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Rift News from Pax

For 3 days Trion did a broadcast live from Pax, bringing us new and exclusive details about all Trion’s games and of course Rift: Storm Legion. I watched the entire thing and for those that didn’t I am going to highlight the new things that have been said about Storm Legion, except for what we already know (for the old info check out the old post about SL here).

Beyond the sound issues and the trolls and beggars in the chat room, there were some new details released (willingly or by accident :) ).

Here they come, in a random order because there is not a lot to sort out :P

1. Storm Legion Beta will be available for EVERYONE. Are you excited yet or what ? These words came out of Russ Brown’s mouth so it must be true. Storm Legion Beta will be on PTS and everyone that has PTS installed will be able to test it out. Trion wants all our feedback so they are letting us all in. There was no date for beta announced, Russ said that beta is not a date but a state, meaning that when he thinks things are ready to be tested and the game is polished enough to be in beta it will be deployed on PTS and we all get to hop in and try it.

2. Faster mounts. We are getting 2 more speeds for our mounts. They didn’t say what the speeds are going to be, just that we get 2 more. I’m guessing up to 200% or something like that. The two new continents are huge and the areas are are also massive, so we need to be able to move faster. I don’t think that the old mounts with set speeds will be updated, but the mounts that don’t have a set speed, like the Mossy Tartagon will scale up as you “train” the faster speeds.

3. Dimensions (housing). They have been showing this a lot at Pax and they told us a few things we didn’t hear before. You can die inside your dimension due to fall damage, but don’t worry, you can resurrect anywhere inside your dimension free of charge. There will be NPCs in dimensions, but there will not be any special crafting/fishing/artifacts spawning inside a dimension. If you don’t upgrade to Storm Legion you can still have 1 Dimension to play with. Dimensions will be available from level 7 onward. The first dimension you get at level 7 will be through a quest which will teach you about dimension. There will be guild dimensions and raid bosses will drop trophies for the guild dimensions.

4. Planar Attunement is going to be account bound. Everyone, quick, level a mage, we can hop over when Storm Legion comes. You heard that right, PA will be account bound and it’s also being redone. It is safe to assume we will see some changes to the PA trees, because they are making each hexagon cost only 100 points. So you earn 1 PA level and you can immediately spend it, you don’t have to store up 600 points for some abilities. This means we will have more hexagons and/or more abilities to spend it in. Maybe T3 PA as well ? It was not confirmed nor denied. Also, PA is account bound, so once you capped it, it will be capped for all your characters. “But what if I was capped on 2 characters already ?”. If T3 PA is coming out you might be in luck, but if they are keeping it capped at 1034 points, then that’s all the points you will get, meaning that the rest of the points above 1034 will just go to waste. But on the bright side, we can now play our alts and not worry about PA !

5. The new Cleric, Rogue and Warrior souls confirmed and announcement date set to “next week” (3 – 9 September). So as I suspected, the remaining 3 souls were indeed represented by the NPCs that were at the Wreck of Endeavour on PTS a few days ago. Here is the original post: Storm Legion souls. For those that can’t be bothered to click here is a quick reminder, the Warrior soul is called Tempest, the Cleric soul is called Defiler and the Rogue soul is called Tactician.  Once they get home from Pax on Monday or Tuesday they will start focusing on releasing some dates and some new info. If I understood correctly, the Storm Legion release date is going to be announced Tuesday, via a live stream or a website post and one or two of the remaining souls will also be announced via a live stream, probably on Friday next week. Don’t expect to see anything major happening Monday, they are probably going to sleep all day and work on recovering their voices before doing any more livestreaming :)

6. Rogue changes. Speaking of souls, we’ve seen some of the Rogue changes because Scott Hartsman was playing a rogue. The Bard soul is getting changesd big time. You can now play Bard and actually play Rift and not Guitar Hero. There are only 3 Motifs left which you can refresh at the same time using a finisher, you can jump around while casting Cadence (which by the way is AoE now) and you can actually have a solo build based on Bard. I’m sure it’s not going to be the most optimal solo build, but if you like playing Bard and if you like to take things slow, why not ? Another import change for Rogues is the Combo Points. They are no longer built on the current target. You build then on yourself like the Warriors do. Now it will be easier to change target and also AoE trash packs in dungeons !

7. Hunt Rifts. We’ve seen a Hunt Rift during this stream as well, it’s has stages like a normal rift but the objectives are different. I think the Hunt Rifts are supposed to become harder and harder with each passing stage until you can’t meet up the time requirement for that stage anymore. The objectives are not simply kill these mobs that just spawned, but we’ve seen Scott Hartsman doing one of those rifts and he had to repair an item, then defend it, then stop mobs from spawning invasion idols and so on. I think it’s going to be a fun thing to do when you’re bored. I’m really curious how far will the stages go.

8. Questing system. They are changing the questing system a little bit by adding some other interesting things to do rather then just going to a NPC, picking the quest and then delivering it back when it’s done. We’ve seen a little bit of this on Ember Isle, with the random objects acting like quest givers and quests that autocompleted when the objective was done. We will be seeing more of it in Storm Legion. There will be random objects acting like quest giving NPCs and those quest will autocomplete so there is no need to go back and turn it in. Also we get Carnage quests. You will see some random mobs walking around with the quest sign next to their name plates. Those mobs are for Carnage quests. Once you kill one of those mobs you will be asked to kill X more and at the end you receive a reward. I think this will apply to most mobs in Storm Legion, so the quests we will be getting from NPCs will be more challenging and refined then just: go kill 5 boars. Reactive abilities are the new cool stuff everyone likes to use, so except to see a lot of those as well and also, expect to be hunted ! In some places of the map, mobs can decide to turn on you and chase you around.

9. Crucia and Regulos will be in the first tier of raids. When they announced Storm Legion they said that it will be coming out with 2 20 man raids and 1 10 man raid. It is now confirmed that Crucia and Regulos will both be in those 2 20 man raids. This leaves us with 100000 questions about what’s it to come after… I guess we will have to wait and see. Although it was not confirmed that both of the 20 man raids will be coming out in the first day of launch, but I think we can expect to see both raids up and running in less then 1 month.

10. A new dungeon will be coming out in 1.11. A new 5 man dungeon will be launching with Patch 1.11. This patch is the last patch before the expansion and this dungeon will help tell the story of Crucia and the Storm Legion. It would be really really cool if this dungeon would be under the frozen lake of Iron Pine Peak, showing us how Crucia escaped and what her plan is.

I think this sums it up. I could go back on the streams and try and dig out some Rogue soul informations and screenshots from the Regulos raid interior, but I am 100% sure they will be showing it again and also unveiling the Rogue soul next week so I will wait for a better quality stream before I do that. I hope you are as excited about Storm Legion as I am !

It is time for me to hop on PTS and check what’s going on there because I have been slacking big time lately :)

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