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Storm Legion Mage Soul: Harbinger

10 August has come and gone. Now we know for sure that the rumors were true. The new soul the Mages will have in Storm Legion is a melee DPS soul. It is called: Harbinger.

We also learned that with the additional 10 levels we will gain another 10 skill points, so we will have 76 skill points to build our speccs with rather then 66.

All the other souls are also being modified, talents are being moved up or down in the soul tree and also each soul is gaining 2 extra tier of talents and a new 61 ability at the bottom. Some of these old souls are being revamped in an attempt to make them more viable and competitive. But enough about the other souls.

The Harbinger

Harbinger 1

Don’t pay to much attention to the icons in this soul, all of them are old icons. The art team has been busy with making the amazing looking Mage weapons first. If Harbinger proves to be the top DPS soul in Storm Legion I am going to be so jealous on the Mages.

As you can see, this soul tree has 2 extra tiers of talents at the top and also 4 more abilities at the bottom, for 51, 54, 58 and 61 points.

I can see this soul being quite overpowered at the start of Storm Legion. The combinations you saw on the live stream are just things that the early Alpha testers came up with and they already looked to good to be true. Now think what will happen when the real theorycrafters will get hold of a Beta key and start coming up with really crazy combinations.

How does the Harbinger works ?

I know some of the Mages out there will be disappointed, but I got bad news. There will be no new weapon class that a Mage will be able to wield. They will stick to staffs and one handed swords.

So what about those cool weapons Trion showed us a few days ago ?

New Mage Weapons

Believe it or not, these weapons are a buff. When you apply those buffs your staff will be converted to one of those weapons, depending on the buff you’re going to use.

We don’t know what the Axe is or does yet, Elrar was not allowed to reveal it. I think it’s ment to be a Defensive Blade increasing defensive stats and maybe doing a little bit of healing as well. I guess it’s going to be a great blade to use if you are trying to solo elites or group quests.

Reaper's Blade

The Schyte is called the Reaper’s Blade and it Summons a deadly schyte of magical energy. Slashing attacks deal an additional 506 Life damage and heals the Mage by 213. All other damaging attacks have a 20% chance to trigger this effect. Increases the Mage’s damage by 10% for 6 seconds if an enemy dies within 5 seconds of the Mage damaging them. Lasts 1 hour. This is an Offensive Blade.

This ability is on the last tier of the Harbinger soul tree so I guess you will need 41 points to reach it. I’m not good at mage theorycrafting, but I think this is the blade buff you want to use if Harbinger is going to be a competitive DPS soul.

The Sword is called Lightning Blade. It summons a blade of electrical energy. Slashing attacks deal an additional 654 Air damage. All other damaging attacks have a 20% chance to deal an additional 654 Air damage. Lasts 1 hour.”

Which Blade you choose will probably be influenced by what other souls are in your specc. You can see that one Blade deals Life damage and the other one deals Air damage. I guess I will leave this to the theorycrafters.

Harbinger’s Talents

As Elrar said on the stream, it’s not 100% sure that these abilities will stay as they are now if they will stay at all, but I know I am curious about what them, so I went frame by frame on the live stream and I decoded some of these abilities for you, in case you want to take a closer look. Also this is will be good reference to check later on and see how this soul will evolved over time.

On the first tier we have 2 talents. The first talent is called Leaf of the Wind and you can spend up to 5 points in this talent. It increases your Dodge chance by 2% for each skill point you spend in it, leading up to a total of 10%.  The second talent is Eldritch Knowledge and it’s also a 5 points talent. It increases your spell power by 2% for each skill point you spend in it, up to a total of 10% spell power.

The second tier is made out of 3 talents, but unfortunately I was only able to see only what one of them does. So while the first and second talent remain a mystery, I was able to see what the last talent does. It is called Eldritch Armor and it’s an 1 hour buff. It grants the Mage’s slashing attacks a 40% chance to reduce the cast time of their next ability by 2 seconds. Cannot occur more then once every 3 seconds.

In the third tier there are also 3 talents and again, I could only figure out two of them. The first one remains a secret, but the second one is called Piercing Beam and it’s a damage ability. Didn’t catch a glimpse of it’s tooltip, just seen it being used on the stream at 48:51.

The third one is called Magnetic Blade and you can spend 5 points in it. For 5 points: Blade buffs increae your chance to Parry attacks by 10% and increase the damage of your Slashing attacks by 5%.

On the fourth tier we 3 talents again. The first talent is called Disabling Shot and it’s a stun. To get it you have to spend 1 skill point. I got no description for it, I just seen it being used on a boss and it said Immune.

Disabling Shock

The second talent is still a mystery, but I got a look at the third talent, it’s called Eldritch Reply and when you Dodge or Parry and attack you have a 100% chance to reduce the cast time of your next ability by 2 seconds and cause it to not trigger a global cooldown.

The fifth tier has 4 talents. The first one is a cooldown, it’s called Planar Retreat and you can get it for 1 skill point.

As you can see it Stuns for 5 seconds and teleports the Mage backwards 20 meters. Removes all crowd control effects.

The second and third talents were not revealed, but we know what the fourth one does. It’s called Eldritch Power and it increases the chance for your Slashing attacks to trigger Eldritch Armor by 10% if you spend 2 skill points in it.

The sixth tier also has 4 talents out of which I could see what 3 of them do. The first one is called Living Charge and it costs 1 skill point. “In addition to it’s original effects, Charged Blade increases all damage by 10%.” The second talent is unknown.

The 3rd talent is called Conditioned Response. It restores 1881 to 2079 health to the Mage. Cooldown is reset if the Mage is Critically Hit. Cannot reset more then once every 5 seconds. It has a 30 seconds cooldown.

The last talent is named Combat Mastery and you can spend 5 points in it. In return it will increase your damage by 2% for each skill point, up to a total of 10%.

On the seventh tier of the 3 talents we have, only 2 have been revealed. The first talent is called Phase Step and it teleports the Mage behind up to 5 enemies, dealing 4623 to 5110 Air damage plus weapon damage to each.

The second talent and it’s called Desperate Response. “Gives your Conditioned Response a 60% chance to reset its cooldown when you are damaged while bellow 50% health. Cannot occur more than once every 5 seconds.”

The eighth tier has 3 talents and again we only know what 2 do. The first talent is called Blademark and it has 1 minute cooldown. It “Marks the enemy for 15 seconds. Melee range attacks by the Mage to another enemy, deal their ability damage to the marked enemy as well.”

The last talent is called Blade Shield and it’s effect is “Your Planar Shield now reduces incoming damage of the next 7 attacks.

The last tier only has one ability, the Reaper’s Blade which I presented earlier.

Harbinger’s Abilities

Beside the soul tree points, we also got to see some of the Harbinger’s abilities. They aren’t in such great detail as the talents, but it’s some info. I’m going to try an order them as best as I can.

One of the 2 points ability seems to be Lightning Blade. I’m not 100% sure about it, but it’s the only ability that looks like the buff.

The 12 points ability is called Vorpal Slash. It “Deals up to 5131 to 5672 Life damage plus weapon damage. Deals an additional 100% of damage done over 8 seconds.”

The 20 points skill is Blade Rush. We can all guess what is doing, but for those that are still wandering, it’s a charge just like Bull Rush.

The 24 points is Lucent Strike. I’m not 100% sure about this one, but let’s just assume it is :) . It “Deals 298 ro 330 Life damage plus weapon damage to up to 5 enemies, and an additional 289 Life damage over 3 seconds.”

The 38 points ability is named Glaring Fetters and it’s a slow with a 20 seconds cooldown. “Snares the enemy, reducing their movement speed by 30%. Deals 1545 Life damage each seconds enemy is moving.”

The 40 points skill is Introspection, a one minute cooldown. It “Causes damaging attacks to return 10% of the Mage’s mana. Reduces the Mage’s damage by 30%. Lasts 10 seconds.”

The 48 points ability is called Phantom Blades and it’s a 30 seconds cooldown. “Increases the range of the Mage’s single target melee range attacks to 30 meters for 15 seconds.”

The 51 points ability is called Tempest Winds. I didn’t see a tooltip for this ability but it works and looks like Cornered Beast from the Warriors. It deals around 11.000 damage every second for 5 seconds.

The 54 points skill is named Rending Slash and it deals about 5.700 to 6.000 damage. Didn’t see a tooltip for it, just judging by looking at the scrolling text.

The 58 points ability a very fancy 1 minute cooldown, it’s called Storm Shroud and it turns the Mage invisible for 10 seconds. Any abilities will break the stealth.

There are also a few abilities that people mentioned on the forum, but I can’t find them anywhere on the stream, so I’m just going to post them here and if I manage to find their place I will move them.

First is Charged Blade. It “Increases damage done by the Mage’s slashing attacks by 20%. Each slashing ability consumes 10 Charge. Slashing abilities cannot generate Charge while active. Does not trigger a global cooldown.”

The next ability is Improved Blade Rush . It’s a talent and you can spend maximum 2 points in it. If it’s 2/2 then it “Allows blade rush to be used in combat with a 100% chance to stun the enemy for 2 seconds.”


This is everything I could see on the stream and I could find of the forums. I hope you’ll like it and it will give you some long awaited information about the Storm Legion Mage Soul: the Harbinger.

I’m not sure what Trion has planned for the other 3 classes, but I think it’s going to be really hard to top the Mage soul. I think they started in the wrong order, they should had left the awesome Harbinger last. But then again, you never know how cool the other souls are going to be. We should find out soon.

The next Storm Legion live stream will be during GamesCom which will start on 16th August. They won’t unveil any new souls during GamesCom but we will see some other cool stuff for sure.

The other 3 callings will have to wait 3-4 more weeks before their new soul will be revealed, but I think they will come in rapid succession. So just be patient a little longer. I just hope they will all match up to the Harbinger.

But if you really really curious about it, Trion posted another teaser picture on the official Storm Legion website. It looks like the Warriors are carrying a bow, so they might be getting a somewhat ranged soul. I mean why now ? If Mages are going in melee why would Warriors be able to go at range ?

The Cleric seems to be holding a shield so we might expect to see another tank soul. When it comes to the Rogues the picture doesn’t reveal to much and it also seems to be the last one in the line to be revealed.

Keep in touch til next time !

Update: I saw a lot of people asking if they will be able to use Harbinger at low levels. Trion didn’t saying anything about this matter yet, but I am 99% sure that if you buy Storm Legion you will be able to use the Harbinger soul no matter what level you are. I am not sure if you will be able to use it if you will not buy the expansion.

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4 Responses

  1. Calmethar

    Well, mages were always able to ‘go in melee’, but it seems like a welcome change on some fights if the warriors were able to go ranged as well. Would at least balance out raid composition on most fights it would seem :)

  2. Noronard

    Daglar came out and said that the cleric soul would not be a tank soul. Zinbik later said that the silhouette was just a random cleric with random equipment. Also, the name of the soul currently started with D.

  3. GT

    Of course warriors will have proper ranged spec, also I bet rouges will have full healing tree. But what will clerics get? Flying spec? :P

  4. James

    A rather hilarious spelling error just under “How does the Harbinger work?” – ‘The SCHYTE is called Reaper’s Blade’

    I do hope that was a mistake and not a Freudian slip! :-o

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