow during the live stream, but when it comes to the rest of the classes we get to see what looks to be a Warrior armor set and I don’t know what the second set is supposed to be, but I think it’s also for Mages.

These Mages getting so much love and attention from Trion all of a sudden… I’m not sure what to make of it :)

Storm Legion Armors

Another thing that caught my eye is the image below. It’s in the video at 1 minute 20.

Storm Legion Dungeon 4

If you are wondering what’s so special about this ? Look at the mobs standing to the left and to the right of that purple gate. You probably seen them wandering the corridors of Infernal Dawn before.

If you still don’t get it then ask Sathoris about those mobs. I’m sure he will be more then pleased with having 4 mobs that can perform the Superman charge in a space this small :) I can already see the amount of trolling that will be going on when we will get to this trash pack. Ups, I mean, non boss encounter mobs !

But enough about inside jokes that only people that watch our Live Stream can get, let’s move on to some more serious stuff. Always saving the best things for the end of the post.

This time is not a whiteboard with Patches and dates, this time it the picture of a mount that seems to be flying !

Storm Legion Mounts 1

It’s definitely a mount and not just a mob or a boss. We can see it has a nice looking saddle on it’s back, which in theory makes it a mount. We can also see it’s flying. Maybe not in this picture, but go watch the video and you’ll see there that it’s flying.

I doubt we will get flying mounts. At least not in this expansion for sure. If there was such a feature I am sure we would have seen it on the Storm Legion official site and it would had been proudly announced by now. So personally I don’t think we will be getting any mount that goes higher then a normal jump.

But this is going to start a lot of discussions about mounts vs flying amounts, it’s going to be the same old dispute Rift vs WoW and so on. But I guess Trion likes to give us a little bit of drama material every now and then. If people wouldn’t like drama soap operas wouldn’t be so successful.

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