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Tower of the Shattered (Expert Mode)

Tower of the Shattered is a really fun dungeon. A lot of funny mini events, a lot of flying and jumping, really cool place.


Before you can engage Kronox you need to clear the trash. You can either use the backstab ability and sneak behind mobs to kill them or you can aggro them and kill them the normal way.

Health: 2.500.000


  • No Escape: his main attack. Acts like a cleave so don’t be in front of him.
  • Keeper’s Gaze: 5 seconds cast, spawns 4 adds on the outer circle. Backstab them and then stand in the red pools they drop. They give a DPS buff. If the adds see you, they will stun you and then cast Self Destruct and kill you.
  • Arc Blast: knockback followed by a 5 seconds cast. Anyone not inside the green zone will die. Occurs every 30 seconds.
  • Purge: after 2 Arc Blasts he will emote: Kronox prepares to obliterate anyone who is not behind cover. You have 4 seconds to hide behind the pillars. After that he will start casting Purge for 20 seconds and he will send 1 add running to each pillar. You must get behind the add, stab him and then stand on his corpse to avoid being killed by Purge.

This might be one of the hardest bosses when it comes to pugs. Here is what you can do to make stuff easier.

Everyone can hide behind the same pillar. Stand as close to the edge of the room as you can so the add won’t see you when it runs in. Get behind the add and kill it by using the reactive ability then stand on top of his corpse and finish off the boss.

Psychophage Primakov

Health: 2.500.000


  • Caustic Concotion: 3 seconds cast, targets a player and places a purple puddle under him, deals 3.500 damage per tick.
  • Chemical Spray: 3 seconds cast, targets a random player and throws a bottle at him. Deals 8.500 damage on impact.
  • Forced Conversion: chases a player for 7 seconds. If the player is caught he will become mind controlled. Run away from him when he emotes your name. After the 7 seconds he will reset aggro so the tank needs to pick him up.
  • Lethal Hallucinations: when his energy reaches 100% he will summon 6 Lethal Hallucinations with 104.000 HP. The tank needs to be ready to pick them up. AOE them down.

Easy fight, just run away when he emotes your name and move from purple aoe on the ground and you should down him on the try.

Overseer Cowel

Health: 1.900.000

This boss is not melee friendly so chose your spec wisely for this fight.

Phase 1 involves making 3 Stormwatch Militis or Stormwatch Sicaris explode on top of the boss. When they are ready to explode they will place a yellow bubble around them. If you kill them they won’t explode, so stop DPS when you see the bubble and also move out of it. You need to react fast or you will get hit and die.

Phase 2 lasts from when the boss becomes active until 50%. During this phase you will still have to dodge the add explosions (or kill them before they explode) and also dodge the rockets from the turrets (red circles) and the expanding purple circle.

Phase 3 is from 50% until he dies. This phase will have the same elements as Phase 2 plus another red circle that is placed on a player and radiates damage around him, a Soundblast (boss ability) that will take the entire party to 10% HP followed by a pull and a melee range AOE which can kill you if you don’t move out fast enough, if there is an add exploding next to the boss, if the boss is tanked to close to the expanding purple circle, etc. Try to nuke him down as fast as you can.

During the entire fight there will be ranged adds spawning to the back left and front right of the room. Someone will have to take those adds out to protect the healer and prevent them from overruning the party.

I suggest using a support player if you’re gear isn’t that great or if you’re trying this for the first time.

General Thunderscar

Health: 2.500.000


  • Electric Bolt: 2 seconds cast, it’s his main attack. He doesn’t move from the center of the room.
  • Wild Lightning: 3 seconds cast, hits a random party member for 5.500 damage.
  • Suppressing Winds: 3 seconds cast, places a x second snare debuff on a random party member. When dispell or when it falls off on it’s own, it creates a slowing puddle on the ground. Anyone that steps in the puddle will become slowed.
  • Furry of the Thunder: pulls everyone to the center and starts a 7 seconds channel. At the end of the channel, everyone still inside the arena will get oneshotted. Run up on the edge. After the cast is over laser beams will come on top of the arena. To dodge them either stand in front of the fans you took out for the event before the boss or jump back down into the arena.
  • Lightning Wisps: every 20 seconds 5 wisps will spawn and chase after someone. If they hit a player he will gain a stacking debuff that increases Air Damage taken. Can be dispelled.

This fight is all about jumping up and down the arena and dispelling the slow debuff. If you learn how to do that, General Thunderscar is an easy boss.

General Typhiria

Health: 2.500.000


  • Surge: no cast warning, shoots 4 lightning balls diagonally. To avoid the (especially as a melee) you have to position right behind her or on her left or right.
  • Storm of Torment: 7 seconds cast, marked by a red bubble in melee. Run out of it.
  • Agony Torrent: 5 seconds cast, shoots a lightning orb at a ranged player. Move away from it.
  • Storm Blast: 5 seconds cast. Move out of the yellow area.
  • Dragon Form: every minute she will transform into a dragon for 30 seconds and chase the tank. Kite her. She also places Searing Flesh on all party members.
  • Searing Flesh: deals 7.500 damage per second to adjacent players. Spread out.
  • Pain Lash: 7 seconds channel deals aoe damage.
  • Stacking debuff on the tank: can’t remember the name, but for each ability that hits the tank he will gain 1 stack of this debuff. When the stacks reach 10 the tank will become mind controlled and you will probably wipe. This debuff resets during her dragon phase. Make sure the tank avoids all the lightning damage she does and only gets hit by her autoattacks.

This boss can be very easy or very hard. If you got some melee with slow reactions in your group you’re going to have a hard time. It’s best that everyone should go ranged for the first try, just to get a feel for what’s going on.

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  1. On Psychophage Primakov, if you drain his energy either with Mana Wrench or from Debilitating Poison, adds will never spawn! Winning!

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