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Storm Legion (part1)

Published on August 7, 2012 by in Storm Legion

At the end of May, Trion announced that there is a storm brewing in Telara and an expansion is coming (Soon™). So far we know that the expansion is called Storm Legion and there will be some new cool features coming along with it.

As the Trion team comes closer and closer to the nearly finished version of the expansion, we are getting more and more details about it. We are being given some interesting new insights every week via Trion’s live stream that takes place every Friday.

I will try and keep you posted with all the Storm Legion news and I hope testing will start soon and the NDA will be lifted fast.

Rift Storm Legion 1

Until then I will answer some burning question about Storm Legion.

Storm Legion Release Date

There is no release date announced yet for Storm Legion, but as far as I am aware Storm Legion is close to being done. This doesn’t mean it will be here by tomorrow, what I mean is that we will probably see the Storm coming by the end of 2012.

I got my own theory about a possible release date, but because I don’t want this post to end up being to long, I will do the ranting on the release date on a separate post. So if you want to come check it out or share your thoughts on the matter, click on this pretty green text: Storm Legion Release Date.

Storm Legion Beta

Is there a Storm Legion Beta yet ? The answer is no, not yet. I am not sure if the Friends & Family Alpha testing started yet either, but by the looks of it I suspect it did or it will start by the end of next week when the new Mage soul will be revealed. When it comes to early Alpha access, all companies are very tight when it comes to giving out keys, so I doubt I will be getting one for the early testing.

It’s been Trion’s guideline to not have the same people testing everything. Because I and the whole of Special Olympics will probably be getting in for the raid testing, I doubt we will be getting any early Alpha access to test the classes.

But a closed Beta testing should start within a month or so, I think Trion will make another post in the raids section, like they did for Infernal Dawn, asking guilds that are willing to test raid content to submit their intent. So hurry up and clear Infernal Dawn so you can get a chance for an early peak at the Storm Legion’s raids.

A public Beta will also be available, not sure when, but you will know when you will see the “Sign up for Storm Legion Beta” button in  your account management. I believe that not even Trion knows when the public Beta will start, I think they only have some rough milestones that they are working with at the moment. My best guess is that we will still have to wait at least 2 more months for it.

Storm Legion New Souls

The most obvious feature of an expansion is the increased level cap. At this moment the max level you can reach in Rift is 50, but in Storm Legion you will be able to go up to 60, so 10 extra levels to gain. 10 extra levels means more talent points to spend when building a specc. It is also Trion’s intent to revamp the old souls and also add a new soul for each class. Now everyone will have 9 souls to pick from instead of 8.

The new Mage soul will be announced on 10th August and it is rumored to be a melee soul. No details on this yet, just plain speculation, I guess we will have to wait until the 10th.

Update: Harbinger is the new mage soul. Click here for more details.

The new Rogue soul it’s almost ready to be announced as well judging by the activity on the Rogue forums. A lot of people tend to think it will be another support souls, something that will be in synergy with the already existing Bard soul and transform barding from a mostly boring spec to a more active, fun to play spec, while maintaining it’s beneficial aspects in a raid.

The new Warrior soul is a mystery. I can speculate on it, but don’t slap me if I will be proven wrong. I think it might be a proper support soul. But that’s all I can think of right now.

The new Cleric soul is the only soul I can’t speculate on. I got no idea what they are going to do to us. The best thing that comes to mind is a proper healing souls so we can replace all those bad mages that don’t show up for raids :) but other then that I can’t think of anything.

I think that by the end of August we will know what all the new souls are about, so stay tuned.

Storm Legion New Areas

If you ever walked across Ember Isle and thought: Damn, this place is huge… well take a look at what Trion has planed for us in Storm Legion. Two new massive continents, Dusken  and Brevane, both for players above level 50.

Storm Legion Map

There will be no new low level areas on there continents, all the areas will be for level 50 players and above, which makes me wonder… how hard will it be to level those extra 10 levels in Storm Legion. I mean, look at the size of Mathosia, it’s barely the same size with Brevane, and Mathosia is ment for 2 factions and for 50 levels.

On the other hand, seeing how Trion always adds new things, maybe they want to keep some empty space for future patches so they don’t have to cram stuff on top of existing stuff. Plus, the new zone events are intended to be a lot more massive and impressive then ever before, so they will need open space.

I am sure that by now you all know about Volan, the Colossus powered by the mysterious Empyrean Technology. If you don’t know him yet, let me introduce you to him.

Volan the colossus

This is Volan and those small shadows on the ground are the brave Ascendants that dare to take him on. So yeah, he is really big. As I understood it, is it Trion’s intention to make all the end bosses of zone events really big and impressive. I’m not sure if they will all be the size of Volan, but I think we can expect to see some amazing new boss models.

The landscape of Brevane and Dusken will be a combination of ancient ruins, weird technology, massive buildings, abandoned cities and hidden treasures. I am a huge fan of Ember Isle and it’s ancient ruins and I just can’t wait to see the new areas.

One more breathtaking aspect of the new areas is the new capital, Tempest Bay. Trion released an art concept drawing of Tempest Bay and I must say it made me want this expansion even more.

Tempest Bay

If the real deal turns out to be at even 50% as cool as this drawing, it will still be amazing. But enough drooling on the picture, let’s see what Tempest Bay really is.

In Storm Legion both factions will share a common capital city. Both Guardians and Defiants will come together to face their common enemy. But this doesn’t mean they won’t still hate each other. You will be safe inside Tempest Bay, but don’t go wandering in the wrong parts of the city.

Tempest Bay 1

I think this might be one of the parts of the city where you do want to wander. I’m not 100% sure this belongs to Tempest Bay, it might be from inside a raid, but the thematic matches it, so I’m going to made an educated guess and assume this is from inside Tempest Bay also.

Storm Legion Housing

Since before Rift was even released there was a demand for housing. A lot of MMOs have a housing system for players and for guilds alike. Trion is going to include this request in Storm Legion, but not in a traditional way. They are going to use the concept of alternate realities to create the housing system, which they called Dimensions.

This means that you will probably be able to claim a piece of Telara and make it your home. To access your home you will have to travel between dimensions (just think of the 10 man raids as an example). This will probably allow players and guilds to claim building and such and decorate them as they desire.

There haven’t been a lot of information released about the housing system yet, I think it’s not one of their main priorities at the moment and they have a basic idea of what they want to do, but they didn’t refined the idea yet. But housing is definitely coming with the release of Storm Legion.

Storm Legion Dungeons & Raids

Storm Legion is going to bring us 3 new raids. Probably there will be two new 20 man raids released at the start or maybe one at the start and one a little bit later on, like Greenscale Blight and River of Souls, and one new 10 man raid.

I am very curious to see what are they going to do with the raids. Probably the first raids will be somewhat easy to allow people to start getting ready for the challenges ahead, but I hope Trion learned it’s lesson from Infernal Dawn and will make sure that the gear difference between raid tiers is big enough to now allow everything to be cleared in a few hours.

Storm Legion Dungeon 1

From all the screenshots and concept art Trion shared so far, it looks like the entire Storm Legion is going to be based around the long lost  Empyrean Technology which over time intertwine with the planes to give birth to a dangerous, but amazingly looking scenery.

So I am expecting a lot of constructs and colossi to be running around in the Storm Legion raids and Dungeons. This brings us to the next thing I wanted to talk about, the 7 new dungeons that will be coming out with the release of Storm Legion.

These dungeons will have both a normal mode and an expert mode. Nothing has been said about a master mode version being available for these dungeons, but I guess they will create the master mode versions later, when people will gear up and actually be able to take on a master mode challenge.

The normal version of the dungeons will be for characters that are level 50 and above. My guess is that we will probably have 2 dungeons that we will be able to access at level 50, 2 dungeons for level 59-60 and the rest will cover the remaining gap. The expert version of these dungeons will be accessible at level 60 most likely and contain extra bosses and better rewards then the normal versions.

This is another Storm Legion topic I want to cover more extensively so I will make a separate post for it here: Storm Legion Dungeons & Raids.

Except for the 3 new raids and the 7 new dungeons, we will also get a new Chronicle. Seeing that the Chronicles that are already implemented can only be accessed when you get to level 50 I can assume that the Storm Legion Chronicle will also be available only at the new level cap, 60.

Storm Legion Professions

There is no hint that we will be getting any new professions in Storm Legion. All the existing professions will go up to Grand Master now, meaning the cap will be 375 instead of 300. We will be getting a new tier of recipes for everything, potions, powerstones, runes, insoles, armor plating, feasts, etc and of course a new tier of flowers, ore, skin, fish, bacon, etc.

I don’t know if there will be a new tier of crafting marks, I think they might not add new crafting marks. To be on the safe side, I would continue doing my dailies and stacking up the marks, just in case the new recipes will be available for the same currency.

Storm Legion PvE Content

I’m just going to add all the other PvE features of Storm Legion here. First we have capes. People love capes so Trion listened to the popular demand and it’s adding capes in Storm Legion.

Storm Legion Capes

By the looks of these capes it seems that they will be for sale from the Planes Quartermasters, probably based on reputation and they will probably cost Planarite and Sourcestones. The first cape represents the Earth plane, then Water, Life, Air, Fire and Death. I think each Quartermaster will sale a cape, even the PvP ones. I sure hope Trion will share more concept art with us and not keep us in the dark completely.

New Saga Quests will tell the story of Crucia and Regulos and I hope the rewards will be as cool as the rewards from the previous sagas. Also I would like the new saga quests to be as “epic” as the Lord of Death saga. I was a little bit disappointed when it came to the Lord of Madness saga, but in the end we got a cool looking Crocodile mount so it was ok.

Instant Adventures will also be featured in the new areas of Dusken and Brevane. I’m not sure if Trion plans to add instant adventures to the remaining areas of Mathosia, but I am sure we will have Instant Adventures available for almost all the new areas.

A new tier of Rifts will also be added, probably a new Sourcestone currency as well and let’s not forget a new tier of Lessers. I dread the moment when I will have to remake all my source machines. I think Kask dreads it even more, since he is the person that has a soucemachine for every occasion :).

When it comes to Rifts, it looks like Trion is going to change some of them a little bit and make it more of a challenge rather then just 5 stages. By what I understood so far, it seems that the more you progress into a rift the more difficult it will become. I’m not sure how many stages the new rifts will have or how exactly it’s going to work, but I know Trion is trying to make Rifts more appealing to players.

Hidden Treasures and Temporarily Available Areas is also something Trion is trying to implement with Storm Legion. Depending on the outcome of a specific zone event, new areas might become temporarily available or access to hidden treasures might be granted. I think this is a good idea to motivate people to participate in zone events on a constant basis. I don’t know how far they will go with the rewards you can get, but I hope they will be significant, so people keep participating in these events for a long time.

We are also getting new artifact sets, new pets, new puzzles, new mounts, more achievements, new titles, and all those goodies that come with new areas. Probably new rare mobs as well, something else to camp then just Aelfwar Emissary.

Storm Legion Mounts

I hope that when it comes to mounts we will be seeing some new models. I know that most of Storm Legion’s lore is based around the Empyrean Technology so we should be getting a lot of robotic looking like mounts, but I hope there are a few new flesh and bones mounts available also.

Storm Legion Lore

The full Lore of Storm Legion is not yet fully revealed, but 3 major aspects of it have already surfaced. We have been made aware of Crucia’s evil plans, we learn what the Storm Legion truly is and the inner workings of the Infity Gates are being revealed.

For those that are eager to learn more about what drives Crucia and what to know what to expect once the Storm Legion will be unleashed upon Telara I will make a separate post about the Storm Legion Lore.

Storm Legion PvP Features

I wish there was something I could tell you about what to expect from Storm Legion when it comes to PvP, but I’m afraid I got nothing to share with you at the moment. Rift seems to be 10 times more focused on PvE then it is on PvP so probably Trion has 1 guy that they hold hostage in a dark room and they force to work on the PvP aspect of the game… and at the moment he is probably still busy trying to figure something out and make Conquest more interesting and less afk-able then it is at the moment.

We will be getting a new Warfront bracket for level 60 players and the curent level 50 bracket will be upgraded to 50-59. I’m not sure what will happen to Conquest or if we will get a new Warfront or a new open world PvP faction to earn reputation with.

Just make sure you are there and you are ready when Storm Legion is released. We all know that all the “good” things are only available at the start. And by this I wanna say “happy Conquest farming” to those that were not there when Conquest launched and 1 player kill used to give 150 Prestige and 35 Conquest Power :) .

For now this is all that’s known about Storm Legion. Once more stuff get’s put in place and details are being released I will make a Storm Legion (part 2). I don’t want this post to turn into a huge wall of text, it’s already big as it is :) . Keep in touch !

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