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Storm Legion release date: 13 November

The day has come ! After keeping the Storm Legion release date secret for more then 5 months, we now know that we can expect Crucia to release her evil plan on 13 November 2012.

Coincidence or not, the release day of Storm Legion coincides with a solar eclipse. If you want to check it out and find out if you can witness a cool event before you go into “nerd mode” for Storm Legion, you can look it up here: Wikipedia. I got a feeling someone picked this date intentionally :)

Beside the release date, Trion also made the Collector’s Edition available for pre-order. There are now 3 ways in which you can buy Storm Legion.

Storm Legion Release Date

There is the 1 year subscription pack. You pay for 1 year of subscription time and you get Storm Legion for free. This has been available for quite some time. If you pre-order Storm Legion using this method you will also get the Landslide mount, the Stormbringer title and early access to one of the Storm Legion dungeons: Exodus of the Storm Queen.

There is also the Standard Edition. It comes with early access to Exodus of the Storm Queen and a lovely looking cape.

Storm Legion Mounts 1

And least but not last, the Infinity Edition. This is the collectors edition for Storm Legion. It comes with a great cape, early access to Exodus of the Storm Queen, a groovy looking mount “Cyclone”, a Brevanic Portal Generator, which is a mobile porticulum and a mini Regulos pet.

If you already pre-ordered the 1 year version you can upgrade to the Infinity Edition. same if you already pre-ordered the Standard Edition.

But before you pre-order you need to keep in mind that there are 6 amazing capes you can chose from based on where you pre-order from.

I’m going to start with the blue capes, because blue is my favorite color.

The first cape in the image above is the Water cape. You will get this cape if you pre-order Storm Legion from Amazon. It’s dark blue and I think it will work out great with black and white costumes.

The second cape is the Air cape and my favorite one. The Air cape is available if you pre-order from Trion. Probably most of us will be running around with this cape. It’s light blue and I’m loving it. I’m taking this one even if I have to change my wardrobe to match it. That cute little black cloud at the bottom makes it the best cape in my opinion !


Next are the capes that I think the guys will like. The Death cape looks evil and it seems to be bigger and meaner then the rest of the capes. This is available if you pre-order from Steam.

The Fire cape also looks amazing. It’s red, it has a great pattern and it goes with a lot of the outfits that are available ingame. You will get this cape if you pre-order from GameStop.


And the last 2 capes are the Earth and the Life capes. Personally I don’t like them, but I could see some of my guildies picking these capes :)

The Earth cape is available if you pre-order from Best Buy and the Life cape can be yours if pre-oder from Walmart.


Choose wisely ! Cya in Storm Legion !

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