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New Warrior, Cleric and Rogue souls

We now have the names of the remaining 3 souls that are coming out in Storm Legion. So far we knew the Mage Soul was called Harbinger.

We were told that we will have to wait 1 more month to find out about the other 3 souls. This might not be as good of a presentation as the Harbinger had, but here it goes.

If you head over to PTS really fast, and go aboard the Wrech of the Endeavour you will notice 4 NPCs aboard the ship. These 4 NPCs represent the 4 new souls coming out in Storm Legion.

We already know about the Mage soul so I’m going to leave it out for now. Check the related post about the Harbinger if you want to drool on it some more.

New Storm Legion Souls

As for the remaining 3 souls we have:

New Cleric Soul the Defiler. 

New Rogue Soul the Tactician.

New Warrior Soul the Tempest.

I think we will be seeing some detailed presentation of these new souls soon. Until then we can do some more speculating on the matter. At least we have the names of the souls !

I will keep this post short, there is so much new stuff on PTS I need to go check it all out. I will keep you updated !

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  1. Hey i was wondering, what/where is “Wrech of the Endeavour”

  2. admin

    Wrech of the Endeavour is a ship and it’s located between Silverwood and Freemarch. It’s probably going to be the starting point for the Dusken and Brevane quest chains.

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