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Unhallowed Boneforge (Normal Mode)

Unhallowed Boneforge has a lot of unique boss mechanics. It’s a fun place and I would suggest stopping by to check it out once you reach level 54.


The hardest part of this encounter is not getting locked outside the encounter area. Stick together as a group.

Level: 56

Health: 1.500.000


  • Virulent Blast: 2 seconds cast, places a purple circle on the ground. Move out of it.
  • Flesh Hooks: pulls a player to him and places a 5 seconds debuff on him that radiates damage. Move away from the group while you have this debuff.
  • Deathwake (fish mode): every 40 seconds he will start swimming around the room and placing white circles on the ground. Dodge them and try to not get cornered. They hurt quite a bit (3.500 to 4.000 damage per tick).

The key to this fight is to not die laughing at his Deathwake animation :)


Health: 1.500.000


  • Adds: every 15 second she will make a hive glow purple and explode (deals 5.500 damage to anyone standing close to it). Out the the hive 5 Corpse Crawlers with 12.615 HP will spawn. AoE them down.
  • Cocoon: every 45 seconds she will cocoon someone and slowly drag him to the middle of the room. The person in the cocoon needs to use his reactive ability 30 times to break free before he reaches the middle.
  • Liquefied Flesh: increases damage taken from Avoxia’s attacks.

Tank her at the entrance where there are no hives. Stack behind her like you do with the spider boss in Darkening Deeps.


Bruzhail is a very interesting and fun boss.

Health: 1.500.000


  • Meathook: 2 seconds cast, pulls 2 random players to him and deals 1.500 damage 3 times.
  • Centaur Charge: charges a random person, deals2.000 damage.
  • Spectral Stampede: rows of 4 centaurs come charging at you. You must find the gap in each row and avoid them.

Simple and fun.


Health: 1.500.000


  • Fetid Bloodpool: follows the boss, deals 3.500 damage per second, avoid them.
  • Rampant Pestilence: blue robs that move around the room, dodge them.

The trick to this encounter is to always move the boss and use as little AOE as possible on him. The tank can just backpedal and the melee follows. This way the green puddles will not reach the melee.

Necrotic Throne

For the first time in Rift’s history we are going to fight a throne ! This fight will last longer

Throne Health: 756.000

Necro Titans: 756.000


  • Blood Torrent: green spinning puddles on the ground. Dodge them, they hit for 6.000 a tick.
  • Ages of Decay: purple funnel, chases a person. Someone must step in the funnel to stop it. If it reaches it’s target player deals 6.000 damage.
  • Exploding skeletons: they come running to a person, they deal 1.500 damage when they reach you.

At 60% the first Necro Titan is going to activate. You can just off tank him or cleave him down with the Throne. At 30% the second Necro Titan joins the fight.

Easy fight once you learn how to dodge the green puddles.

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