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XP saving before Storm Legion

Since this is the last reset before Storm Legion hits, I think it’s time to start thinking about saving up some dailies and weeklies so we can get a head start !

So what can we save ?

Quests. If you didn’t nerd it out for achievements, you can go check what quests you missed and stack 25 of them up to turn in at the release. For the high level areas like Stillmoor and Shimmersand, the XP reward from a normal quest is between 3.000 and 5.040 XP. Not bad if you can find 25 of them.

Artifact sets. Again, if you weren’t a major nerd and didn’t care about artifacts sets, this might be the time to take an interest in them. Stack them up and turn them in at release. The XP is not that great, but any XP is welcomed.

Experts. If you’re fast you can do 5 random expert dungeons and don’t pick up the reward. This will save up 54.900 XP.

Dailies. 25 dailies can be stacked and turned it at release. This means that you won’t be able to complete any other dailies that day, but you can still store them up as completed and turn them in the next day.

Depending on what time Storm Legion is going to launch and based on how much do you intend to play, you might want to only complete 20-22 dailies, just to have room for the Cape Jule, Kingdom of Pelladane, City Core, etc Onslaughts. Those dailies reward 30.000 XP, a lot more then any daily you can save up.

      1. PvP Weekly (close 5 pvp rifts): 16.800 XP
      2. Conquest Weekly: 13.440 XP
      3. PvP Daily (kill 25 players): 13.440 XP
      4. Sourcewell Under Siege Ember Isle Weekly (complete 4 EI zone events): 10.980 XP
      5. Ember Isle 5 men Daily: 10.920 XP
      6. Daily Raid Rift: 10.080 XP
      7. Shield the Land (complete 4 zone events): 10.080 XP
      8. Daily Expert Rift: 10.080 XP
      9. Herald of Discord (Stillmoor Weekly): 10.080 XP
      10. PvP Daily 1: 10.080 XP
      11. PvP Daily 2: 10.080 XP
      12. PvP Daily 3: 10.080 XP
      13. Daily Warfront: 10.080 XP
      14. Akala (Shimmersand Weekly): 10.080 XP
      15. 20 men Raid Weekly: 6.720 XP
      16. 10 men Raid Weekly: 6.720 XP
      17. 2 men Daily (Stillmoor): 6.720 XP
      18. Close 5 rifts in Stillmoor Daily: 6.720 XP
      19. Close 5 rifts in Shimmersand daily: 6.240 XP
      20. From 20-25 you can fill up with Ember Isle Dailies worth 5.490 XP each. I would suggest saving some dailies if you intend to play in the first day.

If my math skillz don’t deceive me, 25 dailies and 5 experts should add up to 263.780 XP which is about 10% of the first level.

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