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Storm Legion Guide

The time has come ! The NDA has been lifted so the posting can begin. Prepare your coffee, pizza and energy drinks and let’s head into Storm Legion !


How to get to the new zones ?

In order to get to the Storm Legion zones you will have to talk to the NPCs located on the frozen lake in Iron Pine Peak (coords: 4416, 1807).

If you chose to go to Kingdom of Pelladane you will end up on the continent of Dusken. On this death touched continent there are 4 zones to explore. These zones are really big compared to what we are used to. If you don’t like to spend a lot of time in the same place don’t pick this continent.

1. Kingdom of Pelladane - this area is for characters between level 50 and 52.

2. Seratos – this area is really big and it will last from level 52 to level 56.

3. Morban – another really big area which lasts from level 56 to level 60.

4. Steppes of Infinity – this area holds the amazing Infinity Gate and it is ment for level 60.

If you pick to go to Cape Jule you will land on the continent of Brevane. This continent is made out of smaller zones and it’s less dead. If you like green areas and you want to change zones more frequently this is the place for you. This is going to be my leveling place for sure.

1. Cape Jule – this area is for level 50 to 52 players.

2. City Core - a small area which will take you from 52 to 53.

3. Eastern Holdings – a bigger area that will last from level 53 to 55.

4. Ardent Domain – this area is for characters between level 55 to 57.

5. Kingsward – this area will last from level 57 to 59.

6. Ashora – quite a large area, the home to Volan and to players between 59 and 60.

7. The Dendrome – is intended to be a level 60 only area.

We also get a new capital city to spend out time in. The one and only Tempest Bay. 

How do I get to Tempest Bay ?

There are 3 ways to get to Tempest Bay. If you find yourself in Cape Jule then you need to go to Tulan, the city located  to the South East then head on to the docks (coords: 8410, 12111) and speak to Captain Lok Okupilo and he will take you there. If you are in Kingdom of Pelladane then head out to Tuldio Retreat to the West and look for Artifex Abaron (coords: 7159, 5508) and he will take you there. Of course there is always the third option where you can get a guildy to banner you there :)


There are 7 new dungeons in Storm Legion. They come with a normal mode and an expert mode. I think these dungeons will remind you a bit of the beginning of Rift. There will be no such thing as over gearing it, so they will feel quite hard at the start.

1. Exodus of the Storm Queen – requires level 50 to 54 on normal mode and level 60 for expert mode. If you pre-ordered Storm Legion you should already be familiar with this dungeon.

2. Storm Breaker Protocol – requires level 52 to 56 on normal mode and level 60 for expert mode. This is an unique dungeon, we get to be robots and shoot rockets at enemies !

3. Unhallowed Boneforge – requires level 54 to 58 on normal mode and level 60 for expert mode. Not a lot of trash but a lot of fun awaits you in this dungeon.

4. Golem Foundry – requires level 56 to 60 on normal mode and level 60 for expert mode. This is a very compact dungeon, but it packs loads of fun.

5. Archive of Flesh – requires level 57 to 60 on normal mode and level 60 for expert mode. This is yet another short dungeon, but it’s home to interesting bosses.

6. Empyrean Core – requires level 59 to 60 for normal mode and for expert mode.

7. Tower of the Shattered – requires level 59 to 60 for both normal mode and expert mode. If you want to try something new and unique, this is the place to go.


In the first tier of Storm Legion we will be fighting Crucia in Frozen Tempest, Cyril in Triumph of the Dragon Queen and later on Regulos in Endless Eclipse.

1. Triumph of the Dragon Queen is a 10 man raid.

    • Grand Falconer Zoles whom you might recognize from Abyssal Precipice.
    • Cyril the one and only.
    • Jultharin from Charmer’s Caldera.
    • General Typhiria from Tower of the Shattered.

2. Frozen Tempest is the 20 man raid that holds Crucia.

    • Gelidra
    • Zaviel
    • Velikaksi and Veliyksi
    • Crucia

3. Endless Eclipse is the 20 man raid that holds Regulos.

    • The Progenitor
    • Kain the Reaper
    • Matriarch of Pestilence
    • Dread Lord Goloch
    • Regulos


One of the new features of Storm Legion are the Hunt Rifts. There are 6 ranks of hunt rifts and to progress from rank 1 to rank 2 rifts you need to complete all the rifts from rank 1 and earn an achievement.

1. Hunt Rifts

There are 18 normal hunt rifts. These rifts open on their own across Dusken and Brevane, but if you are impatient you can also buy lures and open them yourself. Each lure costs 5.000 Planarite. If you are playing along and questing you should come across most of these rifts before getting to level 60.

2. Great Hunt Rifts Rank I

There are only 6 great hunt rifts rank I. The lures cost 5.000 Planarite and 1 Empyreal Sourcestone. These rifts only open on top of Raid Tears and they don’t open on their own. The recommended level for this rifts is 60 but you can open them at any level.

3. Great Hunt Rifts Rank II

There are 6 great hunt rifts rank II. Each lure costs 5.000 Planarite and 1 Empyreal Sourcestone. Difficulty unknown at the moment.

4. Great Hunt Rifts Rank III

There are 6 great hunt rifts rank III. Each lure costs 5.000 Planarite and 1 Empyreal Sourcestone. Difficulty unknown at the moment.

5. Great Hunt Rifts Rank IV

For great hunt rifts rank IV there are 10 lures. Every lure costs 5.000 Planarite and 1 Empyreal Sourcestone. Difficulty unknown at the moment.

6. Great Hunt Rifts Rank V

There is a total of 12 great hunt rifts rank V. This is the last tier of hunt rifts. Every lure costs 5.000 Planarite and 1 Empyreal Sourcestone. Difficulty unknown at the moment.


The PvP aspect is not fully ready yet, but I have a few new details.

1. New warfront: Karthan Ridge

There is a new warfront coming out with Storm Legion. It’s called Karthan Ridge and by looking at the achievements it looks like a battle over structures.

2. New PvP brackets

Since we are all moving from level 50 to level 60 the PvP brackets are being reworked in order to offer decent que times for characters under level 50. There are also new things in store for players above level 50.

3. Conquest

Although is not 100% confirmed yet, probably because Trion itself didn’t figure it out, but the rumor has it that Conquest is only going to be available at level 60. More details incoming later on.


This is my favorite part of the expansion and I can’t wait for Dimensions to launch. This feature has so much potential it’s unreal. There are 2 types of dimensions.

1. Player dimensions

Your own little corner of Telara to play with and make your own. I can go on forever and ever about this feature so I’m going to make a separate post about it :)

2. Guild dimensions

Not available yet.

3. Dimension recipes

Each profession can craft some dimension items. At the moment there are 4 recipes for each profession. There will probably be more added over time. This is just the early start.

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