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Storm Legion Release Date

To make matters clear from the start: There is no official release date for Storm Legion announced yet ! But that doesn’t mean we can’t speculate about it.

I am going to base my speculations on the already famous “whiteboard” that was showed during one of the One Year Anniversary videos Trion made. So far that whiteboard proved to be quite accurate (with a few adjustments due a non-expected delay).

One thing that has been confirmed during one of Trion’s live streams is that Patch 1.10 is going to be the last major patch before the expansion. According to the whiteboard, there should be yet another patch after that, Patch 1.11.

Rift Whiteboard

But let’s look together at these dates. It starts with Patch 1.8 which was supposed to be released on 11th April. This patch was the one that opened the gates to Infernal Dawn if you remember. I knew the release date of ID was 11th April for some time, this picture just confirmed it. But there was a problem. The world event that was supposed to open ID had a phase that was impossible to complete in one week as it was scheduled so Trion extended the world event by one week and 1 day, thus moving the release date of Patch 1.8 to 18th of April.

Since then all the dates on the whiteboard moved by one week. We can see that if we look at Patch 1.9 release date. On the whiteboard is set at 20th of June and it actually was released on 27th of June.

Extrapolating from the previous examples, we can expect Patch 1.10 to be deployed on the live servers on 5th of September. I’m not sure if Trion is working on making up for that extra week or not, so to be on the safe side, be on the lookout for Patch 1.10 on 29th August and 5th September.

The intermediary dates between the release dates should be indicative of the patch being deployed on PTS. A patch stays on PTS for testing for 3 or 4 weeks. Looking at the amount of time between the dates on the whiteboard tells me that the intermediary dates indicate the start of the internal testing of a patch. This means we should be getting Patch 1.10 on PTS next week (around 8th of August).

As you can see there is also a Patch 1.11 on that board. Trion says Patch 1.10 will be the last “major patch” before Storm Legion. I don’t know what to make out of this. I will investigate some more and let you know. I tend to believe the whiteboard more then I believe Elrar on the live stream, but who knows. As I said, I shall try and find out more about this matter. I don’t think this is something that’s being kept under NDA.

Assuming that the whiteboard is correct, we will be getting our last Rift Classic patch between 7th and 14th November. Judging by passed experiences, Trion loves world events, so I would think there will be some major storm engulfing Telara with Patch 1.11 and lead up to the expansion release, I would say somewhere between 10 and 20 December, that’s my guess on the Storm Legion release date.

It’s a good date when it comes to marketing and also when it comes to getting new people to try Rift and getting people that became bored at some point and quit to come back.

Rift Storm Legion 2

I am sure that we will get a date announced in 1 months time from now. By the look of things, they are almost done with the major elements of Storm Legion and the polishing process should start soon. I will let you know when the testing for Storm Legion begins. Once the testing is up and running, you can expect good things to happen fast.

If I hear any other rumors about a release date I will let you know, so stay tuned.

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