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Rift Storm Legion: Housing (Dimensions)

Published on August 17, 2012 by in Storm Legion

As you probably already know, one of the new features that will come with Storm Legion is Housing, also known as Dimensions. This is one of my favorite features in a MMO because it allows me to own a little peace of the world and change it how I want and also it’s a retreat place when I don’t feel like idling in the middle of Meridian to show off some new mount (then again, Storm Bay might be one of those places worth idling in).

They just started work on this feature so it’s not living to it’s full potential yet, but so far it looks like it’s going to be a great addition. It’s one of those things not everyone will be bother with, but most people will fill their time decorating their personal dimensions or fooling around in the guild dimension.

How do Dimensions work ?

Housing in Rift will be based on alternate realities or dimensions, pretty much like the 10 man raids are. Your house will be an alternate version of reality which you will access using a key.

At the moment there seem to be 10 dimensions you can buy, meaning you can choose one of 10 locations as your “home”. Probably by the time the expansion will launch there will be more dimensions to pick from. Just make sure you contribute to this aspect and if you know a cool place in Telara which you would like to own make yourself heard.

The keys for these dimensions can be bought, earned by doing quests or even drop from raid bosses. No prices have been decided yet and this is still work in progress. I am sure the developers have great ideas, it’s just a matter of how much can they actually put in place by release time.

These keys will have different prices and they will require different amounts of effort to earn. Based on that, the dimensions will have bigger object limit, more space, more options and better “views”.

Rift Housing

Dimension types

There will be two types of dimensions. Player dimensions and guild dimensions. This means you can own a dimension for yourself but at the same time you can have a guild dimension as well if you are part of a guild.

The difference between them is their size, the object limit, the cost, the locations and probably the ways you can obtain them.

The player dimensions will mainly be located in Mathosia, Dusken and Brevane and maybe in someone of the 5 man dungeons, while the guild dimensions will be situated inside raids.

I would love to have Laethys’ room as a dimension, although I think it is to small to become a guild dimension, maybe Trion can make it into a player dimension. As for a guild house it wouldn’t be bad if we could take over the Lava Ship in Infernal Dawn, although Akylios’ room wouldn’t be a bad second choice either.

What can you do in a Dimension ?

There will be a lot of cool stuff to do in a Dimension. First thing is to obtain them. You can have more then one key to a dimension at the same time, but you will have to set one dimension as your default dimension. I hope that when you change from one dimension to another, the old dimension will stay as it is, so you don’t have to take your furniture out every time you move if you chose to do so.

You can customize everything 100%. Let’s start with the coolest feature so far, the fact that you can customize the sky inside your Dimension. There will be certain objects that you can place inside your dimension and you can make it daytime, nighttime, rainy, sunny and even get the Conquest sky.

Another cool feature is the lightning. You can place lamps and other light sources in your Dimension and the way the place is lighted will change on the fly. Quite cool if you ask me.

You can also stack items on top of each other and resize everything which means you can create unique objects and constructions. Like a pretty tree house. I’m going to make myself a helicopter when I get my hands on a dimension.

Inside a Dimension, you not only control the interior of the house, but also the surrounding environment. You can place trees, flowers and furniture outside your house as well. You will also be able to hold events, like birthday parties. There will be decorations and bars that you can place inside your dimension and NPCs will spawn and sell and serve drinks.

Trion is also looking at other features for Dimensions, like special fish schools that can spawn inside your Dimension if you have a pond, special crafting options, special NPC, etc. It all depends on how much time the devs will have to put this together.

There will be thousands of items to decorate your dimension with, trophies, rare items that can be obtained for completing quests, dailies, artifact sets, etc. Also achievements related to dimensions, maybe a Dimension of the Month contest as well :)

Personally I can’t wait to decorate the guild Dimension and then have Coookie making a mess out of it :)

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